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January 18, 2009


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Congratulations to your winners Kellie. And I'm so excited for you about the magazine - mind you, that is a beautiful quilt. Good luck with the shop; I've no doubt you'll do brilliantly. x


Congratulations for the quilt published,
it's fabulous!


yeah - you go girl. I wish you all the luck in the world with your little shop and your quilt entry. I haven't got the words to say how happy I am for you ( and Jessica ) to see your Rainbow Lollipops in print . I can understand why your family are so proud of you :-). Now make sure you get some sleep , let that whirling dervish of a brain have a breather !!
Lisa x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Congratulations to the winners! And how exciting to have your quilt in a magazine! Well done!!! Lucy x

The Chocolate Cat

What a wonderful way to start my day!!! I had already planned to buy the pattern if I didn't win as I thought this would be a great Christmas present for my two nephews. Thank you so much. I picked up my new copy of Quilters Companion yesterday but havent opened it yet, saving it for our week away! Looking forward to reading it even more now.


What a surprise to win your pattern, thank you so much. I think I'll have to make it for three little girls. I wish you much luck with the shop, I know you'll do well. I must rush out for a copy of the magazine, it's all so exciting at your house but I hope you catch up on some sleep, I wouldn't be able to function on your schedule :)


Oh Kellie what a wonderful explosion of exciting news on your blog! I so look forward to trying your patterns one day ; o )


kellie, what a great post ! You must really never never sleep - you just do so much.
The quilt looks beautiful and I must go and grab the magazine and see Tracey as I have some famous friends....


Congrats Kellie - the quilt looks fantastic. Good luck with the Amitie challenge!!!!!!! Yours looks amazing!


Congratulations Kellie on many fronts! The patterns are terrific, and so exciting to see your quilt published in the magazine. I'm looking forward to seeing your circles quilt in full too (another winner there I anticipate)


Congrats to the winners and congrats on the mag article.....just visited your on line store.

tracey petersen

Your challenge quilt looks beautiful from that angle. Can't wait to see it from the front!


Kellie you have definately made my morning giving me the wonderful news that I won your puppet theatre. I am definately sure that Isabelle will be equally excited to receive such a wonderful gift from you. I am sure the next birthday party in August will be a puppet show based theme. Thank you so much!! Congratulations on your beautiful quilt being featured in the magazine too. I have been waiting for you to give us the news of when it would be on the newstands. I cannot wait to see it as it is so beautiful, as are all of your creations. I am sure in future your daughter and you will be a very successful quilting duo.

Ginny Worden

Very exciting Kellie. Best wishes and continued success.Looking forward to seeing more of your challenge quilt in the future.

Bernadette B

Congratulations to you Kellie (and to the winners)
The quilt looks beautiful now I can run out and buy the magazine to make up as my daughter just loves it and wants one for my GD (and she's not a quilt person!). Tracey's quilt also looks lovely. It was nice to meet you kind of, everytime I looked Lara had you pinned down so maybe I will get to chat next time.


Congratulations on your beautiful lollipop quilt being in the magazine. I wonder if it is possible to find a copy here in Finland... I will definately buy it if I see one!
I cannot believe you have already finished the quilt you had begun a week ago! (Maybe if I too would do some piecing and quilting instead of just reading your blog I could see some progress in my WIPs...)


Congratulations on the publication - your quilts are gorgeous and even more so in print! Can't wait to see more of your circle quilt and your fabulous free motion quilting.

PS: Good to see things are going so well with your new shop venture too!



Congratulations Kellie! Everything looks truly wonderful. The new quilt and those stunning circles... and a fantastic spread in the magazine! I am so thrilled for you and your current successes! Lisa x


Congratulations! The magazine spread looks wonderful!


home yesterday from a little time away and so pleased to see all your news, two famous girls in the family now! love the sneak peek of the circles also and thanks for the link on your 'love to go to ' section. i appreciate that very much.


Congratulations on the opening of your store. This is so exciting, for you and your family! Just waiting for the quilters companion to come out here in New Zealand. Can wait to see what the future holds for don't look now. All the best with your endevours!


Congratulations on AQC! What a gorgeous quilt you've made for the Amitie challenge too. I am very disappointed with what's happened to APQ, so I might have to sneak a copy of AQC into my collection too!

Kim McBirnie

Hi Kellie, I love your patterns and think I may treat myself to one and have a go at making my daughter a quilt - how many bags can you make for a four year old, after all? My son is very excited about the pillow that we won and can't wait to see it - could this be the start of my little boy becoming interested in crafting?!? (probably not, but I can dream!)I'll blog link you when it arrives.
Kim xx


Congratulations for everything Kellie. You have worked so hard and it's very exciting to finally see you in print. The first of many features I'm sure! Thanks also for looking after my girl, she had a lovely time with you and your sweet family. And YAY the shop is also open for trading!!! Now, please go and have some sleep!!


Congratulations for everithing! Good luck on the new "shop"!



I was the one after the fairy fabric. Thankyou I will ring in the morning.

Lynn T

Congratulations! I know you will do fantastic with your quilt patterns, I already ordered mine! I cannot wait for them to come in! I ordered the magazine too :-)

amy lobsiger

Congratulations on your shop and publication of your beautiful quilt!! I look forward to seeing your challenge quilt in full! Everything is always so colorful and lovely here at your place!!

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

Congratulations to the lucky Winners!! Congratulations to you on the magazine in print too!!!!


I am so thrilled for you. Your work definitely deserves the recognition.

Do you have any idea how a non-Australian gets a copy of that particular issue?


Congratulations on your quilt being published! Sounds very busy there, hope you manage to get some rest. Your circle quilt looks great...good luck with the comp!


I snapped up a copy of the mag, just cause im such a fan! possible stalker LoL, what a great start to 2009! Dont know how you do it!!


Congratulations! I went out and bought this magazine yesterday, I've never bought it before but I just had to see your quilt pattern LOL


So much eye candy!! I'm bound to put on a few kilos!! LOL
Can't wait to get my copy of Quilters Companion. Wonder why mine hasn't been delivered yet?
And last night at Amitie, I just couldn't resist that fairy fabric ... I bought 2 metres. Not sure what I'll do with it yet but it's so nice to have in my stash.
Speak soon.
Andi :-)


cogratulations!!!!! I will have to go and get the mag when I make it to the shops tomorrow....with all the troops with me!

well done...I love your quilts and hope you'll be writing more patterns. I'm joining a local quilting this year for some 'mummy alone' time so will need lots of patterns to keep me busy



Holy Crap that Lollipop quilt is adorable! Big, big congratulations, you cutie!!!

Oh, and really need to check your computer -- I think there's something wrong with it. I know you typed my name under the winners, but it's not showing up!!!


You have an awesome blog, and are a very talented and creative lady! I enjoyed my visit! 8-)
Happy stitchings!


woohoo! Kellie! You Wulfsohn women are so well published now!!! How cool! Thanks for showing the front of the mag.. by the time it makes its way over here I will have to keep my eye open for it! Hope is all well with you otherwise! have a great weekend!


I love that quilt! Congrats on the publishing. When can we buy your book? ;))

Kim McBirnie

Hi Kellie, the beautiful beautiful cushion has arrived and both me and my son Alex are in raptures! When you look at your qulting up close, wow wow wow, girl you are amazing! Thank you so much, I've posted about it on my blog, just to make people a little jealous.....

Lynn T

I got my patterns today Thank you!! They are great and I cannot wait to get started making them!!


I just bought my copy of Quilters Companion!! Congratulations - what a beautiful project - you must be thrilled!!


I just found your site when my sister suggested it to me. I am totally impressed and blown away with your talent!

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