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April 23, 2009


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Poor Joshua! The little ones are always in a hurry to start school, they get over it by about third grade tho, at least mine did, now she tells me school is boring!!! Thanks for the tutorial, I might have a go at making some of these for the school mother's day stall. I'm one of those mums that doesn't get to help out at school much, so know what you mean about feeling the guilt. I LOVE your sock monkeys - I'm sooo going to learn how to make them. I wish I was in Melbourne so I could come to your workshop. I'm planning a trip down for next years Stitches and Craft Show, any chance you might do a workshop there? Love the sneak peak, looks like some very cute monsters in the making - is this another magazine project?


How wonderful! I wish I lived over there just so I could attend. :)


That's a long time for Joshua to wait for school, poor wee guy.
You will love teaching, I'm sure, its a lot of fun. Thank you for the tutorial, these will make great gifts and I can guess the project you are working on but I won't spoil it. I hope it's a new pattern in the works because I know I'm going to have to have it.


Hey Kellie
thanks for motivating me to create for the ubiquitous mother's day stall! I wish, wish WISHHHHH, I could wing on down to Melbourne to attend your class, maybe one day.

tracey petersen

Poor, poor Joshua. His little heart must be broken. Next year is soooooooo far away when you are little.


Give Joshua a big hug from me - bless him.. Now I'm going to have a tantrum and stamp my feet a bit too .. cos I want to come to your workshop boo hoo .. but I do see my tissue holder which I carry round with me for the never ending stream of runny noses :-)
Lisa x


Thanks for the freebee tutorial I have to make some things for the school Mothers day stall I was going to do some jewellery but I also might sew some tissue covers as well.

Lynn T

Poor Joshua! My ds turnd 5 in February and just cannot wait for school. He is going to start preschool on Monday and is very excited! I hope the excitement lasts.

Thank you for the tissue holder! I will definetely make some of those!


Thanks for the tissue holder tut, whip some of those up on the weekend. I wish I could come to your class, will you do another one? Poor Joshua, that photo says it all!


BREATHE!!!!! SLEEEEEP!!!! and give Josh a hug and tell him that he will have plenty of first days (more than he will probably want)... poor boy! Great photo!


PLEASE come and teach that class in Adelaide?


Oh, I wish I could jump on a plane and come to your class! (That would be a pricey class, huh? LOL!)

Poor Joshua! I have a 5 and 3 yr. old and the older one will be starting school next fall. We have been going through the preliminary stuff and the 3 yr. old is extremely jealous. When he is happy with his little brother the 5 yr. old will grandly invite him to attend school with him next fall. Then the little guy gets all excited- so we are in for some of the same tears next fall when he realizes it's not up to his big bro.

I think it's cute that you took a picture of Joshua. Someday when he is in high school you can show him this picture and tell him, "See? You used to WANT to go to school!" LOL!

Mary Jo Jones

Kellie...if flights were free I would sign up for your class in a heartbeat! I love your work and envy your talent! Please keep sharing!

Mary Jo in Iowa....USA

Gillian aka Silly Gilly

Hey, I'm begging here along with Emma. Come over here and relax and then teach!! You can be guaranteed that Emma and I will come. :) Gorgeous photo of Josh. My 3yr old is already thinking she's a primary school kid. Golly, I've got 2 more years of that!!!


Hi Kellie, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and how amazingly talented I think you are. I wish I lived over there. I would SO come to your workshop!


poor baby.
I bought a pattern from you. It is your newest one of flowery pillows.


goodluck wiht your workshop.......if I lived close I would be there........


What a gorgeous photo, it won't be long before Josh is at school too! Our little ones go back next week and I'm not looking forward to the early starts again.
Beautiful tissue covers, perfect for Mother's Day!


I can relate to Joshua's tears! When my youngest (now 24 and a teacher) was told that when he was 5 he could go to school with his sister....well the birthday came and the next day he was up and ready..he was going to school with his sister....there were tears!!!!...he wasn't happy!
Lucky people who will be getting to go to your classes/workshops....when are you coming to SA????

