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March 18, 2009


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Megs Garden is definately my fave quilt so far , pure gorgeousness ..... If you were teaching me it would have to be free motion quilting and probably putting colours together, you are just a master at it ..Loving the new fabric and the kinder girls pattern... Oh dear Mr DLN should know better tut tut ;-).
Lisa x


Stunnng! Absolutely stunning! You do absolutely amazing work. How long does it take you to complete a quilt like Meg's Garden?


Wow, what a stunning quilt Kellie, I think the delay in your pattern really isn't a problem when we have Meg's Garden to drool over. I will have to find that edition of the magazine here, for sure. I agree with Lisa, if I were to take a class I think it would be on free motion quilting, and how to master getting a large quilt under the machine without going completely nuts while still managing to do beautiful quilting. Oh dear poor Mr DLN, he must have had a lapse of some sort.


This quilt takes my breath away... it is such a wonderful quilt...
It screams spring and summer all at once...I LOVE IT!!! :o)


Is there a pattern for Meg's Garden? I love that quilt!!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I'm totally in awe of your quilts! I'm going to have to try really hard to get my hands on a copy of the April Homespun! I don't subscribe any more so it is harder to get.

I feel rather sorry for poor Mr DLN though! What was he thinking?!?!?!? He must have been tired or feeling ill! ;o)

Lucy x


Your quilts are AMAZING !


I've seen the preview on the Homespun website and recognize suddenly your quilt. I'm planning to order it as asoon as the magazine will be released.
I've olredy bought the Quilters Companion #35 with the part 1 of your Rainbow Lollipops, and goign to buy the #36.
You are a great artist!

Jane Weston

Beautiful quilt at the top...very fresh! I love how you get your applique to sit in a shape...very creative.


Ooooh Kellie -- I just love that quilt -- it's gorgeous! And is that fabric you bought just perfect for all your flowery goodness, or what??? Hands down, no question -- if I were to take a class from you, I'd want to learn how you do your machine quilting!



Lynn T

Meg's garden is stunning! I would have to say that if I were to take a class from you, I would want to learn how to free motion quilt. I would also like to know who makes the different fabrics that you use in your quilts!


meg's garden is simply stunning! i wish i was 1/2 as talented as you.


Hi! I was talking to the ladies from the MO Star Quilt Co. ( ) and they pointed me to your blog to see your fabulous designs!! They were right :) They are incredible... & inspiring! I can't imagine how you turn all those pieces into a pattern much less how you come up with them in the first place! Great job! They are beautiful!


Wonderful newsy post. For a class, maybe encourage some individuality with a small piece that could be a wall hanging or cushion. They could play with shapes and design ideas?


Your work is always so gorgeous. And this post contains enough links to keep me busy for the next hour ... so I'm off to get started! x


I've just realised - you've got some ' Bot Camp ' !!!


Hi Kellie, I have to say that your quilt was absolutely stunning at the Stitches and Craft Show. I went on Sunday and my sister was very impressed too. The lady told us that so many people loved it and admired it. I will have to go and buy the 2nd part to that gorgeous quilt. I see you have a few sock monkeys in the making too, they are just so cute. Your fabrics look great, bright and inspiring. I am so happy for you that you will get to teach classes too. How wonderful for you. I hope Mr. DLN doesnt check too many cupboards when he gets home then.


Wow, Meg's Garden is stunning! You have an amazing eye for colour.


Meg's Garden is one of my favourite quilts EVER! It is just perfect :D


Wow Kelly - you always have so much to show and tell! Hot Possum in our local quilt store - lots of lovely, bright and modern fabrics there. I would love a lesson from you in machine quilting!!


OMG! you are soooo sooo very busy these days! and becoming ever so famous day by day. congrats! Hope those mags get to the US soon!

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

When I was looking through my Homespun the other day I was wishing that April would come really quickly! Your quilt is gorgeous!!! I also bought the WRONG quilting magazine... to get the final installment to your other quilt... oops!! Shall have to venture out to the shops again and get the RIGHT one!!! You have been busy too... look at all that yummy fabric... another great design happening? Well done!! Tania is a great friend of mine!! (We worked together for a few years!) Am checking out her site right now!!!

Hena Tayeb

you have absolutely the most gorgeous quilts ever..


Love your Work...Your Quilt is Just Gorgeous...You Use the most Fabulous Fabrics and Your Designs are Wonderful...Pity I don't have a Little GrandDaughter as yet but will be stocking up on patterns for when the Time Comes...Great Blog too.!!


kellie, such a great post.......can see your orange and pink theme coming thru! Would u believe I got that butterfly fabric from Spotlight and made a beautiful matching drawstring bag for a library book as well. if u were to teach me u would have to start from the beginning.......I have never machine appliqued or machine quilted before. I think I have an eye for colour, but would need a pattern to begin with. so perhaps I would like to make you girls cushion tutorial as a start.
have a great week


That is absolutely stunning. Congratulations!


