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April 08, 2009


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Am I really the first to leave a comment? Usually I'm number 596


oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! I never win anything in my life! like never! wow I'm so excited

I was actually coming in to say how much I love your new quilt in homespun! I have a subscription and received the mag yesterday and showed my husband how this amazing blogger with 4 children does all these beautiful quilts...he just loved the quilt and let out a big wow! thats rare for him to respond to a quilt like that!

oh my goodness I am so excited! thank you so much

oh and when are you going to write your own book....hmmmmm I think thats next on your list of things to do!


Congratulations to all the winners. I can just see Corrie and Keira deciding who owns the little monkey. I adore the bunny pattern and of course who popped in to see it on the computer and declaring that she just loved it. Congratulations on the Homespun magazine pattern too, just wonderful for you. I hope you and your family have a wonderful joyful Easter too Kellie!!


Congrats to the winners! Oh yeah, because you are so generous...we are ALL winners! When I saw your bunny, I chuckled outloud! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us all!


Congrats to the winners!

Kellie - my Homespun magazine arrived in the mail last night and Meg's garden looks amazing! Congratulations! I was wondering whether you use the same thread for your applique as you do for the embroidered details as well?


Congrats to the winners, and oh what a sweet bunny he is, thanks so much for sharing it with us all Kellie. Congrats also on the Homespun mag, how exciting for you.


You amaze me, with each and every post.
The article looks fab-can't wait to read it


Well done to the winners!! Your little Honey Bunny is super sweet. Enjoy your school holidays.


Thank you so much for the bunny. I really needed an easter project.
Can't wait to get my pattern.


Congrats to the winners! Thanks for the great little tutorial. I love it!! And OMG, I have to get me a copy of that magazine somehow.


As usual Kellie, your design is adorable -- and so fun for Easter! Congratulations to your winners!


Lucky winners!
That bunny is crazy cute - love your style.
(and wish I was better at sewing - ha)


hmm, I left a message after my first message... I must have forgotten to type in that verification code.

Basically I was ooh and aahing over your quilts (as usual!) I clicked on the magazine picture and was surprised to be able to read the article, it was nice to learn a little bit more about you.

Thanks for sharing lots of things with us!


Congrats to all winners and congrats on the magazine its so great. Thanks for the tutorial.


Hello Kellie,

You make the most beautiful pillows I have ever seen. Your style is so different !

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Congrats to the winners!! Thanks for sharing your applique with us :)


Lovely pillow design. Thanks for the pattern and instruction. Can't wait to read your blog each time. It's very inspiring.


Congrats to all the winners , maybe you and Kitty should do a monkey swap ? Now look what you've gone and done lady , I so need need need to make that bunny cushion but when am I going to have time to do it or should I say attempt to do it ? And as for the magazine - will a cheeky grin work :-)
Lisa xx


Oh wow! Thank you Kellie!!! Di is going to be so amazed when she finds out. She doesn't know yet. She actually entered herself, but she has been such a good blogger friend, I knew how much she wanted it. Not that I don't, but a promise is a promise! :)


Congrats to the winners!! Thanks for the lovely Honey bunny tutorial!


Congratulations to the winners... and thanks for the lovely tutorial... that Bunny is lovely...:o)

Raquel Blasco

Congratulations to the winners! And congratulations to Kellie, too, for her work and imagination.
I'm happy because I bought Pretty'n pinkkkkk!!! Now to hoping impatiently that it comes to my home. I live very very far.


Congratulations to all the winners, and GO KELLIE! Look at you - cover girl! I am so proud of you - what a beautiful quilt. I'll be rushing out to the shops to buy my copy. And that bunny pattern is delightful.


Congrats to all the winners and THANKS Kellie for giving us all a pressie by way of the Easter bunny tutorial. What a surprise that the bunny is just sooooo cute - NOT! I can't wait until Homespun hits the shops. I hope you enjoy your class tomorrow. :-)


ACK! Now I will have to wait and wait until that mag is available in the USA. So cool that your quilt is on the front!!!!!!! I love your little Easter quiltie!!! Have a good holiday!!!!

