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January 02, 2009


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Thanks for the great pattern!! I used on of your birds on a baby quilt I just made and I love how it turned out. Thanks for sharing your ideas!!


Thank you for the tutorial and pattern. Can't wait to get started. May be a good excuse to go shopping for more fabric.


Did you do the flower-swirl quilting using your free motion foot? It looks amazing. It says that there is a sample of how to do it on the pattern...? Can you tell me where this is? Sorry if I just missed it.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Thanks so much for the fab tutorial! It almost makes me feel better about not winning the actual cushion!!!! Only joking! Huge congratulations to Lorraine - what a fabulous way to start the new year!

Lucy x


WOW!!!! Thank you! Thank you!For step by step!!!! I will try it!!! Nika


Great tutorial Kellie, thanks so much for sharing your creativity with the rest of us. Happy New year to you and your family.


Thank you so much for the 'how to' shots. They really demonstrate what to do to try to emulate your cushion! Now, to work! Imagine, all over the world, little flowers aand birds are finding new homes thanks to your inspiration. :0)


Thank you! This is a great tutorial. I absolutely love your designs, ALL of them. This pillow will be on my 2009 to do list. Have a Happy New Year!!


Thank you for the tutorial! I do have two questions on the top of my mind though, could you please tell me what is fusible web (or the brand name, so I can look it up) and whether you use spray basting or safety pin basting or both in your larger quilting projects? I want to learn how to machine quilt, and since I can not afford a new sewing machine, I have to make-do with my very old and reliable Pfaff. Therefore, I would like some tips on how to make the whole process as easy as posible. :-)
Thanks again Kellie, I really do admire your quilts (and the b-day parties you organize)!


Thanks so much for the great pattern and especially the applique' shapes! What a great way to start the new year...more great inspiration!


I will definitey be making one of these, you do a wonderful job on tutorials, thanks so much for sharing.


congratulations Lorraine - a lovely new year pressie . I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the 4th :-)
lisa x


Congrats to Granny Loz, lucky lady! Thanks for the pattern Kellie, I will be making it for a little lady who has a little brother or sister on the way.


Well done to Lorraine!! Thanks for the tip on the applique web - I haven't been that happy with the brand I have been using - I will have to check that one out!


Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. I had already gone out to pick out my fabrics yesterday to take advantage of the New Year's sales. I kept checking my inbox anxiously for the pattern. I had to keep myself occupied by cleaning out my garage so that I can convert it into my sewing studio! I can't wait to get started on this project.


This is awesome! Thank you so much. I really really appreciate it! A new way to use my brights!


Thanks for the great Tut. lucky Granny Loz.


This tutorial is brilliant, thanks so much for your generosity in writing it up :)

tracey petersen

Nice work with the photos for the tutorial.


thanks for the tut, I am getting my scraps together and will start soon on this for my sister-in-law, she has a beautiful garden room on her back porch with some benches and chairs and curtains that swirl in the wind just beautiful and I think this will go so well with what she has.


I think my daughters would love some pillows like this also to go with a spring quilt that I'm thinking of making for them. Thanks again and Happy New Year.


Thank you! :)

Jacqueline Valero

thank you for the great pattern.

Priscilla Halliday

Thank you!! And its a wonderful tutorial - very easy to understand.
I may have to make one of these, once I finish a few other projects I've already started!


Happy New Year!
thanks so much for the pattern, and all the photos which help explain it so well, this could just have to be my first project of 2009!


Thank you so much for this fabulous pattern/tutorial. I will definitely make my own pillow...well, as far as I can see, I won't be able to keep it...there's only one thing missing: where can I buy the time to start right now *lol*
Happy new year, I'm already looking forward to many inspiring posts,

Rachael Rabbit

I can't believe you are giving away all your secrets ;-) You have transformed my quilt binding technique ... and now to conquer the applique patterned quilt too ;-) I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and New Year - really looking forward to seeing more of your work in 2009. All the best - Rachael x


Oh Kellie! Thank you for sharing this with us! It looks so beautiful. I don't believe anyone could make it as well as you though! Oh... I wish I'd won :)


WOW!!! How lucky am I!! Thank you soooo much Kellie.....I have admired your work for a while and am just thrilled that I will have a piece in my home....! Very generous of you....thanks again!!


Oh Swoon...oh Swoon....oh SWOON!!!! You KNOW how much I LOVE your quilting!!! WHY CAN'T YOU LIVE NEXT DOOR TO ME???? I want to take a machine quilting class FROM YOU!!! That pillow is just too cute! I'll be thinking about it ALL week!!!


Thank-you so much. HaPpY NeW YeAR!

Bethel of Bethania

Happy New Year Kellie & may it prove to be a very productive & creative year for you & yours.
Thank you so much for your wonderful tut & pattern - it is very generous of you... I've checked my flowers next to yours ... ummm I really need to learn to draw me t'inks ... ha ha.
Congratulations to Lorraine for her win ... although I'm a tad sad ... but I'll get over it, no worries ...
I've not yet had a go at the free motion quilting backgrounds but I promise I will soon ... take care ... Bethel

Tania - Jet Designs

Thanks for the pattern - I just have to make some time to do - I haven't really been interested in machine quilting until I saw the background of your cushions - I might just have to give it a try in 2009! - Oh another goal to add to the growing stack - Happy new year


Quick Question:

What size pillows are you using? I have an 18" pillow I'm going to use and I'm trying to figure out my "cut" sizes for the middle panel.



hanks for sharing your pattern with us. Love the little bird!


My daughter would just LOVE this pillow! You are so talented! It is beautiful!!!!


I absolutely adore this, I made a scrapbook page, playing around with it till I get some material in the mail


Hi Kellie

I stumbled upon your blogsite just now and all I have done is stare in awe at your beautiful creations. I love this tutorial too. I think I'm going to come there everyday just to look at your lovely work! Way to go!


you have done a beautiful job. thanks for the pattern i want to use for my girls i know they will love it


That is absolutely stunning. Thanks for taking the time to do a tutorial.


gorgeous.... I love this patern; thank you


Hi Kellie

I finished my pillow and have gotten nothing but compliments. My daughter absolutely loves her pillow and all the pink! Thank you again for sharing your wonderful pattern.

I did a post on my blog:

so you should get some additional traffic too.

By the way do you have full picture of the quilt that is on your blog title? I'd love to see it. I've searched your blog and didn't find one.

Thanks again!

simone de klerk

Thank you so much for this pattern! It is lovely and looks so happy! Great!

Denise Felton

Fantastic! I've scheduled a link to this post to go live on my blog later this afternoon (Central USA time). I hope it brings you a few extra clicks!


sheri howard

This is a darling pillow! Nice tutorial, I know that took a LONG time! I have just come upon your blog, enjoyed looking at it. Thanks sharing all your projects. Keep sewing!!


augh i just absolutely adore your quilting, and particularly love your pillows you shared here. I linked to you from my blog and now I'm adding you to my Bloglines. Just cos your quilting is the 'bomb-diggity' imho. lol


Hi Kellie,

I need to ask you a question about using your pillow tutorials. Please shoot me an email so we can discuss this privately! :)

Kathy Watt

I just found your blog and I have enjoyed looking at your quilts because of your color choices. The designs are so pretty and fresh, I really love them and I'll be a regular visitor to your blog in the future. I'm going to have a go at making the pillow for a new baby girl in our family. Thanks so much for the tutorial.


It's a beautiful pattern. Thank you!


Thanks for the great pattern! I really appreciate it many many thanks for your generosity in writing it up
Have a Happy New Year!!

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