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June 22, 2009


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I love the bird in the cage, so cute. You are so creative.

Mary Brake

I just love your blog.....thanks for the link to the bunny....

Rebecca Clarke

I have just made a mini quilt from your free Flower Garden Pillow pattern, I enjoyed it so much and can't wait to take a workshop one day.


Hi Kellie
I hope you have lots of fun celebrating this bloggy milestone. I popped over to Sewjourn and Whippet Good to have a look at your fabulous creations.
Janelle xx


Hope your feeling real better soon. Rest up and take it easy.

Jane Weston

I'd love a chance to win one of your patterns...just love your work!


I just can't figure out that picture of the headless person holding their glasses in the photo of Jodie's dress, are they leaning sideways? The new quilts look great!


I'll definitely try my hand again at your giveaway -- love your blog and more importantly your work! And OH MY that bunny is Super cute!


congrats on the 100th posting and I hope you are on track with your newest quilt :) I have been admiring the sojourn website and am going to see if some friends from my guild would like to go for a weekend or somthing, leave the kids at home with their dads!! I missed the girls weekend out :( whaaa and I heard from my friends that they had a blast, so now I need a weekend away!!


How great to find your blog! I discovered the craft blog scene not that long ago (where have I been all these wasted years?) about the same time I first saw your work at Patchwork House and I am completely hooked on both. I think your work is gorgeous and I would love to win one of your patterns. Most of all though, it is really nice to find another inspirational Oz blog to visit.

Paula Munter

You choices of fabrics and colors are so wonderful and fresh! I really enjoy your style.

The little bunny is quite sweet too!

Have a wonderfully productive day!


Thank you for sharing all those ideas with us. It helps so much to see how other people work their way through. And it encourages. Mr. Random Generator, please pick me. Or should I say Mrs?


You have such cute designs the give me much inspiration.


Wow, your quilts are just beautiful.


I'm so happy that I found your blog and site! So pretty and fresh designs! I'm inspired.


Oh, be still my heart!! Your latest quilt is driving me insane with jealousy!! The circles!! The triangles!! The RIC-RAC, for heaven's sake!! Stunning!!


I have just found your blog and I love it.


You've inspired a lot of people to venture into quilting! Make sure you look after yourself.


I got to try out using the opposite foot for machining last year after having a wee accident and connecting with the desk that houses my Bernina 117 (from 1957). A nasty break in the toe next to the big one, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from sewing. After a few days I went back to the usual foot, I don't kow why though, must be just habit, it was easy with my left foot.

Love the colours on your new quilt. My wee boy just saw it and thought it was a Hungry Caterpillar quilt. Nice primary colours !!!


I enjoyed reading your blog and really love the quilts and pillows....very exquisite; beautiful colour coordination, very pretty fabrics...and stunning designs. Im amazed that you managed to do so many sewing with three children, a husband and a home. Gotta to come to your weekend workshop and seek some advice on time management ;) Congrats on your 100th post. Hope you get better soon.



Hi, this is the first time I read your blog, and what a beauty's do you make!! I really love the colors and the patterns.
Also thanks fot the tuto's. I hope I can make 2 pillows for my children in the summerholidays.
Your blog is placed by my favorits, so I will come back and read and see more of your work :)

Oh and congrats with your 100 posts!


Kellie, your patterns are gorgeous, I would love to win how does your garden grow!


Wow, I love the "How does you garden grow" cushion; just beautiful! Congrats on your 100th post ;O)


i have often wondered how heavy jodi's dress...but it couldnt have a prettier backdrop :)


I would love to win this pattern! count me in! congrats on 100!

Barbara York

I just found your blog by way of the new Sewn site and I love all your stuff. The birdcage with bird is so cute, is there a pattern on that one yet. I would like to win one of your patterns so I will keep my fingers crossed.



Love the bunny... just might need one myself. (i'll pretend its for one of the kids!!!)


I love to look at your blog, but have never left a comment. Your talents are amazing! And your patterns are beautiful.


I wish I could have seen everything at the Bushfire Quilt Hanging in person! It all looks so wonderful! Thanks for posting the pictures. Congratulations on 100!


Wow son preciosos tus trabajos, me encantan apenas tengo unos días de haber llegado a tu blog y me enamoré.

Espero que sigas mejor.

Wow your works are beautiful, I love just a few days I have come to your blog and I fell in love.

I hope that you better.


I would love to win your beautiful pattern!


Would love to win your pattern! Thanks for a great giveaway.


You do such beautiful work. The garden pattern is darling.


Elle is so cute. We've all been sick too. What is it with this nasty virus that's going around. Shame on your dr not letting you get better! You deserve to rest up. Get well soon.

Beth Dasecke

well what can I say
I LOVE your work!!!!!!
I hope you get better soon
hugs Beth


love your blog and can't believe this is 100th. post being I will be going on 200th. but I'm not counting. I missed on the last drawing so maybe I might be lucky with this one.


congratulations on your 100th!- The quillt hanging looks marvelous as does your new quilt. I'm going to Sewjourn next weekend, squeee!


I just had to tell you how much I love your patterns - so inspiring - and I'm a bookkeeper for a sewing machine shop, so I've shared your site with everyone there. Fun stuff!

Ann-Maree K, Highfields

I love your patterns, they are so bright and colourful just what I like. Recently I did make a purchase of Pretty 'n Pink and am just wanting to find the right fabrics and some more of that thing called time. Keeping my fingers crossed that I may be lucky. Congrats on making it to 100 posts a real milestone.

Linda DiVall

I don't think I entered the post right, so I'll try again.

The bunny is adorable. I was really thrilled with the quilt hanging---what a wonderful community effort. You children are blessed you are.

Linda from Texas


Yay 100 posts! wow! Hope you are feeling better soon.

Kelly O.

That bunny is adorable!

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