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May 02, 2009


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Sipiweske Quilts

Great photos! I'm still lovin' your color combos . . . those greens and brights are wonderful and I'll be watching to see what you come up with for them. I have to go shopping for some of those bright colors - they're not my usual color palette but after seeing your projects I'm thinking I'm ready to experiment. Have fun with all your projects! - Marlene


you are one busy lady!


I love your monkeys and bright fabrics, they are just gorgeous!

I too have a lot of projects that I should be sewing on. Instead I am watching Pirates #1, drinking Baileys and working on a project that whilst it is on my list of things to do it is not at the top of it.

I hope you get some of your shoulds done though! :)


You have as many projects happening as I do. I guess I should be doing a lot of sewing like you. Okay, but I am definitely drooling over the pictures of the fabric. Hmmmm.... wonder what you will be making??


I'm just taking a break from the hand quilting to enjoy your post which is filled with luscious colours as usual. It's always a pleasure to visit you to see all the things you get up to.


I used to have a duster which had a picture of a woman on it, and written next to her was 'a tidy house is the sign of a boring woman'. So there.

There is no contest - the crafty stuff has to come first. (By the way there is NO HURRY on my bit of the giveaway - you know that, don't you?)

Can't wait to see what you do with that fabric - it's gorgeous. I drooled.


Mary Grace McNamara

Oh my, your fabrics and quilts are so gorgeous! I don't know about what you SHOULD be doing, but I'm sure glad you did what you did and posted all those wonderful pictures!


Lynn T

I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Those colors are great1


Can't wait to see garden party in person!! Your new fabrics look delicious - looking forward to seeing your next inspiring project. Have a good night - sleep is over rated :)


Gorgeous fabric you're showing off there, I spy some Kaffe amongst it! I love the fabric you've used to back Megan's quilt, it is so sweet, lots of lovely bags. Please let me win a giveaway in the future so I can get my paws on one of your monkeys, I sooooooo love them! I can't wait to see what you get up to next! Me, well I'm busy blowing my nose at the moment, aren't you glad I shared. ;-)


Well, I don't know if I could pick a favorite fabric from that pile- I like them all! I always love the colors you choose. All those brights- they are so cheerful and happy!

Hmm, I wonder what those polka dots are being sewed into? I am sure it will be gorgeous as usual!

Allie in MI

LOL - I SHOULD be working on a quilt - but instead I'm drooling over your photos!


I'm squealing over those first 3 green fabrics, what are they???


Goodness! Those fabrics are gorgeous - I think you should drop everything without any guilt at all and get straight to business of turning them into something lovely.

I hope you had a lovely evening. x


Hi Kellie, sounds like you have your hands full! I should be studying the anatomy of the respiration system, all about the wonderous world of respiration mechanics and the pathology of COPD. Instead I am reading your blog, wishing I could sit in front of my sewing machine, and even thinking that the windows are in desperate need of washing. Take care.


Oh love it! Your night sounds similar to mine! Love the new fabric, and good luck with all your projects!

sweet emmelie

Love the fabrics and all the photos, good luck in getting it all done!


Sounds like a busy stitchin' evening!! I wonder how much you got done. I'm guessing all of it, knowing you. Have you slept at all?
I, on the other hand, went out with my partner and another couple for a very grown up dinner sans kids. So enjoyable (and so rare these days).
I did manage to baste a quilt when I got home but will be posting about that later today.
Catch up soon I hope.
Andi :-)


You sound as busy as me, but your list sounds more fun than mine. Right now I'm taking a break from laying down new kitchen flooring. Then I've got a list of house things that need to be done in order to get my house ready for sale/rent.


Whenever I am in need of some drops of inspiration or some much needed inspiration a stop by your blog always does the trick! Kellie, I totally adore your blog. It's bright, colourful and always cheers me up! Just thoought I would let you know... hope you enjoyed your night??? Jo xo


Hi Kellie, I spent yesterday afternoon trying to make some order of my sewing room so I can sew. Still not there yet but it is looking better and I might find my sewing table some time this afternoon. I did some more embroidery on Little Bluebirds last night then fell asleep on the lounge about 9 o'clock so not much was achieved. Maybe today.


Wow. Busy girl. Get the hot drink of your choice and chocolate and your favourite music and just dive in! It all looks lovely and inviting and interesting.

Hugs Shari

Adds xx

I stayed up late as finishing off some UFO's so they don't turn into WOMBAT'S (Waste Of Material, Batting and Time !!)
What month will your Ballarat Patchwork Class be in?


kellie, lovely eye candy this week and unusual to see green in yr stash. Gregg is away so I have had 3 days of uninterrupted sewing. bliss! getting on with lots of projects a the moment. glad to see Ballarat Patchwork has come thu

tracey petersen

OH, oh, oh! Those greens are just divine. I need some of those...


Well, you certainly have your work cut out for you!? Never a dull moment! This is early, early morning here (a little insomnia) but plans to work in our yard, continue preparing our first ever vegetable garden, and maybe a little quilting too! Love your stuff as ever!!!! Have a good week!


I hope you get everything done. We are about to go grocery shopping - I HATE shopping, We had an amazing day yesterday which I'll post about soon. I love those greens , that's my fave colour at the mo, another thing to add to your list .... tell Lisa what the green fabrics are because she need some to make cushions .. ok , have you added it :-).
Lisa x

Jackie Sue Davis

So you're human! I love your photos and projects! Don't beat yourself up. Balance your time and enjoy yourself! Thanks again for sharing your line up!


Oh Kellie -- I just don't know how you keep up with it all! I can't wait to see what those little spots turn out to be!

Magnolia Bay Quilts

My, you have a long to-do list! Thanks for sharing it. Your projects are wonderful, and I love the new fabrics. AND your photography is spectacular. I can almost feel the fabric and quilting stitches. It's a beautiful blog.


Love your work. It's so fresh...just what the industry needs!


Oh, we SHOULD always be doing something else, but a little blog posting is always good! Love all your colours and all the things you have shown us. BTW, I posted some photos from my Passover travels in Israel on my blog. Wondered if you've seen them, or whould like to see them!


Kellie, I just love popping in on your blog. Such beautiful photos and fun stuff!


....sie haben einen wunderschönen Blog,ist es OK wenn ich sie
auf meinem Blog verlinke?
Lieben Gruß aus Deutschland

.... they have a wonderful blog, it's OK if I
on my blog link?
Lieben Gruß aus Germany


Your fabric choice is always so happy and bright! So very beautiful. Good luck with all those things you want to finish!


I'm so excited! and I just can't hide it!!!!!!!! I can't wait to get my little parcel but I have a feeling a little girl is going to snatch that lil' monkey out of my hot little hands!

thank you so much for all that the shot of monkey bottoms...too cute!


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