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June 22, 2009


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The quilt top is looking gorgeous, as usual! Thanks for the great pics of the Bushfire Quilt Hanging... so many beautiful pieces!


Wow I do love your work!! Happy 100th post. I should start buying some of your patterns and try making them. Maybe I should start with a pillow. I would LOVE to attend one of your workshops. I LOVE bright quilts...



i have only recently dicovered your blog and am in LOVE!!! your quilts blow me away!! AWESOME!!!


Congratulations on 100 posts! Your work is so detailed and well-executed.

Gail Mitchell

Never mind the selvage dress. The quilt is spectacular. I love the whimsy and the flowers etc. I really want to win the pattern.

The selvage dress is spectacular too.


Your work is so original and so cute! I love seeing your creations and hope someday to try my hand at one of them.


I like seeing your quilts on display. I wish i could see one first hand, and to touch it and examine it would be a delight. Although you'd probably cringe at the thought! That dress is really something. made of selvegaes but yet it still works and is cohesive! WOW. Oh and that poor lady bending over in front of the dress is now exposed to hundreds of readers on your blog!


I'm gald I'm not the only one who thought there was a headless person in your dress photo! Most confusing until I clicked on the photo and saw it in a larger size!


wow....lots of eye candy in that post...loving the little bunny - especially the little slippers/shoes? and the quilt you are working on looks amazing! I agree that a wonderful machine helps to create masterpieces but it really is practice, practice and more practice to achieve the desired result.....ditch the doc and give yourself a day off!


So much goodness in one post! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Valerie in Grande Prairie, AB  Canada

I Hope you are feeling better soon! It is no fun to be sick when you want to being other things.

I have just recenly discovered your site and immediately ordered your patterns. I love them - they are so bright and cheery! Received in the mail last week and took them to my quilting club on Monday where everyone ooohed and aaahhhed over them. Love the ones in the pictures too! Hope you are doing patterns for those too!


all your work is so beautiful-your new quilt looks like it'll be a stunner too! thanks for the chance to win a pattern. keeping my fingers crossed!!


Congratulations to all those lucky people who won something from your collection. They are always so beautifully designed Kellie, and I am sure one day you will be publishing your own book. I adore that cushion so if my name doesnt get pulled out of the hat I think I will have to pop on over and buy one. The little rabbit that Meaghan has is just gorgeous too, must go and take a little look! Oh and it must be good to have a doctor in the house at most times when you feel unwell, but I am sure he is busy at the moment with all the different bugs going around.

Elaina Sharp

Congratulations! And thanks for the great giveaway!


Another beautiful post. Love the photo of your children - they always look so happy and good natured (maybe not so happy in the photo where your youngest could not go to school with the others, poor little guy).


Congratulations for the 100 posteos.
I would be charmed with being able to have some of your works, they are very beautiful


It looks like your new quilt is going to be a stunner..... again..... Can't wait to see the end result. Hope you feel better soon.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

That new quilt is incredible!!! It looks like a LOT of work, but worth the effort for sure!! You have so much going on and we sure enjoy following along.


Oh my goodness! I just love the quilt you're handstitching. The colors are amazing, and I keep thinking that it looks perfect for my 4 year old son. So I can't wait until that pattern is out!

I read your blog as often as you post, and really enjoy it. Thank you!

Mary Jo Jones

I would be honored to win your it so darling! I love all that you share with us...hope I win!

Mary Jo in Iowa


Hi Kellie,
Hope you feel better soon - maybe a bit of sleep instead of sewing all night might help!!! Look forward to our next coffee,

PS I'll come to the workshop!


Hi, I just found your blog through your bias dress, Uh, I mean Jodi's dress. I love your quilts and I would love to win a pattern to try it out seeing as I have 2 girlie girls who share a room and would LOVE this quilt! (: ~Pag

tracey petersen

Not the world's most sympathetic doctor!! Lucky he's such a good man (with great 40th b'day gift-buying skills)...

Can't wait for the reveal of the new quilt. Thoughts on completing that much hand stitching again? Would you raw-edge it if you had to do it again?

Tanya Holt

I love the style of your work, it's so very happy and cheerful! And how cute is that little bunny!


I've always loved your patterns!


Your quilt is fabulous and I love that your blog has so many pictures!


Well done reaching 100 posts! I think I did it recently too but didn't realise it was supposed to be a big deal! Perhaps I might make a big deal at 200. Abslolutely love your quilts etc and would love to be in the draw to win a wonderful pattern.

