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May 29, 2009


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Gillian aka Silly Gilly

Wow, I want a sewing machine where I can hit one button and it does that..... only joshing, good work comes out of dropping the books for a while obviously! So sweet!


That is amazing!!


Beautiful -- you are extremely talented and I sure do love that you share you talents with us!


oh my goodness I cant stop looking at this. I love this and I want one! It is so beautiful and I absolutely love it.


Sensational! You're an inspiration.


Oh my goodness! I want a Bernina ! Amazing work. xox

Karen O

Oh - it's just fantastic! Stomp on those silly books and keep making beautiful music with Bernie :)


Oh Kellie, this is wonderful!!
I do enjoy your creations...
Keep up the beautiful work and thanks heaps for sharing :D
Robyn xx




Your embroidered birdcage is gorgeous - can't wait to see what it becomes.

Allie in MI

That is fantastic! Yep, go with those ideas, to heck with the books!

Maree .W

OH MY.!! This is just Glad you kept at it...Please say you will put out the Pattern..Pretty Please Kellie...You are So Clever.....


Beautiful work as always - I also want a Bernina 820 - maybe I could then also produce such fantastic stuff!


so clever kellie, you just keep us wanting to 'always look often' instead of 'don't look now'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tracey petersen

The white stitching over the linen is beautiful. Did you free motion this one?


So stunning. You really are an artist!!
Andi :-)


it's beautiful Kellie! the birdcage is so lovely, just perfect!


Your hand stitching is phenomenal!

Kelly O.

I love your bernina too!!! Can I borrow her?!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

WOW!!!!! That is absolutely stunning! Wow! I love it! Lucy x


Amazing, the creations you come up with are so wonderful. Where do you draw your inspiration from? I wish I was as skilled as you on a machine. I have to start machine quilting my friends baby quilt and I am so scared to start! It's my first time free motioning and I haven't even practiced yet. Any tips?

Take Care,


Cah-UTE!!! That was well worth skipping the books over!!!


Very pretty!! That would have been a LOT of hand stitching! Better to have it finished I say! Enjoy your day! :0)


Absolutely gorgeous! What are you going to do with it?
Take care.




You can almost hear him sing....


you've done it again :-) don't worry I won't tell Mr DLN
Lisa x


Kellie, very inspiring and so different from your other that linen backing


This is really, really lovely xxx


Love this Kellie- very cute!


Kelly this one is just beautiful. And inspirational! I've booked in to do your class at Ballarat Patchwork and am practising my free motion in anticipation. Any chance that the lovely bird in the cage could be a tutorial or a pattern?


You are truly amazing Kellie!


Kellie, I love your things! was this a free motion or one of those designs that you push and stitch? Also, my machine is broken, and sudden repairs are not in our budget for a while, I am going to need you to post more frequently so I don't lose my mind!! Congrats on all your quilting classes, I will fully admit, I hope to see you on one of those HGTV shows I'm addicted to very soon!

Joy Harper

I have just been reveling in your posts for the past 30 minutes---the colors, the patterns, the stitching are just too beautiful for words!!! I have no children at home, and yet you get much more done than I do! Thanks for the yummy pictures.


Hey Kellie... I keep looking at this birdcage and loving it! I blogged about the prize for my giveaway today and thought you might like to see it because it was one of your readers who won!!! Thank you again for sending some of your lovely 'fans' my way.
Lisa x


When I am in need of inspiration I stop by and look at your lovely work and handicrafts. Your work makes me happy ... I love the fun, the whimsey, the darling hope of all things pretty... you give me a much need push to pursue my own artistic ways with a needle and thread... thanks so much... Love those little sock monkeys ... they make me smile even when I don't feel like it... You should market them with instructions... Take one Monkey for low spirits and go smell the flowers...

Beate Teale

that birdcage is BEAUTIFUL. thanks for sharing


That is sooo sweet! I can almost hear the singing!


ACK!!!!!! OMG- how cool! You did that with your machine??? All that stitching? did you guide it? Very cool indeed! How big is it?


Wonderful stitching - but has the bird escaped or did you not want to stitch over such a beautiful birdy!


You are certainly very clever it is wonderful.

Yuki Nakamoto

Hello Hello!

Got my Sweetheart Pillow pattern today!! Yippee!! I just love it. I knew that I would. The applique pattern layout sheet is PERFECT! I hate it when I buy a pattern and they just give you the diagram for pieces but do not include a pattern layout sheet which in my not too humble opinion is essential. The pattern layout sheet that you provide is absolutely wonderful. I can't say enough about it. Thank you very much. ttfn :) Yuki in USA


this is so lovely-my daughter wants something with a birdcage and bird but she wants the bird not in the cage! this is perfect!!

Account Deleted

I love the look of the bird and its nest. You do lovely work.


This is so beautiful Kellie. I've really missed having the time to drool over your work. You just make the most gorgeous things ever.


wow! i love it!

Sarah Jensen

My neighbor, Debbie showed me your site, and also has it on her blog ( We both love your work, colors, and creativity! Looking to see more fun ideas!


Kellie, The Lilly Pilly quilt is just gorgeous. I think the birds just finish it off beautifully. Well done clever girl.

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