Debbie  St.Germain

Poor Josh, it won't be long before he is in school and saying he doesn't want to go;)
I found your site through a link and love your bunny and flower pillow. I will make the flowers for my daughter, she is older, but loves bright and fun designs.


chriss jasper

My sympathies with Joshua, I have a great neice in the same situation. But then they are gone all too soon and those precious times are done and dusted, so enjoy while you can! Love to be able to come to your class but a physical impossibility, maybe one day you will come to Queensland to teach one. I would love it, so fresh and bright! I'm going to have a go anyway, at the pattern in Homespun. Thanks heaps.


OH How Cute is this pic of Joshua..Poor little Love Your Sneak Peak....will we see your work at the Sydney Quilt show in June...I Hope so..!!


Hi Kellie, poor Joshua. I am sure he will love school when he gets to go, and you will have more time during the day to sew and perhaps some earlier nights. My sister loved your quilt in Homespun so much she went out and bought her own copy and is planning on making one. She is the quilter of the family! Enjoy your first class too, I am sure it will be a great success. I love your tissue holders too, they seem as though they hold a bit more. I made some of the flat ones last year and had given them as presents to my family. I might try making yours too.


Oh you DO make me laugh.
Tell Joshua that his big brother and sisters don't get to go on lovely outings with Mummy like he does!! And do they get special treats (just to keep them happy and occupied) at school? I don't think so.
Good luck with the workshop. Looks like a blast.
If I don't speak to you in the meantime ... Happy Mother's Day.
Andi :-)

Bernadette (Bernie) Shell

Hi Kellie,
Thanks so much for sharing that tissue cover tutorial! Now I have gifts for my 4 sisters for Mother's day!

Bellevue, USA

Pina Refat

Oh bless his little heart. I had to laugh though the photo is a classic !!!
I can just see him doing the same thing just after 1st term when he does start school next year.

PS Love your work


Any chance of a Sydney workshop soon? Pushing it I know with all of your kids, but maybe a long weekend away ordering room service could entice you!? I do wish you would post more often- I love seeing your work in progress, not just the polished end product. Susan


ohhhhh how I wish I could take your workshops!
Thanks for the tutorial and all the inspiration you bring!!


Oh how I wish I wasn't on the other side of the world. I'd have loved to come to your classes! I love your pics and I hope little Joshua is ok now. One day when he's not wanting to go to school anymore you can remind him that years ago he couldn't wait to get there :) x


Oh!?! right now I am so wishing I lived in Melbourne! Finished my First pillow Kellie, you can see it on my blog if you want!


Poor Joshua - it must be hard to be the youngest :) No doubt once he has been at school a few years he will wish he could stay home. Well done on getting your patterns distributed to so many places. I will be sure to look out for A Quiting Passion and your quilt at the Perth Quilt show!!


Poor Josh - he'll get over it. Better get him a big calendar so he can count the days off...

Glad your patterns are getting out and about - they're great! Hope the workshop goes well. Lucky ladies.

Gretchen Skovron

thanks for the tutorial! I think they will make great xmas gifts :)


Darn, I wished I lived in Australia and could come take your class!!! Your work is beautfiul. I received your pattern in the mail today and can't wait to start! Your work is beautiful

Lisa Allbright

The pattern I ordered from you arrived today!! Yea! I can't wait to start on one of the pillows! I'm so sad I missed out on an opportunity to win one of you wonderful monkeys!! Boo-hoo! Maybe next time! Thanks!


So this means I really should move to Melbourne?
Your new project looks intriguing.


Great ideas and gorgeous fabrics!

(BTW, my heart goes out to the little sweetie. What a heart-tugging pic...)

Lisa Allbright

Great tutorial! Love the pic too! It reminds me of when my boys were little. He looks so disappointed...poor little guy! I love the pattern that arrived from you!! I have started on it...might take me am still in love with your monkeys!! They are SO very cute!


Kellie you are amazing :) The tissue tutorial is a great little project isn't it! Congrat's on taming the photo album beast, lol! I always enjoy reading about your projects!

denice barker

Your work is stunning but that picture of Joshua is priceless. It is a perfect moment frozen forever. I hope it's hanging on your wall somewhere.

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