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May 19, 2009


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Oh darn! I'll be overseas then. I am sure everyone will learn so much and have absolutely wonderful skills by the end. Your current project looks awesome as usual.


The workshop sounds like fun. Too bad it's still so far away from Perth. We had our craft and quilt fair last week and I was so pleased to see your quilt and patterns at "A Quilting Passion". The girls said your patterns sold well. Congratulations! Very exciting for you. Your new project looks very interesting!

Cheers - Shari


I see what you mean about the hand crazy woman!!!

I'm sure the effort will be worth it though...


I....the maker of small frivlous stuffed items , bow down before you..the maker of heirlooms and history.

clare bower

Well done hope you really enjoy your class , the students will .

Gillian aka Silly Gilly

I'm already booked in and on the list. Can't wait!!!!! I'll be even more than happy to organise an Adelaidian blogger-get-together-meet up if you like! Can't guarantee I can beat Jodie's Ballarat meet and greet but I'll try!


Doesn't look like a dog's breakfast to me ... looks like a riot of colour.

I'm sure you'll book out that November date in no time at all. Your fellow Aussies are lucky to get the chance to learn from you!



You are amazing!! Are you needle turning those circles????? How wonderful!


I can't wait for the class, will give the patch a call tomorrow to double check that I'm booked in!


You go girl..... :-)

amy ( sew~amy)

oh I wish I could take the class. I love your work, it is gorgeous.


A class from you sounds terrific. I wish I lived around the corner!


Good luck with the classes Kellie - they sound great!


When are coming to Brisbane? Please please please one day!!!!


I'm booked-in! I rang to confirm as soon as you blogged last night, but it was after hours, and by the time I was functioning today after a migraine, they're already up to 10 participants!

tracey petersen

never under-estimate the power of peer group pressure...

Hope that every one involved has a ball. Especially you!


Forget Adelaide. When are you teaching in Chicago???


sounds like you will have lots of fun! So when are you going to be teaching in the US? preferably withing 20 miles of wherever I'm living?!

Rebecca Clarke

Oh I am so jealous of a few ladies I know that are booked in for your workshop. I don't live anywhere near a shop that would get you so I will have to just keep and eye on your blog and buy some of your patterns. I have just ventured into raw edges. Soooooo jealous


I'm not sure if Adelaide is quite as international as Houston but I'm sure we will have fun.


Looking forward to the class.....!

Cheryl Arkison

I don't think we have the travel budget from Canada to Adelaide this fall! Too bad, I love your stye and would love to glean some tips from you.


I'm booked in too. I can't wait! :)

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