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January 10, 2009


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Congratulations! On the blogiversary and the new pattern! What a wonderful idea that puppet theater.


Congratulations Kellie firstly on the 1 year mark and on the pattern launching, and oh Miss Megan. How excited your household must be, and I'm sure you must be a very proud mum.


Congratulations on turning one! And Congratulations again on your pattern designing business. Love what you have been working on this week too! Is this going to be your next pattern?

Erin K

Hello! I love these "year in review" picture posts. I love love love your puppet theater too.

Don't enter me in the drawing though, you have given me enough. :)

I just wanted to celebrate a bit with ya!

Congrats on EVERYTHING.

OH and everyone who comes over is AMAZED with the quilt you made me. My mom looked at the quilting in the white part for like 20 minutes. I can't believe it's MINE.


Love the puppet theater ! Congrats to your girl (lucky lucky) both of you !

Here's to a new year full of great things!

Lynn T

Congratulations on turning 1! Your blog is a great inspiration for me and I just love reading it. I made a pillow usuing your pattern and love love love it! I am so happy you are making patterns for sale now as I NEED more!

You must be a very proud mom having a talented daughter like you have! Congrats on winning wonderful prizes! A bernina is my dream machine!

Thank you!


Ohhhhh Kellie! I just want to give you a great big hug! You're such a sweetie and I'm so excited for you! The big top is super fun -- what a fabulous idea. Congratulations on your anniversary -- I'm so VERY VERY glad you're blogging!!!


Wow!! What a post. Happy Blogaversary for starters. I truly enjoy what you share regularlly. OH, I am SOOOO happy and excited that you will be selling your patterns!!! I just love your work. I will be purchasing for sure.

Way to go Megan! That is just an awesome recognition and start for who knows what kind of path for her creativity!


Happy Aniversary!! Good Luck with your new venture, with all your talent you will do wonderfully. I love your work!!


I love the puppet theater. You have great tallents. Thank you for sharing them with us


Your designs are stunning. I intended to make a puppet theatre for my children for Christmas but it wouldn't have been nearly as pretty as yours!

Huge congratulations to Megan - what an achievement!


Big wows for EVERYTHING on this post! The puppet theatre is amazing - truly gorgeous - the pattern news very exciting, and Megan's win and sewing machine the best news yet! Congratulations to you, and looking forward to many more posts and inspiring art from you.
PS. Though I adore your work, no need to enter me into the draw this time. I don't sew and my kids are too big for a puppet theater, much as I love it. Thanks anyway, just wanted to congratulate you. I'll let another lucky person win :)


I'm so glad you are publishing, your designs are so very appealing and different to what's out there. Congratulations to Megan too, she's a star! how thrilling for you all, thanks for sharing over the last year, your blog is an inspiration.


wow, what a news filled post! congrats to your daughter she must be so thrilled, and you must be so proud!!!
and great news about your pattern business, I hope it is a great sucess for you. happy anniversary too. xx


Congratulations to you both! I love that puppet theater idea. My son loves to put his socks on his hands and say "I'm a puppet show!" Guess mommy should get busy and make him some real puppets.


Kellie Kellie Kellie!!!!
What an amazing project. It's a perfect one for a first retail offering. So unique!!!! And so very gorgeous, as usual.
I got my copy of Homespun yesterday and was so excited (but not surprised) to see that Megan was a winner. I'm so glad she's been well rewarded. She deserves it.
And happy blogiversary to you too. What an amazingly creative year you have had. It's been a pleasure reading along with your journey.
Mazel tov on all fronts.
Andi :-)


WOW, that's really nice news, being able to sell your patterns soon! I must admit, I keep falling in love with every single thing I see on your website. and those colours *sigh..*
Will the patterns be PDF's or on real paper? ;)
Congrats on your 1-year-anniversary!!


Congrats to you on the one year mark, and congrats to Megan on winning that wonderful prize! My goodness. Love the circles, too.

The Chocolate Cat

Congratulations on your 1year anniversary! Your blog is always so inspiring, I love dropping in to see what you are up to. Sure your new business will be very successful. I have just purchased my new Homespun (gosh I love that magazine) and saw Megans photo in it - Congratulations!


Happy Blogaversary Kellie. I'm so glad you started blogging - your blog has been inspirational, and I so admire your work.

Huge congratulations to Megan - that is brilliant. Mind you, so was her design.



Congratulations to you both! I'm so glad you're blogging - I love reading and seeing your distinctive style developing :)


Congratulations on your first birthday! Your creativity is amazing. I don't know how the audience could concentrate on the puppet show with such a gorgeous theatre in front of them!! (Pity my boys are well past the puppet theatre stage... it's a guitar hero and ipods now.)

Melissa Antolovic

ongratulations and best wishes for your new venture. I love your work but don't think I could do any thing like it - maybe a pattern would make it easier.

I saw the pic of Megans quilt in the coming next section of the last mag and couldn't believe how great it is - she obviously takes after her mother


Welcome to the world of online selling! Congratulations and good luck on your new endeavor.

The puppet theater looks awesome. I don't know where you are setting up shop but I know you would have a following on Etsy. And don't worry you will sell a ton!

That is so awesome for Megan and what an awesome prize package! I'm so jealous.