Bernadette B

Congratulations to the lucky winners! What a gorgeous little Easter bunny Kellie, I think we are all winners with a few pattern from you.


Thank you so much for the bunny pattern. He is just too cute for words!!


Congrats to all the winners!
Thanks for another great tutorial. Love the bunny! I wish you would stop teasing me with the Austrilian Homespun magazine I'm still waiting for the first one in the states with your daughters quilt in it.


I'm so incredibly proud of you although none of it is surprising and you know I predicted all of this wonderfulness. I have noticed quite a few 'kellie' style quilts out there now! I hope today's class went well - that will be you soon - traveling the world teaching! Can I have your autograph please!!


Thank you so much for sharing a pattern. I am in awe of your work!

Di Jobbins

Thank you so much, Kellie - and thank you SOOOOO much, Lindi!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when she emailed me with the news that WE had won. I didn't even know she had entered. Lindi and I have never met in RL but I feel so blessed by her friendship. (Even f she is a little crazy LOL. I mean, who in her right mind would give away one of your exquisite pillows, Kellie?!?)


Thanks for the Honey tutorial Kellie! She's adorable! Sorry I didn't win but congrats to Corrie, Lindi and the Moneky Queen! I look forward to getting my pattern in the mail!


Congratulations to all the winners - and 'boo hoo' for all of us who didn't win! Your bunny is of course delightful, and I wish you a good Yomtov and Chag Sameach all the way from Israel! The chicken soup and herring are ready here too :)

Mary Flynn

Congrats to your winners...and your Honey Bunny is delightful!! Have a blessed Easter.

Sherry Bedard

How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
I found this on someones blog and I found your blog GREAT JOB. I printed it off so hopefully I will do it be Easter next year. Its going to go with all my other to do list. I think we all have a do to list.


Congratulations Kellie! I grabbed a copy of Homespun this morning when getting my morning coffee and can't wait to read through it tonight!


Congrats to the winners :) Kellie thank you so much for the fabulous Easter Rabbit pattern. Wow...he is just so gorgeous!!
I have recieved the latest Homespun mag and love your quilt you have in it. Well done and you are just one clever lady!! Dont stop creating :)


I have just come accross your work and I am hook it is jaw dropping .


Congrads to the winners! I love the Honey Bunny!!! Thanks so much for sharing!


I just found your blog and I'm in love with your work. Where have you been all my quilting life. The bunny is wonderful and can't wait to try your pattern. I have grandchildren who I can't wait to try your flowers on something for them.


Congratulations Kellie, both on the new pattern and a fantastic spread in Australian Homespun. You are constantly revealing your amazing talents. Love, love, love what you do!!! x x


Oh it's beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be linking.

Bernadette (Bernie) Shell

Hi Kellie,
I don't know if you remember me - I had conversed with you about the cupcake applique you did a while back when I had seen it on your wonderful blog. Anyway, I'm writing today to ask you about the latest Homespun magazine (your fabulous quilt is on the cover) what is the issue and volume numbers? I'd like to order it and admire your quilt alot closer (!)(I live in the US and I can't obtain it conveniently so I need a issue and volume number). Thanks!

Also, Can I order your 'Pretty 'n Pink pattern?

Keep up your great work - I'm a big fan, Kellie!
Bernadette Shell


Another deightful design! How generous you are to be sharing it all with us.XX


Thank you for the Honey Bunny free pattern. I made my little Funny Bunny but scary with that
You are one very talented and generous lady!

Also I ordered a subscription to Australian Homespun several weeks ago because of you! Can't wait till it gets here.


well done to the winners of such a generous give away!!
have a great week.
%*_*% rosey


your blog is super wondrerfull.Excuse my english ,i'm french and didn't speak sinc...a very long time.It's a real pleasure to visit you


heyy this is such an awwesomely gay pillow


jokes i love it soo much

Bev Lee

I have just stumbled onto this site it is amazing. I have several of your patterns and googles your name to see what else I could find.
I have trouble getting your patterns in Perth, as Country Patchwork Cottage and Hot Possum have both closed.
I will be a keen follower now I have found this site.

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