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March 02, 2009


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What a great way to celebrate the 40's a brand new machine. Looking at my Aussie clock I'm guessing you'll be burning the midnight oil. Congratulations on your stunning circle quilt being displayed at the Stitches and Craft show, and oh my gosh how exciting another quilt in an extremely popular quilt magazine. You must be on cloud nine....


Wooohooo! Still using my 21st birthday present machine (lots of years ago - clue: as old as you +4!) I also have a lovely new machine... but I still love my old one! Here's to many more happy years of sewing ;0) Congratulations on being a world force in quilting. Try to imagine your children's I am from... A mum to be proud of!


I don't know what link I followed to get here, but I'm glad I did! Love your blog, love your quilts... thanks for shareing with me


Finally we get to see the entire quilt, it's beautiful!
Happy sewing on your new machine :)


Hey girl what a fabulous post! So much fun stuff to see and read about. Congrats on your new Bernina friend! So exciting. Have fun! ooxx`jodi


Your circles quilt is stunning Kellie - brilliant work! So glad you got that new beauty for your birthday - I just know you and she/he (does it have a name yet?!) will produce some fantastic work together. Take care. x


Wow what a great present! And a busy week you have had! Thanks for linking to me! Enjoy your new toy. I too have a new toy to play with, I just need to find the time to post about it!


I am so happpy for you! What a wonderful gift from your Hubby. You are one talented lady. Congratulations on all your accomplishments. I can't wait to see your next quilt. Will you be coming to Spring Quilt Market in the USA? I hope so.
Happy Stitches,


YOu sound so happy Kellie, glad you had a great time meeting everyone especially Tracey. Have fun at Amitie today! Loving your new machine - looking forward to catching up some time soon.


Your circle quilt is fabulous! That machine looks amazing!

Bernadette B

Your last post was fabulous very beautifully written and I can relate to some of it myself. Sometimes misfortunate and hard times help to form the people we are and develop a strong sense of empathy. I saw your quilt on the stand at AQC on Friday, looks gorgeous as they all do. Knew who it belonged to as soon as it saw it.


I am so jealous Kellie, I had a play at AQC also. Sorry I missed you, maybe I didnt but as I dont know what you look like who knows? I love your circle quilt and did see your stunning quilt on the Homespun stand...go play and create more of your wonderful works, Helen


It was lovely meeting you on Saturday. And that circle quilt...?



WooHoo Kellie!!! Congratulations on your new baby -- would you just look at that wide throat area??? You're going to be in heaven quilting with that! That Circle quilt is spectacular -- why, oh why, can't you live closer??? Love Love LOVE your adorable patch on Jessica's quilt -- You're SOOOOO Talented -- You ROCK!!!

Tania - Jet Designs

Belated Happy Birthday Kellie! - I just read your I am Me post - and I have tears welling up in my eyes. But life is what we make it and I am glad that we are all masters of our own destiny and can make improvements and teach others how to reach for the stars. Don't spend too many sleepless nights playing with your new toy!


I saw your quilt at the Homespun stand and said to the ladie there"thats one of Kellies Quilts isnt it" I knew it straight away! Well done on all your achievements! (sorry shocking speller)


My sister and my mum went to the Quilters show. I havent heard yet how much they enjoyed it. I am hoping to go to the Stitches and Craft show later on. Your circle quilt looks exquisite. I can just imagine that you wont have any sleep now since you got your wonderful new birthday present too, lots of sewing hours for you.


Happy Birthday, Kellie!and what a super gift from Mr DLK.
I love the circles quilt and am in awe of your eye for colour and design.
I'm curious- did you sketch it out on paper first, or do you just sit down with scissors and stash and 'go for it' in an Edward Scissor Hands type genius blur? I would love to read a post about the process that leads to your creations- how you get from the blank white background to the fantastic finished product? Susan

Julie Isa

i just love everything from the beautiful quilt to the cute little thank you card! your so inspiring! thank you!!!


Wohoo does not do it justice. O.M.G what a thing of beauty. Lucky you. Your quilt circle of cirles is stunning as is all of your work. Ev erything always looks so wonderfully fresh and clean.(sounds strange I know but you know what I mean-its the white touch)


Your circles quilt is SOOO GREAT
Bye Manuela


Kellie, I saw your quilt in all its glory on the stand and it is truly breathtaking. I chatted to people about it all day and the truth is that you and your work are universally LOVED by everyone. I can't wait to see your quilt at stitches....please stop and say Hi .