Hey Kellie,
If you could teach I would love to come and learn about applique and needle turn, I got some pionters of the lovely Claire, cause I had no idea! Love Megs Garden, you always pick such great colours. Well done on all your ventues, is it any wonder your house isnt at it best! Dont worry as a mum of four I always craft before I clean! lol.


I'm guessing you'll be going to Amitie during the day....

I'll be locked in classrooms then. Oh well! Have fun shopping...

You're an insanely good quilter. (Or maybe to be a good quilter one HAS to be insane??) A bit like Mr DLN.... :)

Cee Lew

Kellie your work is simply stunning. I love Meg's Garden.

Even more, I am so thrilled about your kind words of me and my Art Smock for Ess. Thankyou! It does look stunning in your album.

I have a sad story about it though. Each time Ess goes to paint at school she looks for it in the box of Art Smocks and cannot find it. She has asked her teacher about it who requests she simply uses another one. So it is missing. I am concerned it is mysteriously missing. I am going to ask her teacher about it today. So please send up all your prayers and good wishes that it will return soon. I am so glad I have the photos of it now but it did take me such an effort to make. I am not a quilter, I have a very old machine. Just goes to show what one can do.

What I could learn from you Kellie would be absolutely everything but I guess mostly about colour, matching, choosing, buying fabric on a budget!!! I am very very fussy with fabric and cannot always see that one fabric will look stunning with another or in combination with a few if it just does not stand out to me on its own. Oh how to develop that eye - you have it!!!!

Thanks again


The first thing I saw when I arrived through the doors at Stitches and Craft was your gorgeous circle quilt.
Your quilts appeal to me more than any I have seen, but as I am not a quilter I would only be tempted to attend a class if you were doing one suited to beginners - maybe a doll size quilt or one of your cushions. Count me in for that.
Wishing I could be at Amitie on Friday too... enjoy!


Meg's Garden is gorgeous!
I love the way all the smaller pieces combine to give such great colour and shape.


I saw your quilt at Stitches on Thursday (Cathy said you were there too on that day, I must have missed you.

Meg's Garden is absolutley beatuiful.So much better in real life. Your quilting is exquisite and I love the beatuiful colours on the linen. You must be very happy with it.

Congratulations on your patterns and us girls know that a clean house is totally overrated. Unfortunately, it's overrated by some of the men in our lives.

Juhászné Anikó

This garden is amazing !


Hi Kellie! I just love the Meg's Garden is so gorgeous and I can't wait for the April Homespun - congratulations!
I'm glad I popped in to see what you've been up to!

tracey petersen

Do those stripes on the right of the new fabrics that you bought have a sparkle to them? If so I love them! Can you tell me which range they are.

PS love your work...


Your garden quilt looks awesome! ho win the world do you get the stitching so detailed?! as usual a very beautiful gorgeous quilt!

Tania - Jet Designs

Hi Kellie - just uploaded your patterns on my website - I hope I have to reorder soon!! - Looks like it is all upward for you my girl! - Cheers Tania


Meg's Garden is absolutely amazingly gorgeous. I love anything "trees".

Martine Cadé

It's very beautifull !


Megs garden is stunning! As always. I absolutely LOVE your work. ooxx`jodi


oh. i love you. and, i love your applique. um, i want a class from you in applique and machine quilting... just seeing how you use free motion to trace around your applique and add details to your pattern, that changed my quilting life. it gave me courage to curve, to use colored thread, and to use the quilting to accent the quilt design, not just to quietly hold the quilt together...

so, next time you're in TEXAS, let's quilt.

Julie Isa

you are so talented! wish i lived in australia, i'd definitely take your class! thanks for the great post.


Meg's Garden is gorgeous. I am so thrilled the pattern will be published in Homespun as I subscribe to it! Thanks for sharing it with the world...Jan


Hi Kellie,
I just finished my doll quilt inspired from your pillow design. It turned out really cute and it seems like everyone wants me to be their partner. :) Thanks so much for the inspiration, you do beautiful work!


I am in awe of your work! It's one of my dreams to be able to quilt, I still don't know where to start. I wish there was a class for it somewhere here. Hehe. :)


Oh Kellie, Meg's quilt is beautiful! If I was to attend a class of yours, I would like to learn how you free motion quilt and also learn your technique at applique. Congrats on all the pattern sales and recognition for all your fabulous work. YOU ROCK!

Bernadette B

Megs Garden looked gorgeous hanging up at the AQC. You latest quilt looks equally beautiful, you must have so much patience to cut all those flowers! I definately have to get that book as I don't have the time to do much needleturn applique these days and that gives a similar look. Not to mention I love Tracey's quilting on Helen's quilts.


Meg's garden is just great. I have to look if they sell that copy of Homespun over here. If I could go to a workshop of you, I would do the machine applique.
Thank you for sharing your creations with us.


Meg's Garden is so lovely!
All your work is lovely.
I dont see why a creative genius like you, should have to deal with mundane things like housework!

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