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February 18, 2009


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Hi Kellie,

Happy Birthday!!!!

You don't look a day over 39!!!

It's not too bad being 40 is it??? Although my Birthday lasted from the 24th January till the 17th February....think I milked it for everything I could!!!

I love those circles that have taken you so long....

Looking forward to catching-up soon,



Happy Birthday Kellie. You're just one year behind me. 40 isn't so bad :o).


happy birthday! love your quilts

Julie Isa

Thank you for that. I am similiar, and in some strange forgiving way, I am grateful because if it weren't for where I came from. I know I wouldn't be here being the person that I AM. Happy Birthday! Lots of good things are awaiting!

Christine Miller-McKinley

Happy birthday Kellie,
I agree with you, life does get better - I turned 40, met my husband 2 months later and now have the most gorgeous baby girl who turns 2 on Saturday - life is truly amazing.
Hope you have the best of days and year ahead and keep inspiring us with your breathtaking work.


Firstly i just want to say how much i enjoy looking at all your gorgeous creations!!

Secondly, Happy Birthday!

And thirdly, thank you for baring your soul to us all. By the sounds of it, our lives have been similar in many ways but i am only celebrating my 3rd anniversary of my 21st! hehehe! Have a great day :)


You just ooze talent. Like your pretty flowers, you grew up in dirt and manure. And look what bloomed! Thank you for sharing. May you continue to bloom and bring sunshine to others.



God bless you. I'm from some of those places, too; not all of them; some others. It hurts and heals to tell people where you're from. Thank you.

Happy Birthday.

Claire - Matching Pegs

Happy Birthday Kellie.

I hope the writing has been really cathartic.

You do yourself a disservice to say that yours is not as well written - it is clearly deeply considered. Both stories (Kirstens and yours)come from truth, and reflection, so both are beautiful - even if the stories you are telling are not all shiny and happy. In my opinion a sincere blog is much better than a purely glossy one.

Happy 40th Birthday - I hope you wring every drop of celebration out of it, perhaps as a festival of Kellie - I wonder who will make the decorations ;-)?


Happy Birthday Kellie :) I think reflection is in the air with all this smoke.


Happy birthday Kellie!! I hope you have a really nice day today..


I really enjoyed this post. I think it was beatifully written and so obviously from the heart. It spoke to me! And just look what an amazing artist and mother (of artists!) you have become!

I don't know you in RL, just through this blog, but you seem to be set for another great 40 years!!! I hope you have them and more!

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

Many Happy Returns for your Birthday Kellie!! I love the card!! Hope that you have an awesome birthday. :)


Happy Birthday Kellie. I hope you have had a great day.
And I'm glad turning 40 isn't too scary, 'cause my turn is coming in June.


Happy BIrthday : )

This post has humbled me. Your work is amazing (as I have said before) colourful and lively. I am trying to find the right words to say about your past...

Your blog ozzes happiness, cheerfulness and joy


Happy Birthday


Wow, I am speechless & in awe of you!
Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday.


And you are talented and beautiful. A very happy birthday to you!
Your writing is so eloquent and touching, an inspirational post and with gorgeous photos.


Happy birthday Kellie, it only gets better from here, wait till you hit your 50's...*s* You know I adore your work and am in awe of your creativity.
Thank you for sharing this post with us, it brought tears to my eyes. My hope and prayer is that the next 40 will be only the very best for you and your family.

tracey petersen

Oh wow - beautiful words wrapped around difficult subject matter. Amazing. I'm looking forward to meeting you next week as you pick up your birhtday present!


Happy Birthday Kellie!

I believe that people are the sum of they past, present and their hopes for the future. You are an amazing, creative, wonderful person and I hope that your present and hopes for the future will forever outweigh the parts of your past that get you down. Thank you for sharing.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLIE!!!!! Hope you have a great day. As always I really enjoyed this post, yet this one is extra special. Thank you for sharing.


I don't know what to say, your words are so beautiful but so sad at the same time. You are a lovely person and a wonderful mother - hoping you are having a brilliant day . Happy Birthday
Lisa x


Best wishes for a wonderful birthday Kellie!! Life gets better after 40. Glad your life now is filled with joy, laughter, love, colour and creativity! Hope your family spoil you rotten. (Love the sweet ladybird on your quilt).


Happy Birthday Kellie. I know SO many talented people who have turned 40 in the past year - 1968/69 must have had the planets aligned beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing your "I am from" - I am deeply touched, it is so beautifully written and your honesty shines through. You have become an amazing artist and truly devoted mother; you have much to be proud of. I look forward to getting to know you more in real life. Have a very lovely day.


