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June 12, 2009


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You are so talented and I can not wait for your give away, I will promise to be patient! ;)


Hi Kellie,
I have just stumbled across four blog and I love it. I tried to get one of your patterns for Hot Possum here in W.A. but they do not have any yet. I will have to be paitent, but thats a bit hard.

Keep up the great work


I am so jealous of your Bernina. I don't think that's in the cards for me (ever!), but a girl can dream, right? : )


I bought my Bernina when my second child was a toddler back in 1983! Its done a lot of sewing through the years and two more kids. Now its time to sew for my first grandchild!


That quilt is absolutely adorable. How fun with all those bright spring colors. Very pretty...

Love the information on the new Bernie. I have the 440 (and probably will for a long time)...


Oh what a gorgeous machine!! "sigh" I would love, love, love a fancy machine but the budget just won't stretch that far!
That bird in a cage is just darling much jealous lol x


I'm starting to look into purchasing a new machine - you provided great information! Thanks.


I'm so jealous! That machine looks amazing! And the quilt is beautiful!

Much love x x x


i have always wanted a grandma used to tell me she was going to trade in her machine and get a bernina and then give it to me...unfortunately, that never happend :( and now i am more sad

i cannot wait to see the finished quilt...i love the bright colors and all the little circles...and if i remember right, there area looks like it is going to be fabulous!


Wow that was a post and a half. I have a 440 and love it. Still don't think I use it to it's full potential though.


amazing machine, i need more practice with mine.

Stomper Girl

Hey Kellie, happy 100th post for when it happens!


wow, I can't imagine how great that would be to sew that much every day -- I'd actually get things done! And you are totally making me want a new machine too. I love my Pfaff, but seeing all the new things machines do, my Pfaff seems old. (I must admit I would get another Pfaff, not a Bernina, but those are some great characteristics on your Bernina.)


I have been plugging away with a Kenmore 10 stitch for 11 years so I can only just drool over such a machine.


What an amazing machine! That is definitely drool worthy! :)


Your new machine sounds wonderful. Hope you are able to get a lot done! And congratulations on your nearly 100th post! There are no blog police as far as I can tell. It's your blog and you can mostly do what you want (within the law and good taste of course LOL). More than 200 comments! Everyone must simply love your work. I know I do! Clever girl...
Cheers - Shari


What a fantastic summary of your machine a good guide for someone looking to purchase this machine. A sewing machine cannot be bought on price alone although for many this is a consideration. Bernina will always be a winner. I have seen your work in person and the detail is wonderful and beautifully executed. Keep up the good work. Lesley

Cath Roberts

Hi Kellie, I just wanted to let you know that after finding your blog a few months ago your work has inspired me to be creative again after (too) many years of idle crafting hands. Thankyou so much for sharing your talent and your life with us - your spirit and zest just oozes from the page and I often pop onto your DLN page for a boost in my day! Thankyou.

Aunt Spicy

Wow! So much in that post I am going to read it a second time! One of these days I need to commit to buying a grown-up sewing machine, so this post is perfect for research!


Drooling over your 820!! I'm thinking of trading in my Artista 170 and updating to something non-embroidery with a stitch regulator. Won't DARE ask hubby to swing for the 820 ... maybe a 440 ...

LOVE the circles quilt!!!!!

Linda DiVall

I am so envious of your 820----I would love, love, love to own one. If I teach lessons at the Bernina shop for next next ??? years maybe I can get a good deal on one. Meanwhile, I'm very greatful for and very happy with my Aurora 440 QE----I used a little Sears basic zigzag machine through all the years our kids were growing up, and we managed just fine. I got my first Bernina when I had been married 30 years!!!---It was such a dream, but then I expanded to the 440. I just love these workhorses.

I also love the work that you do. It's so light a airy----like a fresh drink of water after a long hike. I will keep watching and I even plan to give some of your patterns a try.


I'm laughing at the idea of you making the machine breathe in to fit!


I just finished quilting my first quilt and I was looking around Flickr for inspiration for the next (and the next, and the next!) and I found you. Your work is so inspiring. I love the colors, the applique shapes, the use of free motion quilting. Everything! I can't stop looking at all your pictures. Really lovely. Thank you for putting it out there and sharing because I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.



