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June 12, 2009


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I must admit I'm a terrible shade of green when I look at your beauty with her lovely long neck and sleek curves. Don't keep your head in the sand, just take each day as it comes and remember to make the most of each one.


I was drooling over one of these last night at my quilting class. One of the instructors just bought one and left it at the store to be admired for a week while she's on vacation. Oh, my.

I'm approaching this in baby steps, though. I picked up a cheap Brother that's been very usable. Next, upgrade to the 440. Maybe I can talk my husband into the 8201 for my 40th!


Wow. That's some machine, and you're just an incredible whiz with it. I can't complain with my little old Singer, but I sure do like the looks of that needle down function!

Kate C.

That quilt is gorgeous!!


Oooohh, just look at that baby... She has to be one of the most beautiful things a girl could ask for! ..and I can't believe you sewed that birdcage freehand, I thought it was an embroidery pattern on your machine! it's gorgeous!. Also, thank you so much for all the bloggy love Kellie, you are such a gem and I really appreciate all the encouragement!, I just enjoy your patterns soooo much, and everyone who sees them loves them!

Big Hugs from Perth
(ps - Your latest quilt looks wonderful, I can see all the hand stitching, what a huge job ~ can't wait to see it!)

Robin C

Your designs just make me smile. I'm sure you are in love the your machine. It's a great one.


Great machine! I am soooooooooo jealous!! Bernina is the best.


What a beauty! I have an Aurora 440,but I would give my eye teeth to be able to quilt like you!What gorgeous work!


I love your work and would love a class from you - too bad I live so far away.


I just wanted to say how I love your patterns and your creativity! Everything you do seems so cheerful and bright, it always brings a smile to my face when I see them. Please keep up the good work.


First, let me say that whatever your giveaway will be I KNOW it will be FABULOUS!!!! I can't wait and I hope I win. I read your sewing machine post. Wow, what a machine you have! I have the basics and I think that if I really, really continue with my sewing projects for over a year I will spend the money to upgrade to all the cool features. I'm glad you talked about buying from a skilled shop. 2-3 weeks to fix a machine is horrible! A few days to a week is livable. I have more than one machine so I wouldn't die but I wouldn't like it much!


Wow, I can tell you love your machine. I have a 1970's singer that was my mom's. It is heavy duty, but has no fancy stitches. Someday I'll get a fancy new machine!!


Well first of all congrats on your 100th(almost) post. That's awesome! I LOVE your blog and I LOVE your work. Everything you do is just gorgeous! The birdie cage is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!
I am sooo jealous that you have the Berninia 820! What an awesome machine! If I can ever convince my hubby that I 'need one' I'll be a happy camper! :-) Thanks for the chance to win the blog candy! YAY! *fingers crossed*

Wendy Gleaves

Ok, i do not own a bernina. I reallt can''t sew that well. However, I am drawn to your patterns. I remember as a little girl when my grandmother would have quilting bees and they would work on a huge quilt spread over what now reminds me of saw horses. My sister and I would sit underneath and watch the hands and needles. You really do great work...

Mary on Lake Pulaski

It was great to read your review of your Bernina and see what features you liked. Wish I could attend one of your classes, but oh well, guess I just have to win one of your patterns.


Your new 820 bernina looks wonderful, I can see why you love it.
Good luck with your finishing project and look forward to seeing it in the magazine.


Such a generous giveaway- wow!
I LOVE the bird cage. Your work is beautiful.


Your Bernina is awesome!! I have an old Bernina 1001. I do love Bernina's and hopefully will upgrade someday --a girl can dream.

Robin (rsislandcrafts)

Your machine looks great! You do spend alot of time sewing and need a good machine to get accomplished what you need each day.

Sherry Bedard

That is the machine in my dreams. The ifomation you have given my tells me that this is the one to but. But it will have to wait for a longgggggggg time. But glad to see you enjoy yours.


OOOOOOOh you have the 820, I have the 440 QE with embroidery attachment. I would love to have that sewingmachine, but it's to expensive for me. But I can dream don't I.


I love hearing about ladies and the love for their machines. I have to say thanks for the tips on the free motion. I attempted it last weekend and was very disappointed. I'm horrible! my stitches are way to short and the curves look more like boxes. You make it look so easy. After 2 hours of trying I gave up. I put my regular foot back on and did my applique manually. Oh the pain of it all. I called my local sewing store this week to sign up for a free motion class. Unfortunately I have to wait until August, but the women I spoke to tried to give me some pointers. I will attempt it again this weekend. I only have 2 more weeks until my best friends shower and I really want to have the stippling done for then.