Happy Birthday Kellie
Won't forget your birthday in a hurry, it's the same day as my darling Dads! Beautiful post and you should be very proud of what you have become.


Happy Birthday Kellie! Life just gets better and was beautiful to read your story, I'm sure it has made you who you are and a wonderful mother to your beautiful children.

Gillian aka Silly Gilly

Wowser! What an amazing, open, heart-wrenching, beautifully written post. Thankyou so very much for sharing. I really enjoyed it, and from having met you in person... I don't know, it just makes you all the more special. Happy Birthday Kellie!!

French Knots

What an amazing writer you are, as well as an amazing quilter.
Happy Birthday, welcome to your 40s!

Jane Weston

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Kellie!
Happy Birthday to you! (in perfect harmony)

Loved the card...told that to my dh who has just celebrated his 20th anniversary of his 21st ;o)


Dear Kellie - a very happy 40th birthday to you. I am just two extra times around the sun than you, and it is all good! This post is very special, eloquent, moving & brave. Thank you for sharing so much with us in such a beautiful way. You have obviously survived to become a wonderfully talented, gentle & artistic soul in spite of a difficult past. That is no mean feat! I hope & pray for many happy years to come for you & that tough memories might ease as time passes. Best wishes, Ros.


Congratulations are! what an amazing reflection of your life to date....this is what made you the person you are have known adversity and triumphed....may the next 40 years be filled with the love of your family and much happiness....and of course more creativeness!!Happy Birthday!


40?? Been there, done that. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Kellie and thankyou for all the beauty you bring to my world.

Love Marie/x


Wow what a powerful and amazing post. You are truly inspiring. I hope you had a fantastic day! Happy Birthday!!


I hope you have a lovely day, surrounded by loving family. happy birthday. xx

Sipiweske Quilts

I hope you have the happiest birthday ever! Now that you're 40 you can say things you never would have before . . . I call it wisdom - my kids call it embarrassing! Have a great day. - Marlene


Wow, Happy Birthday Kellie - didn't realise when we were emailing this morning! Hope you had the really super day you deserve! You can let me know what 40 is like when we meet next week - I've got about 9 weeks to prepare myself!

amy lobsiger

Happy Birthday, Kellie!!


Happy Birthday. I am relatively new to your blog but I really enjoy it. I will turn 50 this year so am leaving my 40's behind. They were a fabulous decade. It sounds like you had a rough start but it also sounds like you have managed to overcome it and spread your wings and fly. Your children are beautiful. Sometimes the worst things our parents do to us, if we can get over them, allow us to become that much better parents ourselves. You should be proud of the person you have become!


Happy Birthday!

Julia Helen-Maria Vogt

Hi Kellie,
a heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!
Thank you for sharing your is...touching...and somehow I want to hug that little child that you were...but I believe the woman you've grown to don't need that from somebody who just celebrated the 5th anniversary of her 21st birthday. You're much stronger than most people I know. You're an amazing and talented crafter & I do think you're a wonderful person...
I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating YOU!
~ happy birthday & greetings from the other side of the pond

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a heartfelt and sincere "I am from" - you have done so well and should be incredibly proud of yourself for becoming who you are and not who you could have been. Really beautifully written.

Happy Birthday!

Lucy xxx

Lynn T

Happy Birthday Kellie! I just celebrated my 40th this month as well. I don't feel it which is good lol! Thank you for sharing your story, it was wonderful. I cannot wait to see what you got for your birthday! I hope it is a nice big shiny new machine!


Kellie, what a wonderful writer too! thanks for sharing. You are a beautiful person with so many talents. My 40th has come and gone many suns ago. Enjoy many more and will be anxious to hear what wonderful things you did to celebrate. Happiest of birthdays to you!
Love, Lisa


Happy birthday! Many more anniversaries to come.


Many happy returns! Life begins at 40, mine was scarlet fever, hysterectomy, diagnosed as in need of gluten free diet..... oh it was all such fun! treasure each day and each smile. x


Happy Birthday!

Robin (rsislandcrafts)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You look marvelous :)

I recently turned 40 this month also. No big deal. Like you, I feel better at this age. With age comes great intellect and understanding.

Hope you get lots of goodies! Aren't you supposed to get 40 things on your 40th b-day?

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Wow...from deep in the heart. Thank you for sharing. Happy Birthday. You have come a long way.

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