Rebecca Woods

I absolutely love your quilts and would love to try to make some of your patterns. Unfortunately I have the dodgiest sewing machine alive but I am determined that this tax time (hopefully if all goes well if you know what I mean) I am buying myself a decent sewing machine so I can try to make some of your beautiful quilts. Hope you feel better soon.

mascitti stefania



I love your blog and have had fun when 'working' catching up as I'm new to it. Well done hitting the 100's.

clare bower

Lots of lurgies going around , protect that bunny at all costs . Take care , get well soon .


well mr.dln was finally convinced to buy that new machine for you and wow!!!!! you are getting that to work so well!!!!! i think that we had better work on dr.dln now for a couple of days off, at least, so you can get better, so you can at least keep blogging and machining, only fair i think! go on dr.dln!!


As always your work looks awesome. It's so fun and cheery to look at. Hope your feeling better soon.


I didn't get to win one of your patterns as a door prize at the Quilt Hanging - I really truly did try!! So, I will try here and cross fingers and toes! Congrats Kellie on your Blogiversary and hope for many more to come! Do organise something at Sewjourn - you won't regret it, I'm sure.


Congrats on 100 posts and as always a good read. I enjoy reading your blog and I love your new visitor who has come to stay :)


I would love to win one of your patterns, uyour work is beautiful and very inspiring. I hope you are feeling better.


You're so funny! You need to send those adorable DLN children to plead your case with the Doc (short trip, I know!) I wish I lived closer -- I'd LOVE to spend the weekend sewing with you and the ladies!!! Hope you're feeling better SOON! Oh -- and when do we get to SEE that first quilt -- I'm dying over here -- it's looks exquisite!!!


I love your creativity! I've enjoyed reading back over your posts and seeing how you've grown. Your persistence and journey is an inspiration to me, I'm trying to also make my passion my work. I was very excited to find a pattern (on sale even!) for a elephant costume like you made for your sons circus party a while back. Get well soon.


I love to see your work, it is amazing.


hope you feel better soon, Lisa's bunnies are gorgeous aren't they xox


Whoa!! 100 posts, that's ALOTTA catching up! I've just discovered you through your article in Homespun which has just hit the shelves of a few quilting stores in the UK. I bought it just for your quilt! IT IS AWSOME!!! I'm an Aussie living in the UK and so miss all those fun bright unique and inspiring patters and fabrics.
A heartfelt thanks for inspiring me again.


Kellie, What an enjoyable post to read. ** CONGRATULATIONS ** on your 100th post, it was one of my favourites, so full with lots of interesting reading! I loved everything from the bushfire quilts display, to the very gorgeous little bunny - and I am absolutely "trying" to wait patiently to see what that wonderful new quilt design is going to be - you have me sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation! Hope you are feeling better soon :o) Karen


Goodness so much to tell! You sure are busy! I just met up with a bloggy friend this weekend and was nervous too but we sure did have a good time and to top it off, someone recognized me from blogging! How fun! and I don't even bother going the doctor LOL, he just tells me... well never mind! LOL. Love the photos of the kids! have a good week!

chriss jasper

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, a thousand times from my heart!!! I am such an admirer of your work and talent, to win something from you brings me to tears...and I shall drop everything to make it up immediately!!!
Congrats on your 100th post, your title isn't lame to me, practical maybe.
Many thanks again, I love to read your blog and look at your photos, all is inspiration to me.

Karen C

wow what a huge blog, great to see pic's of your quilts out and about at shows. Shame i missed this show, it looked lovely. Keep designing those amazing pieces !!!!


Happy 100th posting!!! I love your work and was thrilled to see you in Homespun magazine recently. The Bushfire Quilt Hanging looked like it was a great event.

Cath Roberts

Happy 100th Kellie! I had never read a single blog until a few months ago when I found your quilt in Homespun Magazine - since then I have found myself spending way too much time checking out other people's creativity instead of finishing my own projects - it is addictive - and I hold you responsible! I went over to Lisa's Periwinkle blog to have a look at the beautiful bunnies and ended up on a link to one of her favourites - Little Cotton Rabbits blog and purchased a pattern for a bunny egg cup cover - it is sooo beautiful.

I too found the headless lady next to Jodie's dress quite puzzling... until I had a really good look. Thanks again for the inspiration! You are a gem.


Hi Kellie!

There are some nasty virus'es around eh? I am feeling very sorry for myself at the moment, but there's no 'time off' when you have young kids is there?!!!

I am so pleased that Mai won one of your giveaways! We are blogging buddies and she is such a big admirer of yours! Those patterns couldn't go to a better home!

Thank you for all the eye candy!
Warm wishes & Get well soon!!!
Vikki :-)

Sharon L F

Love the look of your new quilt. Would it suit a boy? Doesn't seem to be floral
I hope the script wasn't for antibiotics for a viral infection, otherwise he either suspects a secondary infection (in which case you need time to recover) or hes a complete nuff nuff. Hope you are feeling better.

Beth Foust

Hi Kellie - I absoulutely adore your work. Do you know if you can still get the Australian Homespun magazines that feature you? I have never seen the magazine but would love to read up on you!!! Oh and I am wondering what is trapunto? Thanks

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