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May 15, 2009


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Elizabeth McMahon

Beautifully said Kelly, they do grow on you somewhat, lol. Glad you enjoyed your Mothers Day, grab it all with both hands. One day you will pick up the phone and a deep gruff voice will say Happy Mothers day from London/New York/Cananda.... and it will still bring tears to your eyes, hugs, lizzie


Oh, happy happy mums day.
What divine photos of your divine family.
That Joshua really cracks me up. Who else sees the golden arches at the top of a magical beanstalk!?!!?! Cack!!
Andi x

Dolores Sedore

What a beautiful family you have. Don't get too busy to enjoy them all now. Time has a way of going by so quickly and one day you will wake up and wonder how they got so grown up all of a sudden. I miss my "little ones" - they are all adults now.


gorgeous pics...I didn't know you had twins!
My 3 girls are all IVF babies too........No 1 from a frozen FET and the twins from a fresh IVF cycle.they all grow waaay too fast!!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

A beautiful family! And a lovely post too! The McDonalds bit at the end is priceless! Lucy x


You brought a lump to my throat with this one - Joshua is a star , they all are. We must catch up soon , if you can find a little break in your hectic schedule :-)
Lisa x


Your children are really gorgeous Kellie, you have been blessed indeed! and the beanstalk story had me in stitches! what a character your Joshua is!


What a beautiful family you have and love the twins. Somehow children have a way of swaying your heart.


What gorgeous children you have! I've only been reading your blog for a little while but I'm absolutely smitten by your designs and work. Can't wait for more!


Happy Mother's Day Kellie. You have 4 very beautiful children, well worth all the pain and laughter! I love that beautiful pillow you have designed, the fabrics are so bright and cheerful.


Your children are beautiful - I hadn't realised the middle two were twins, gosh that must have been extremely tiring!

Those new fabrics are wonderfully muted - can't wait to see what you do with them.


kellie, what a lovely post about you being a mother! however you did it, you have passed with flying colours! x o lizzie.


They really are such a gorgeous bunch of children! Joshua is an absolute scream and I can't wait to catch up with all of you very soon!! Lx



First I have to say that you look Gorgeous in that picture bathing the twins. You do not look like a frazzled new mother of twins as I can only imagine you might have felt!

I love the finished garden pillow, especially that little bit of fabric you used for the tulip


What a lovely post! Your children are really beautiful! I hope you had a great Mother's Day.

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

I really loved your post! Thanks for sharing with us all... a little bit about your gorgeous family.

Magnolia Bay Quilts

What a lovely family you have. And your pillow is lovely, too. Your designs are so happy!


Another great project, keep up the good work.


Kellie, what a wonderful post!!! Mothering is really rewarding! Is that you in the first photo? You look the same!!!! and I love your new pillow!!


What a cute story about McDonalds! (Sounds like he would get along with my boys just fine! LOL!) And I loved reading about your beautiful kids and how they came along.

I sort of have a project for you! I tried to make a quilt like the heart one you have. It is not finished, but the shapes are all ironed on and it is turning out ok. (Where are folks getting the pattern for the heart? I didn't see it in your shop.) I made mine from memory and it isn't too bad but yours is so much better! :0) If you check my blog there is a picture of the quilt top in progress and I will email you a picture when it is finished. Thank you so much for the inspiration!!


What a great post! Thanks for sharing about your precious children. We miscarried too, and it still leaves a hole in your heart. Love the fabric you are working with. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Awesome family - you are blessed!


I enjoyed your post!

Diana Owensby

I love your Mother's Day story and the new pillow. I purchased 'Pretty in Pink' and can't wait to get started on one or maybe just all of them.


What a gorgeous post with pics of your wonderful family! Just got back from the Craft and Quilt Fair - finally got to see some of your exquisite quilting up close!


Cute cute cute! They are all such happy kids. LOVE the latest pattern.


I enjoyed each moment of your Mothering Journey... A lovely read... How Does Your Garden Grow has caught @ my heart also... Smiles :0)


Thank you so much for the little mention, Kellie! I certainly got a few new visitors and it was a nice surprise when I got back this evening from a weekend away! I love the photos of you and your kids. You look great in the pic with the twins. Weren't you shattered???? You always have such delightful, positive things to say. Wonderful!

tracey petersen

I love your baby stories, but after reading them I now need to go and find myself a tissue. They brought a tear to my eye.

Kim McBIrnie

Oh, your children are gorgeous, it is such a precious thing watching them become aware of the world and each other - a gift really, getting to see the world through their eyes. This is such a lovely post! Thanks so much for the pattern by the way, when the madness slows down round here I am going to set some time aside for it.
Kim xx


You have a beautiful family - great post!


What a gorgeous family you have Kellie! And how funny about Joshua's beanstalk -- he's a boy after my own heart!


Lovely post Kellie - I did stop at one - not sure if I could of coped with any more. Been away from blog land for a while - just to let you know that I have a giveaway on at the moment that you might like to enter - Talk soon - Tania


Beautiful photos! I have a 4 yr old son and 2 yr old twin girls and I completely understand what you mean when you say you thought you'd die from tiredness after the birth of your twins! I remember that feeling a little too well! lol! We are thinking about a fourth child, but I was already of advanced maternal age when I finally got pregnant with my son (after 7 years of trying!), so I don't know if my body can handle a fourth. I loved reading about your family (and your sewing is pretty great, too! :) ). They're beautiful kids!

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What a beautiful family you have. Don't get too busy to enjoy them all now. Time has a way of going by so quickly and one day you will wake up and wonder how they got so grown up all of a sudden. I miss my "little ones" - they are all adults now.

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What a VERY beautiful family you have. Don't get too busy to enjoy them all now. Time has a way of going by so quickly and one day you will wake up and wonder how they got so grown up all of a sudden. I miss my "little ones" - they are all adults now.

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