I was at the quilt show on the weekend and saw your quilt at the Homespun stand. It is so much more beautiful in person. The quilting is exquisite.
The new circles quilt is amazing too.
You have a great week too.
In awe!
Andi :-)


What an awesome looking machine! I can't wait to see your quilt in the next homespun magazine - from the sneak peek it looks gorgeous!

tracey petersen

Thanks again for such a lovely day today. I don't want to go to work tomorrow so that I can stay home and play with all of my new fabrics...


I saw your quilt at AQC over the weekend, and it is beautiful! I'll be picking up that magazine as soon as its out, thats for sure.


Everytime I go and see your blog I am impressed by what you do! Your quilts are soooo beautiful, I just love the colours you use and your patterns are so nice! I wish I could do machine appliqué like you.
Thank you for the inspiration!

Christine Miller-McKinley

Much time was spent admiring your magnificent quilt at the Exhibition Buildings on Sunday - it is truly magnificent as is your Circus of Circles - am so disappointed we will be interstate during the Stiches and Craft Show so I cannot see it in the flesh!!
Once again you have thrilled us all with your work and will no doubt continue to do so, especially with your new machine!!!


I just love your cirque de circles, it is absolutely gorgeous. I wish you could show us more of the love birds quilt. I am sure your daughter will love it.


Let's just say that THAT machine would make transition into the 80's easier.

I continue to admire your work. I'm glad your that new machine will make it easier.

Stomper Girl

This post has all the links Kellie...

Lovely to meet you and your husband the other night. Caroline


Glad you were spoilt on your birthday Kellie! Your new machine looks fabulous - looks like it has all the bells and whistles - I am sure you are having lots of fun with it! Love your Circle Quilt - so bright and happy. Looking forward to seeing your latest projects in upcoming issues of Homespun.


Ah, the end of an era. So bittersweet.

The "friend" embroidery hoop gift you received is wonderful.


I've tagged you for a meme. Just letting you know...

(I nearly bought a new machine today. I went to Amitie and asked them which machines they'd recommend. Of course, the shop I went to at Southland sold every other brand under the sun except the one I was looking for...)


I saw your quilt! I went down for the whole 4 day convention and attended lots of classes and I am so jealous that you got one of those fabulous machines! I paid my $10 dollars to make the bag so I could get to play around with it.

And I have to admit, every time I wondered down from the classes to do some shopping I always walked passed the Homespun stand hoping I would catch a glimpse of you. It sounds a little silly but once I saw your quilt there I knew you would have to be attending some time! I know it was a little stalkerish but I am back in Brisbane so there is nothing to worry about now :)


Another beautiful quilt - congratulations!


Wow, you have such a beautiful blog filled with so many gorgeous projects! I'm inspired to make a doll quilt for my DQSwap partner using some of the flowers, butterflies and birds you make on your pillows and quilts. They are really cute!
Thanks for the inspiration, I'll let you know how it turns out!


Kellie, you live such a busy life, I am amazed you have any time to blog at all!
Lovely new machine, but you surely deserve it.xx


I just have to tell you that I LOVE your work and thank you for your inspiration.
I used the pillow tutorial and applied it to a quilt I am making for my niece for her first bday. I put a picture up in my blog of where it is at now. I actually pieced the rest of the top together last night. I am just wondering wether to blanket stitch the applique or be brave and quilt around the pieced once it's all together??
Thanks again,
Jill : )

Kim McBirnie

Wow kellie, what a machine! I hope you two are very happy together. What a husband as well!
Love the circles quilt by the way, it is stunning.
Kim xx

kim~todays creative blog

Oh my Stars you are talented! I have featured you today on Today's Creative Blog. Please email me for your featured button code that all featured bloggers receive.

Emma Copley

Just had to come and have a look at your blog after reading about it on Todays Creative. I love all the beautiful colours you use in your creations. I am not a sewer myself more into beading but after looking at all your work it makes me want to try it out. Shame there is only 24 hours in a day. Looking forward to reading more. Thanks

Emma :-)

sandy toe

Came over from Today's Creative Blog and you truly are creative and!
sandy toe


Found you over at Today's Creative Blog, and you are one talented lady!! Love your beautiful quilts and pillows!!!


Saw your site on TCB. Your quilts are AMAZING!


your work is beautiful!


I found your site on Today's Creative blog... it is beautiful! Your work is stunning and thank you so very much for sharing your talent!


Just found your blog featured on Todays Creative Blog and all I can say is WOW! It may be my new favorite! Your quilting is amazing and what fun designs. I am such a fan of bright colors too. Thanks for sharing your work and inspiring all of us new quilters!
Alyson from Minneapolis, MN, USA


This is AMAZING!!!! I love the circle quilt!


Just letting you know that I finished my quilt that was inspired by your pillow tutorial. Check it out when you get a chance. Thanks again.
I LOVE your work!!
Jill : )

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