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January 27, 2009


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Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

Looks like you're super busy!! Hope you get some time to get that sewing done when the kids get back to school!!

Mary Beth

I am loving appliquing circles myself! Lollypop Trees by Kim McLean at What a treat!


I just recently found your blog and I am totally in love with your work! This new project you are working on looks fantastic!


The blog meet looked like fun. I'll have to try to get along to one of those at some stage.
Your new projects are looking fab.
Glad the new shop is kicking along nicely.
Now its time for you to design some fabric, or write a book, or something.
Andi :-)


Oooh, that quilt you're working on looks so awesome -- I love all the colors AND the circles. The picture of you is just adorable too -- you're so cute with your little angel in your lap. I was quit jealous that all the other girlies got to meet you!


Your work is absolutely beautiful. It is always so cheerful and lovely to look at. It brings lots of smiles.


I am so in love with your creations! They are so positive and vibrant and at the same time very tasteful.

Question: are the appliqués "just" fused on, without folding the sides underneath? and do you do the stitching by machine?
(I kn ow nothing about appliqué) I have become very ionspired by the lovelities you make :)

Thanks for sharing with us!


Your circle project looks lovely Kellie - you always use such bright, pretty, and cheerful fabrics. Glad your summer is going well - it is such a shame it has to come to an end. Good luck in getting your family organised for the school year ahead.


I know exactly how you feel Kellie. My two have been in holiday swimming lessons as well and school starts tomorrow! I'm looking forward to getting back to normal routines and hopefully finding some time to sew. Your circles look great!


I am simply in love with everything you make! Everything looks so fantastic Kellie!


I know what you mean, I'm still ploughing through my hundreds of Blogger posts! I've really been enjoying the Quilter's Companion magazine, I can't wait for the second part of your quilt :)


I have the magazine, & of course, have enjoyed every minute of it!
Your projects are so fresh & exciting.
Also loved the profile on 'our Tracey'. the world of blog is a great invention!!


looks like you are having a lovely summer , I'm quite envious. I really should take the boys to swimming lessons, G loves the water , Milo not so much ( cries every time it gets in his face). I'm glad to hear your shop is doing well - how could it not with all that gorgeousness :-). I'm starting to see your name and bits of your work appearing on other blogs too - did you see Marees applique ? Enjoy the rest of the holiday with your lovely family.
Lisa x


Sounds like the kids have been having fun! I need to do the school shoe run tomorrow - it has kind of crept up on us this year! Enjoy your last week!


I read on a few of those wonderful blogs that you had popped in to the meeting too. I wish I had known about it too and met you in person. The quilt looks lovely, always fantastic colors and very inspirational. Isabelle starts her swimming lessons again on Saturday but those programs they run over the holidays are always fantastic. Isabelle did one in September last year and improved her swimming skills so much. She is now very confident in the water. I know how you feel about the kids being organised for school too, I need to start tomorrow on their books being covered in wonderful laminated paper.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Looks and sounds like you have been busy! Have fun before the children go back to school! Lucy x

Kim McBirnie

Why did the blog meet have to be so far away?! Alex and Anna are starting swimming lessons next week - I'm terrified but they both seems quite keen, it's got to be a good thing.
I did get the payment for those bags before posting BTW, she's emailed me and we'd agreed a discount - I listed the bags for her with the discount and she bought and paid for them through paypal. I posted them the same day - then she came back to me that night to ask for a second discount. The whole thing has left me feeling distinctly uncomfortable!
Kim xx

The Chocolate Cat

I understand! The return to school is rapidly approaching and I still have so much to do, collect blazers, check uniforms and shoes and collect books!!!


Tell me, how do you cut your circles? I need to get the kids stuff ready too, to much to see and do in blog land!


I'm a Don't Look Now! - fun as you know, so I'd like to "give" you something :-)please look at my blog. Thanks!

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crasfts

Isn't it great putting faces to names/blogs. What a treat for you all..... Glad you're back in to the swing of real life and like me, it sometimes gets in the way of blogging.

Dee Anne

I am SO inspired. Your work is lovely. Just delightfully lovely. I'm excited about color again! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and the love you have for your family. I'm inspired by both.


Kellie, Your projects are amazing. I stumbled onto your blog from a picture of your quilt for the doll quilt swap. I love your color combinations, and am excited to hopefully try one of your patterns. I can't wait to see what this newest quilt looks like, those little dots are so cute! Have you thought about putting together kits?


Sounds like a busy break! Hope all is well! Congrats to the 'fish' in the family!!!!!

Julie Isa

you are AMAZING! I'm going to share your blog with all my blogging friends! They are going to LOVE YOU!!!


I love the look of your work. It is so fresh and bright. Makes me smile! I look forward to seeing the circles and flowers piece in full!

Children grow up-up-and-away so fast so enjoy all your time with them and don't feel guilty!


Hi Kellie, I hope you have been doing well. It sounds like you are very busy. The new quilt looks great! How did the one you sent to the Amity challenge do? Do we get to see a picture of the whole quilt?


Dear Kellie, I read about the fires in Australia. I hope that you and your loved ones have not been affected. (I must admit that I do not know where you live, do you live in Victoria?)

Kim McBirnie

Hi Kellie, slightly worried that you haven't posted and I do hope that you and yours are safe and well. Kim McBirnie xx

Hi Kellie, I too am worried that you have not posted and the fires seem to be extremely bad. I hope to you and your family/friends are all safe and I hope to hear from you soon!


I hope you are safe! - from a reader in the US

Cheryl Arkison

I totally get the circle thing. I've had it for years.

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