Happy belated Birthday! My husband and I were chatting about what to do for my birthday, the big 5-0! I want an 830, but it's out of my range for now. So, we'll see, maybe Santa Claus? I went to Bernina Northwest this past week and I saw your little bunny cushion on the wall--just an adorable display piece! Don't you just love Bernina? With the cost of airline tickets, maybe Melbourne would be another option. Take care--


My mom had an old Bernina forever - like ancient - but the thing was a workhorse - they really do know how to make a machine and I just love yours.


I am soooo jealous of your machine. In dreams, I have one just like it.


Your Bernina is fabulous and your work is wonderful! Kisses from Brasil.

Kelly O.

Wow! you are so busy. I hope you keep up your strength even though you're not feeling well.


I am seriously considering buying one this week.....but so scared to spend that much money.....aaaaahhhh what to do!!!!! The government 50% "tools of trade" incentive is making me think seriously, but still feel tooooooo indulgent even thinking about it. Thanks for your review as there are not many reviews yet!! I gather from this post that you highly recommend it.....ahhhhhhhhhhhh!


I have a Bernina 440 now and am still working on my dh for an 820 (or an 830 if he's feeling particularly generous), so I've loved reading about yours. I'm not willing to part with my 440 though, my ideal would be to have both the 5.5mm and 9mm machines!

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Maureen kearns

Exactly what is $7,900 in US dollars??? I'm looking at this machine and loving it but yours is the only site with a price, but not in US dollars.
Maureen in Western Pennsylvania (USA)

Mary Procopio

I have come to know several sewing machines quite well. Being able to bring out the best in each machine. From the charm of all three of my featherweights, to the streamlined precision of my janome's, each machine is a star in its own rite. I know all of us at one time or another have been frustrated, thinking that if I "just had a better machine,I would become a "super star" quilter!!! The reality is...each sewing machine is a star. Over the years I have purchased several machines, but have never been able to part with my other "sweet marvels". From time to time I will dust off one of my old favorite's and it never takes me long at all, to discover what I felt was so wonderful! These "faithful" old friends are much like my travels in life. I appreciate the simplicity, all the while bragging from the roof tops...all the new tricks my "new best machine" can do, but my faithful old friends sitting on the shelves, even collect some dust from time to time, can tell many a story of the times we have had!!! Just like people, our sewing machines can tell many stories of the times we have had.

Darcey Judy

My wonderful husband just bought the 820 for me!! I am so excited. I have a 180 and a 440. I love them all. But I think this is going to be the queen!! My New Years wish is that each and every one of you who is wishing for this wonderful machine will recieve it also.

Linda Hough

If you had a choice between Bernina 440Q, 820 and the new Janome Horizon which one is the best valve for money, taking into account the Bernina 820 is a lot more expensive. Beginner quilter still using Pfaff 1222E which is 30 years old. If the 820 is purchased how many years would you expect to get from it? At the expense of the 820 I would expect it to out live me, not quite requirement age.

Love your patterns, one day I will have time to try all these things.

New Zealand

Cindy Crowell

I am looking at buying a Bernina 820 or 830 for machine quilting. I would like to ask if you are still happy with your 820 two years later and if you have had many problems? Cindy

Mary Schiller

I have a Bernina 820 sewing machine that I purchased a year and a half ago. I bought a bernina about 15 years ago and I still use it more than the 820. It seems that the 820 is so sensitive and has so many bells and whistles that I am intimidated by it. It seems that I am still used to sewing with my old bernina. I am 73 years old and I hate to admit that I am challenged when it comes to learning a new sewing machine. I bought my machine in Marissa , IL. It is too far to go for any classes. Are there any classes near me? I live at 1300 S. Clinton Rd. in Caseyville IL. 62232.

Trudy Van Vossen

I fell in love with the Bernina 820 and I wanted someone's opinion, so I am happy to have found your blog! Thank you for all the info!! Your patterns are beautiful!

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Joshua is one lucky fellow, what a stunning quilt. I've just come over from Quilt Taffy and am I glad I did. Oh please include me for the chance to win one of your brilliant patterns.

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