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June 12, 2009


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Wow, that sewing machine is a quilter's (me) dream....I love your quilts and the colors you chose, they are so happy! I stayed up late last night making a quilt for my little grandaughter. I'm sleepy this morning, but it was worth it.


I can't be the first to comment can I? I'm really in awe of how you do it all to begin with, and I'm scared of applique so I'm even more in awe! You will get it all done, with your talent and determination, and we will all watch the applaud!

Don't worry about the blog police, you should take away any winning rights for those who complain!


Oh how I wished I lived near you! I could just sit and sew with you for those long periods of time. That would be fantastic and maybe I would gain some of your knowledge on your beautiful applique. I can see you are very passionate about your machine and I totally understand, I feel the same way about mine. See you next time!


I always thought the knee lift was silly....until I bought an industrial machine that has one. Now whenever I go back to my other machine, I hit my knee on the table legs trying to use the knee lift that isn't there! Wouldn't do without one now!


You are a lucky girl! You have my dream machine. I have a Bernina 440 and I love it but I'd love to have the 820.
lotta in Sweden

amy lobsiger

Oh, dear. I should have skipped reading about your 820. I've been avoiding even thinking about this machine because I know that I want one and just can't have one at the moment. I do appreciate an owner's experiences with the machine, so thank you for sharing! And thanks for continuing to share your LOVELY work!

Tia Webb

I am sooo jealous of your fancy pants machine!!!!!!

Oh well I can dream!!!

Also big stamping feet and "it's not fair" to your cheeky hintsand peeks at the new project without ACTUALLY showing us what it is!!!!

Boo!! Hope we find out soon!!!

Love the blog, have a cushion in progress, will link you when it's done (not sure it will be quite up 2 your standards tho!!)

Tia xxx


Beautiful work! I would love to have that machine.

Renee E

Great machine. I think I would be intimidated to use something like that. Great quilt too!!


My machine is a Janome 6500 and I like it a lot. However, I think the side-loading bobbin feature, not to mention a stitch regulator, would be wonderful.

Shear Delight

I tried raw edge applique on a couple coasters, it's addictive! I have the Janome 6600 purchased because I can't afford a Bernina but maybe one day :)


Definetly a dream machine!!!! :o)))
Hope to tackle on one of your patterns soon.. have a birthday gift to make soon.. so it will be a challenge..:o)) but a lot of fun too!!! Congratulations on reaching 100.. I enjoy every post you make.. and you are a true inspiration for us.. so thanks for sharing your gift with us!!!


ooh your machine sounds lovely, I'm 40 next year but I don't think my hubby could be convinced....... xox


It must have taken you 4-6 hours to write this , I never realised just how long you sew for , it's like a job in itself - an enjoyable one though. I don't think my eyes would hold out for that long. Puzzled about the sneaky peeks - is that arms I see ?
Lisa x


wow - that is one hell of a sewing machine! I want one too!


Your machine sounds wonderful .... and what you produce on it is amazing. Love the birdie in the cage.

Sue Bone

I had assumed you had the machine with the embroidery, so I am now even more impressed with the workmanship on the bird cage ;)


Oh how I want your machine Kellie! Terrific post, and I love those sneak peaks. School holidays again soon - maybe we can cathc up?

Linda Hungerford

Thanks for taking the time to give your perspective on this Bernina sewing machine. I am a life-long Bernina owner, using a QE153 now, and believe Bernina makes a great product.

May I offer a tip? If you haven't tried this, I highly recommend giving it a go...use your LEFT foot on the foot control. This is to help with ergonomics as you're using your knee lift with your RIGHT knee. Try it; I bet you'll catch on to using your left foot, like I did, and wonder why you ever tried to use your right knee and foot simultaneously.


Hi kellie, have been meaning to write and say what a lovely surprise to see your birdie on the front of the SEWN launch.. thanks for the Bernina love.......i think I can easily craft 4 or 6 hours a day when i am home so i can see how you can sew for that length too.

PS my link widget working ok and good to see yr nav bar looking good


I would love an update of my 25yr old machine. Its great but I can dream of winning lotto for another bigger and better one.


Your machine looks FAB!! Love the extra large space!


I love your work, it is always a pleasure to visit your blog and see your lovely projects.
I was hesitating between a new sewing machine with special patchwork/quilting features or a weekend in London for my 40th this March, and received the second from my husband (and it was great!!!), but for my 50th I WILL ask for a really good machine. Until then I stick with my good old basic Singer :-)


Wow Kellie -- what a fantastic machine you have! I'd love to have a machine with the extra throat space. Your new project looks breath-taking -- I can't wait to see the big picture!!!


