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May 06, 2009


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Well, "I'm" interested -- sadly, I live in the wrong part of the world! Look at those adorable little sweeties -- I just don't believe that they could possibly torture Mr. DLN!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I was very excited yesterday because I managed to get a copy of YOUR issue of Homespun! Brilliant! Lucy x

Dolores Sedore

I live in Canada and I don't think your patterns are sold here (yet.) I love the b&w photo - they are such cuties. Oh yes, the flowers are nice too. You are busy, busy.


I just love your work and the colors you use! Hugs, Renata. ( a Belgian living in Italy)


What a cute quilt! You are quite talented!


oooh I just love that new pattern, especially the aqua flower.

I bet MR DLN is having nightmares already, breaking out in cold sweats when he hears the kids coming! LOL

It's good for the kids to spend some one on one alone time with dad. My kids enjoy it and I enjoy it even more! Muahaha

PS did you see my DQS6 on my blog? I used the methods I learned from you to make it. Using the applique as part of the quilting, and free-motion around each of the shapes. It was so hard for me to send that little quilt off into the world!


Hello again!
I would love to attend your workshop. You wouldn't want to come all the way to Finland, so I too could attend? ;-)
Keep up the good work. I just adore your quilting, it is nothing less than perfect!
The kids are adorable!
Take care.

Aby Runyan

I love your stuff, so gorgeous!

I'm a new sewer and just don't understand how you do your quilting. Do you have a special sewing machine that does it for you? How do you avoid quilting on the applique pieces? I know you sew those on first based on your tutorials. I'm dumbfounded!

thanks, aby


Kellie this must be such an exciting time for you, as you branch out, and it looks like you have loads of branches. Congratulations on all the wonderful success.


Oh! I love your sock monkeys - are the patterns for sale? Such beautiful things you make!


Oh, I sooooo love your photo of the kids!!! Have a happy Mother's Day! I also love your polka dotted flower!!!! I think Mr. DLN can manage just fine. My mother used to work weekends and Dad was home with the three of us (of course, that is when my brother would break his collar bone, we would read a recipe wrong....) :-)


I'm just waiting for you to announce workshops in the UK -- Hub would so be totally abandoned to look after the boys :-). Love the new pattern..
Lisa x


Might it be helpful if you taught Mr DLN to work the washing machine? ;-) Seriously ... well done you ... I wish you every success in this workshop endeavour. Some people thoroughly deserve their success, and you are one of them. x


You've been busy.
Love your work!!!
Andi :-)


Hi kellie, saw that post yesterday and have my name down. Hetties is on my way home from work so I quite often make a little detour (as you do) for a quick purchase before picking up the kids. Can't wait to find out more details.


One day you're going to end up going international! Your designs are always so wonderful. Think how much Mr DLN is going to appreciate you when you get back from your weekend!


I'm excited about it too and have already put my name down for when/if you come! What fun!


Gosh, Kellie!
I love the new design! :-) But then I love everything you do!
Enjoy your special day on Sunday!
Warm wishes
Vikki :-)


Love all your patterns. Hope you do get to have a relaxing day on Sunday, not like me who has to work.

Penny Hornbuckle

Hi Kellie,
I think you mean Penny?
For all those lovley ladies who are overseas they can of course buy your lovely patterns on our website.
Love your patterns!
New, fresh and exciting!

Gillian aka Silly Gilly

Hey Kellie
If the new SA development develops... I'm there with bells on!! It's just up the road from me and I have your pattern already so I would love some help getting started via a workshop! I've left a comment over on the other blog. :)


Hi Kellie
I was kinda hoping that you might be coming to Perth to accompany your quilt! At least I will get to see your fabulous creation in person (though I do own a Flower Garden cushion that Barbara made for me through Linda's 'Spring Swap').
Have a Special Mothers Day on Sunday with your precious cherubs.

Lynn T

I wish I lived closer :-( Your kids are adorable!


Gorgeous photo of the kids! Love that new pattern too. All beautiful, as usual!


Kellie, it is so lovely seeing you go from strength to strength. You totally & utterly deserve every good thing to come your way. I love this new pattern, but I cannot imagine not loving anything you design!


Kellie, can you tell me what the pink check fabric is on the aqua flower stem? I have a red like that but I want a pink.


How could Mr DLN possible be worried about 2 days with those angels. Love your new project.


Aren't you a clever clogs with all those lovely projects on the go!! And those children - ADORABLE!!!


i so wish your patterns were sold somewhere over here in the US! i just love your patterns!


Have a happy Mother's Day, Kellie. After all the pleasure you give us, you sure deserve a day of spoiling!


Your new pattern is very pretty! Lot of exciting things happening for you at the moment! Have a great Mothers Day :)


That is one gorgeous pillow! I do plan on trying out one of your patterns at some point, there just arent enough hours in the day! Have a great mothers day :-)


Your work is absolutely breathtaking! Makes me want to learn to quilt!!

Happy Mother's Day!

tracey petersen

I love the way you have added spiky bits to your quilting. A very nice development!


Your things are so beautiful!! I love your blog. So many pretty things.


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