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January 04, 2009


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congratulations Kim , lucky thing. Looking forward to seeing what you are working on Kellie!! Those tuts must have taken you ages.. I'm doing my Blogversary on the 9th - don't forget :-)
Lisa x


Wow ! Tutorials are so much work and yours are always spot on.

Tania - Jet Designs

Love it Kellie - I will be linking your flower pillow tutorial in my blog this week and I have added you to my fav blogs - Cheers - keep up the great designs


I really do love the rocket ship pillow too and it is so hard to find great things for boys, although it is a lot better than 15 years ago when I found it really hard to buy things for my son. I love both patterns and shall show you my progress once I get a chance to start them. Thanks for sharing both ideas with us.


Thank you so much for your tutorials.
Your work is so inspiring!


Thanks for the tutorials Kellie! The pillows are just gorgeous, anyone would love to receive one of these!


Boo hoo, I didn't win! Lucky Brigantia Designs! I adore your work, Kellie. Keep showing us more and more beautiful things please.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Brilliant! Thank you!

Lucy x


Thanks for the great tutorials Kellie


Thank you Kellie for the tutorial and for answering my questions conserning fusible web and basting spray. Thank you and have a great day! I can hardly wait for your post on Saturday... I admit, I have become addicted to your site!


Thanks for another wonderful tutorial! I have been using the Lite Steam-A-Seam for a couple of years and I love it too as the edges don't fray.

Sherrie Letzter

Thanks so much Kellie for the wonderful tutorial!


Thanks for the tutorial your work is beautiful. I was wondering what type of machine you have, I am thinking about getting a new one?


Thank you again! I can't wait to see the whole clown! :)


This is fantastic, thank you so much!


Your work is lovely so bright and cheerful.


boohoo! I am soooo far behind on my blog reading that I missed all those contests!!!! Love all your work!@!!!!!!
Happy new year!

Lynn T

Love it!! You are the best! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I already started on the flower pillow and will make one of these next.



Thanks Kellie, your instructions are so very clear to those of us new to or getting back into sewing, much appreciated : ) I'm hoping to really get into making most of my gifts this year and these are going to be so much fun, thank you


Congrats to Kim, lucky duck. Thanks again for the great tutorial Kellie. I must say your FMQ is absolutely awesome!


My 6 yr old son has been pestering me to learn to sew these school holidays and when I saw this I knew it was perfect for him to 'help' with. We are just about to begin. Thanks!

Fiona. NZ.


Thank you for your tutorial ... I am in awe of your models and colors you use ... beautiful! excuse me for my English but I have translated the text with google


Blast off! Wow love the cushion, it's great to see something for the boys.


Wow, what a cute pillow! I think I am going to shrink the applique pattern down and use it on a shirt for my son. Thanks for the great pattern!

Rerto Jordans

The blog article very surprised to me! Your writing is good. In this I learned a lot! Thank you!

tn requin

Congrats to Kim, lucky duck. Thanks again for the great tutorial Kellie. I must say yotn requin
tn requin
basket pumaur FMQ is absolutely awesome!

nike sb

Thank you for the information I agree with you I became fan of you and would love to visit your blog regularly.

Bastien shoes

Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

Marie-Christine Vallet

love the applique. I used the rocket -at least parts of it- and the star for the top block of my Hopscotch quilt that can be found here

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Hey very nice blog!!

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