Take Care,

P.S. by the peeks you are giving of your newest quilt I know I'm going to love it. Circles and polka dots are my favorite!


I love this pattern- am going to have to buy it!

Your bernina looks good, I <3 my machine, I have a Singer 7426 that I got for my birthday!


I can't believe the birdcage is FMQ! AMAZING!


Oh dear! I certainly know how it feels to be over committed! Try to enjoy each project as you go and not think about the rest. It was all turn out well in the end. Cheers!



I Really, really, really want an 820! I've had thoughts of one swirling around for a while, and all of your compliments make me want one more! I love the new project, can't wait to see it all finished!

mascitti stefania

Hi.i'm stefy from Italy and i also have a bernina .It's a great machine .I love your work,and i visit your blog every day for your fantastic project


WOW. What a post. Thanks for the review of your machine. I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that you sew each day so much.


Lovely pictures Kellie! It's interesting to read about your machine, I've just tried out free motion quilting on my machine and all the features sound wonderful...I might need to speak to my husband too!


Thanks so much for your review of the 820. It is always nice to get opinions of people who have used the machines we lust after.


So much going on in one post!!!
Looking forward to seeing your finished magazine quilt.
It looks stunning from the snippets.
Hope you and yours are all well.
See you soon?
Andi :-)


This post could have been called 'Ode to my Bernina'. Sometimes your praise of it was almost lyrical!


love your work!
I think it's really interesting that your stitch regulator slows you down. When shopping for a machine a few years ago I really wanted a Bernina- much for that regulator. Since I quilted just fine on my zillion year old machine, I didn't buy it and went for a lovely Elna, with no stitch regulator, but tons of other great features. I am happy now that I'm not missing out on too much- and spent 1/4 of what I would have spent on the Bernina....

Elaina Sharp

What a great giveaway! Thank you so much! I absolutely LOVE the new birdie project.


I am having serious sewing machine envy now!

Sharon L F

I just love your stuff. The cushion, the bird and the colours. I haven't been brave enough to try your raw edge technique, even though I couldn't resist one of your patterns (even though I have sons). I haven't even used my machine for applique, I do it all by hand as a rule. I only have a basic machine, but I still don't use it to its fullest potential.


What a clever lady you are, I am relatively new to the world of "Blogging" and I am in awe of you beautiful work...Oh, and I just love your Bernina - what a machine!


Wow- what an awesome machine! Mine is a sad site compared to that. Oh well.....someday I'll upgrade. I love your work!!


I love how you love your machine, and you love your 'work' Can it be considered work if it's your passion? Passionate crafting is ace :)


Wow...that was a great ode to 820! It would be worth it if I knew one would help me sew like you. I hope you are able to enjoy your work without too much stress for the deadlines. Oh, and the bird cage is truly awesome. Have a great weekend


What an amazing machine! Love the bird in the cage...can't wait to see the entire project.


Kellie i love reading all about what you have been up to. It always inspires me to create. Look forward to reading more.


What a beautiful quilt! I love the colors that you use... :) So bright and cheery!


wow, even though you've been asay so long, what a massive post!
looking forward to your class in hawthorn in august!


I have a much older Bernina, and I am determined to master the free motion stitching without a stitch regulator. The only thing I would really love is the extra space for machine quilting. I'm working on a quilt based on those fun colorful flowers you have on your quilts. Your bright designs cheer me up!!

quiltmom( Anna)

Lovely sewing machine- It sounds like the perfect machine for you-
My husband bought both of my machines as gifts - one is a small Elna Quilters Dream and the other is a Babylock Quilting Machine. I really like both of them - the baby lock has a wider aperiture that makes it reasonably easy to quilt a large quilt.
I use the Elna for piecing and like it very much for its portablility. They are not as pricey as the Bernina and for the amount of time I spend quilting they have been a very good investment.
Sewing machines are like other big investments- having the one that you enjoy and meets your needs is the most important thing.
I enjoy coming to visit your blog and seeing what is new- You make lovely patterns.
Congratulations on making your hundredth post.


Nice to read a new post. I was at Sew Mama Sew the other day looking at the machine reviews and thought you'd be a good person to do a review. Looking forward to seeing all the quilt detail once the magazine has been published.


That Bernina is sweet~! But I love my Bernina Virtuosa 155, I hope it lasts forever.


Thanks for your thoughts Kellie. I have had Deb Louie here recently, i am sure she would totally agree with all your thoughts on Bernina. She is a Bernina lady through and through.
I can't wait to see the new magazine project. Well done x x

Jo from the farm

Love reading your blog... I have the 440 Bernina and loooove it and I love free motion quilting. Love Jo xx

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