Very nice Bernina. I have been loving my new machine. The bird is so cute in it's cage also.


Your quilting is as inspriational as your new machine!


I love the colors of your new project! I really like your usual bright, girly colors, but this one has really captured my fancy:)

Jane Weston

You make me want to turn 40 just so I can have one of those machines! :o)

Please count me in for your giveaway. I just love your work.


Your sewing machine is amazing...your quilts are amazing...your patterns are amazing!! This is why I love visiting your blog! :0)


Wow, I am completely in awe of your sewing machine!


What a nice a machine, I think it will be on my wish list for a long time. I just love your blog and look forward to new posts. I'm getting ready to make a smaller version of the project that you published earlier this year in Quilters Companion. I'm planning to make a window valance for my daughter's bedroom and I'm going to use your applique pattern to embellish it.


I have a Bernina too and really enjoy it. I have it over at the "doctors" right now for a check up. I miss her. Glad you have your dream machine. That is awesome!


Great review on your sewing machine! Your projects are so beautiful!!!!!


Every time you talk about your machine, it makes me want one! I have a 440, too, and I agree with you about the stitch regulator. I much prefer to quilt without it.


I really really really want that machine. When we move bacvk to Australia I want to get a new machine but I do not sew enough to justify that one. But I can dream about it


Wow you are having a fabulous giveaway, and thanks for taking the comments. I LOVE my Bernina, although it is not the dream machine that you have, it is still my favorite. Guess the 830 would be my dream machine.

Shelley C

I would find it so difficult and stressful to HAVE to come up with new stuff for magazines and such! No wonder you are behind. I really do like your flower garden fresh and cute!


lol, I had been stalking your blog for a new post wondering if you were getting super busy. I wasn't stalking for a giveaway (I had forgotten that part) but mostly out of boredom.

I don't remember if I told you I'm moving to another state so I'm between houses at the moment. I'm living vicariously through all the crafty/quilty blogs since I'm currently in Alabama and my sewing machines are in Tennessee, Including my new (to me) Brother 1300 (just like the 1500 but a bit slower.) I only got to pull her out of the box to make sure she runs then back in she went.

I should be completely out of my old home this coming week but I probably won't get to "play" until I unpack everything. Oh well that gives me time to keep up with your blog!

I would love a Bernina 820 but my husband thought the price was outrageous. But I think showing him that one convinced him to let me get the brother!


Your new quilts are gorgeous as usual. I also have machine envy now!!! :D


It sounds like a great machine. I haven't tried the knee lift yet, but it sounds like I better.
And you got some great give away prizes!


I'm 33 at the moment, but I think I'll start germinating the idea of a dream sewing machine as a 40th birthday present for my husband starting now. Of course, should I be making things half as lovely as the objects you create, I would actually deserve one :)


Your machines seems like a dream to me. I wish I had a good one too, and half your talent would suit me too.
I just turned 30, so I guess I can wait for a few years!
Thanks again for all the inspiration you are giving us. I love the cage and the bird; they are fantastic!


Wow kellie - your machine certainly has all the bells and whistles! Your latest quilt is looking wonderful - can't wait to see it in all its glory!


Lovely pillow:)


How lucky you are to have such a beautiful machine to work on! I wish I could get a new machine. Quilting on mine is next to impossible. I look forward to seeing your new design...I'm sure I see little arms there!

Megan Kay

WOW, WOW, WOW, that is a sewing machine! No wonder your work is breathtaking. I love the bird in the cage, I love the new cushion, I love it all! Now I just want to learn how to do it, hopefully it is achievable on a much older and less spectacular machine! Hopefully I will get to see you in Adelaide.


I'm all signed-up for your October class in Adelaide, and a friend is flying over form Perth to join me! Your machine sounds amazing. I've just moved to a new, larger, Pfaff, and am still coming to grips with it. I hope I come to love it as much a you do yours!


I can see why you have a little sewing machine love! I would too. Mine is so old and cranky, but I love it all the same... I love the colors in your quilts and would love to see more 'how to pick colors' addressed here.


That is a beautiful machine. Thanks for all the info!

Account Deleted

That is a lot of work for you to choose the winner. I wanted to purchase a bernina for my first machine but it was too expensive so I opted for the Janome which is so far serving me just good.

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