Hi Kellie
Happy Blogaversary!! I love your latest design, it really is gorgeous and would go down a treat at our place and yes we too are subjected to many 'home grown' concerts, they are the best fun. I wish you every success with your pattern business, I'm sure the only way is up from here. Congrats to your Megan, it was lovely to see her in the magazine and I can imagine you must be bursting with pride.
Best Wishes


congrats on your huge year.........your quilting is amazing.......and congrats to your need to include me in the draw...........thanks


Hi Kellie, I don't think I've ever commented before but I've been an admirer for some time *blushes*
I picked up a copy of Homespun yesterday and when I saw that your girl had won such a great prize I wanted to congratulate her. It's a gorgeous quilt she made, I'm thinking of making it for my teenage daughter's room (I am guessing it will be a pattern in an upcoming issue?). She's quite the clever clogs.
And now I find that you are having a competition for your lovely first retail pattern. It's lovely - congratulations to you as well!

tracey petersen

Beautiful mosaic, beautiful pattern, beautiful girl.

I'm so glad to have found you this year. Thanks for being so willing to share your talent.


I just bought Homespun yesterday and saw that Meagan had won in her age division. How wonderful for her and what a fantastic prize too. I love the puppet theatre, you are so extremely creative and talented. Congratulations on your 1 year blogiversary and I look forward to reading many more with you.


Congratulations to both of you, Kellie and Megan, this is a wonderful way to start the year.
I am so glad you have launched your own range of patterns (even if there's only 1 so far), your designs are gorgeous.
Congrats also on your blogaversary, your blog is very inspiring and always a pleasure to read.

Ginny Worden

No surprise that your daughter won, look at what inspiration she has from one very talented and generous mom.


Happy Blogaversary!! I just found your blog a few months ago. It is wonderful! You are such a talented person and your pattern business will be a huge success.

Congratulations to your daughter! It seems the talent runs in the family.

Allie in MI

OH MY how stinking cute is that. Too bad my boys are all grown now, lol!
Congratulations on one year, your blog and creativity are totally amazing to me, I stand in awe. I wish you MUCH success in selling your patterns. And congratulations to Megan, who is totally talented as well! Thank you for all the inspiration you provide, and all the glorious color - it is MUCH appreciated here in my gloomy, snow-covered town!


Kellie you deserve all the good things to come your way! You are soooo talented, & I am sure your patterns will sell well. Your ideas are all so original & bright.
Congratulations to Megan too, for her wonderful win, & her creativity. The apple didnt fall far from the tree.
Hugs, xx


Congratulations Kellie, on your blogiversary, your new pattern which looks absolutely unbelievable, and of course Meg's achievement, you must be so proud of her!

Well done! It's been great to meet you as well Kellie - here's to a very successful year!


How fantastic for Miss Megan. Please congratulate her again, what a great achievement for such a little girl. She'll love her Bernina, lucky girl.


Congratulations, what a beautiful mosaic to mark the anniversary of you blog! I know I have enjoyed reading about all your crafty adventures! And well done to Megan - how clever!


Amazing that you have reached ONE year, much faster than you thought, I bet. I love checking your blog to see if there are any new posts with your beautiful creations. keep up the inspiring work.


Well done little one - very impressed.

And also well done Kellie! This great step will be worth it - your work is amazing (I have said that before) and I look forward to seeing more of your work. Now I REALLY need to learn to free stitch on my machine....


Congratulations - both to you and Megan! You are both amazingly talented - I don't know how you achieve all that you do. The puppet theatre looks great.


Congrats on your new endeavor, and also to your talented daughter. It must run in the family!

Claire - Matching Pegs

Congratulations Kellie,
You have amazing talent, and such a cohesive style - which is rare indeed.
You have set the bar high for all of us bloggers who have been going for one year!
I am very excited to hear that you are launching your pattern design business - and you certainly have started with a bang. What a lovely, original idea - a very fun design.

My Homespun is yet to arrive, but I will look forward to finding it in my letterbox - Congratulations Megan - I knew you would do it when I first saw your entry, it's lovely (and you are in great company says this proud mother).

Looking forward to the Quilters Companion, it must be out soon. One day we will say - "We knew her when...."


Kellie, this is just gorgeous! I'd love to be in the draw, you have an ispirational blog, we love it! :)Kylie

Cass Ward

Wow well done Megan. I will have to check that out next year for my daughter.


Congratulations on 1 year! And congrats to Megan as well - what a fantastic effort (her work is so much better than mine!) I look forward to seeing what patterns you will have available as your work is just stunning.
Jo x


WOW! very creative year and congratulations too Megan...well done!! A new machine! woo hooo! That puppet theatre pattern is a winner ....fabulous idea. I agree with you about blogging...I have met some wonderful people from all over the world in the past 8 months since I started my blog..good luck with your patterns I sure they will do well!!


Congratulations, Kellie on your Blogaversary and on your pattern business. Congratulations to Megan, too, for her win. It was well deserved.
This is my first (and definitely not my last) visit to your blog. I came here from 4 Wise Monkeys. I'm impressed with your work and your blog.


Wow didn't that year go fast. And I was one of the lucky ones to find you after only a few short weeks of blogging. Your work is so wonderfully unique and beautiful and what a lot of lovely projects you have done. I'm so thrilled to see your pattern range come to life - the first of many fabulous designs!!
Congratulations to both you and Megan - it's been quite a year all round!

brandi m

Hi Kellie.

Just stopped by the Scrap Bag at Ballarat Patchwork and clicked on your link and WOW. I think you have inspired me to take the plunge to start up my own blog! I even went back to the start to have a quick year in review with you. I in awe of your work and finding the time with 4 kids, at the moment I am finding it hard with just one little bub!

Congrats on 1 year and good luck for the next.

brandi M


Congratulations to you both, most deserving ladies. Love the idea of you selling your patterns and megan WOW lucky you! Happy Sewing...

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