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February 13, 2009


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Kellie, you have beautiful children. They all look so happy ( I know thats not the way all the time lol).


Glad you're heart goes out to you all. I know how this must feel, we also was very close to horrific fires in North Ca. in chico. We lost our beloved cat from smoke inhalation. Be very careful and God be with you all. On another note the kids are just so cute.


So glad to hear that you and your family are safe. My thoughts and prayers go out to all. Be safe.


Our hearts and minds of all Aussies are with you Victorians at the moment - glad your family is all safe. Your school and extra curricular timetable looks very full - glad your children have made a great start to the school year. Your new project looks great - can't wait to see more!!


I am so glad to know that you arent in any danger near the fires. I was thinking about you the other day. It seems your kids have a very busy lifestyle too. I dont know how you keep up with it all. The quilt looks gorgeous so far.


Wow Kellie, you have been very busy, but trying to juggle beinga mum and working at home does that to you....


Hey Kellie, thanks for the mention. I was very relieved to hear your voice on the end of the phone. It is wonderful to see you back in the land of blog.
The links for Marlene and Maria look fabulous. Well done ladies. x x


Hi Kellie,
I love the circle quilt! great to have you blog again.


Are you going to have a busy time this year! Beautiful work as always.


My gosh Kellie that routine makes me feel tired just reading it, but then I remember doing all those sort of things with my kids when they were that age. Yes the time goes by super fast, one minute they are little bundles and the next thing you know they are ready to celebrate their 30th birthday. Boy that makes me feel and sound

tracey petersen

Your weeks sound so very full. I'm exhausted just reading all the activities of your children. I'm sure they'll look back wtih absolute wonder at the childhood you are providing.


so glad you are safe, I've just made 2 blocks for Tia's bushfire quilting project.
gosh you have such a hectic family lifestyle I can't believe you get any quilting done!!!


I've been thinking about you all week. It's certainly been a difficult one. Wasn't the sun orange tonight and the smell of smoke just gets worse and worse. It must be awful closer to the fires. Glad to know you have started up the year well. It's a killer doing all the extra curricular stuff isn't it. Will hopefully catch up with you


You are amazing, running around after kids with just one activity is hard enough without a whole other schedule too!! And you still find time to make the most beautiful quilts out!.. Too Too gifted..You are very inspiring on both fronts.


Hi Kellie, Glad to hear all is safe down your way. Your kids sound very busy, and are just gorgeous.


Naughty mummy , fancy holding Megan back from her life long goal tut tut - shall I book my Wimbledon tickets :-).. How glad am I that Milo only has fun club once a week , I guess I've got it all to come too - hope I have your stamina .. Your quilt snippets look great too.... take care .
Lisa x


well goodness! You have been busy!!! Are you sleeping these days!? I can hardly wait to see the entire project!


2000 comments!!! In my dreams :) Obviously there are many people who love your blog as much as I do! Good to hear from you again and to know that you are safe. It is so, so sad reading about the terrible things that happened over there.
On a better note, your week sounds very full. We do English lessons, chess, taekwando, art, football etc. etc. over here! Sometimes I think I am just a taxi driver. It's all good fun!


good to hear from you again, what a busy schedule i dont know how you fit it all in, its hard to get the balance with all this blogging stuff as well, but you are doing great. Its been such a sad week even for me looking from afar....did not feel like blogging much, my posts seemed quite incidental


Good to 'hear' you and your loved ones are okay. I love that picture of Joshua and the other kids, it looks like they can't wait to get to kinder (or is this the moment they go home? ;)).


So glad you are all safe. It has been such a scary time.
Seems like the children are well settled, so that is great.

Kim McBirnie

I'm so glad to hear that you and your family are ok - it has been dreadful watching the news over the last week or so, much worse for you being so close. Thanks for mentioning Aus Quilters Companion a few posts ago too - I managed to get a subscription here in the Uk and love it - they sent me a back issue too so have your quilt in! Should I send you it to sign?!
Take care, Kim xx

Janice Curr

Hi Kellie
I have just found your web site - it is amazing!!! You are a very talented lady (just like your mum). I will ring you soon re a possible workshop for our patchwork group in Robinvale. Chat soon - long lost cuz Janice Curr (Collins)

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