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December 15, 2008


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OMG, that last quilt is totally intriguing. Can't wait to see a little (or a lot) more.
Love the finished Jessica's garden. The colours make me smile too.
Have a very happy holiday season.
Andi :-)


The quilt is just gorgeous. I see your kitty likes to climb trees too. Our kitten likes to do that and chew the wrapping paper on the pressies so I really hope I can find him a home soon so he wont have to be put into the garage to behave himself. I love the little birdcage kit, how cute.

Shari Jamieson

I love Jessica's Quilt! So bright and cheery and happy! And the little bird cage kit - so cute! I have no idea how to stop Tiger from climbing the tree... I did a magazine swap recently... it's so interesting to see what's different and what's the same... You sure have had a busy time - enjoy the summer holidays!!


Oh...I just love your Jessics Garden Quilt is AMAZING!! And a new quilt going on...hmmm...will check back to see what you are up too!! :o)

Claire - Matching Pegs

I love the colours of the last quilt Kellie. I am looking forward to seeing it.

I'm always interested in seeing other peoples teacher presents - the bags are a great gift.

I am finding the blogging a bit hard at the moment, too much excitement with the end of school and christmas coming. i hope your kids have a lovely last week of school!


This quilt with the tulips is my one favourite of the all :-)


now i have checked what you have been up to and of course you never dissapoint. everything looks wonderful.i will be wondering if santa does the right thing about the machine you were wanting? go on santa, be kind to kellie, she has been good,very,very good. i know you got my letter that i wrote previously! you could drop me a line at my blog, i will keep it a secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The tulip quilt turned out teriffic, its a good feeling when a quilt is finished! The green and white project looks really interesting, will come back and see it.


Glad to see Jessica's Garden finished, it really is lovely. Milos teacher is getting wristwarmers surprisingly enough :-). Joshua's singing is just adorable, G was trying to sing along with him. I,m intrigued by the last picture , looking forward to seeing more of it. Have a lovely weekend.
Lisa x


No wonder that quilt makes you smile...the colours are fab!...I have seen some great teacher's gifts on blogs.....lucky teachers! the sneak peek of your new project looks interesting...looking forward to seeing more of it later!


YOur quilts just keep getting better! Love Jessic's Garden! It makes me smile too. I can't wait to see your next quilt.


Everything looks beautiful! Jessica's garden is amazing... and the other 'taster' piece too! Also love, love, love the bags (lucky teachers!) and that birdcage will look cute! Thanks for sharing.


There's nothing acopic going on here! You've been a busy girl -- it looks like Tiger is threatening you though LOL. For the millionth time I'll tell you -- I sure wish you were here to show me your quilting techniques. I spent all weekend quilting two quilts and they look like ca-ca compared to yours!!!! You do such BEAUTIFUL work. Love the first quilt too! Off to see the video...

Lynn T

I love the quilt! Your work continues to amaze me and I just love the bags you made for the teachers. Cant wait to see the next project!

PS, your ds is adorable in the video!


Looking forward to seeing more of that piece. I love the colours of it.


Looks like you have been super busy Kellie! Love Jessica's garden - looks brilliant. Your new project looks very interesting (can't wait to see more!), and I love your new bags (using my current favourite - Farmers Market!). Enjoy the lead up to Christmas.


Jessica's Garden is a beauty! Love those Lakehouse colors/flowers! I am also completely intrigued by what you're up to in the last photo...completely intrigued!


Dear Kellie! You can see on my blog my kids Art Smocks. Thank you for idea and patterns!!!!! Nika from Russia


I love Jessica's Garden, love orange and pink together. Cant wait to see the creation in the last photo, looks very different and lovely of course!

clare bower

Wow you are very organised . I really love the first quilt .
Clare's Craftroom

Rachael Rabbit

So how many times has Tiger pulled down the tree so far? (I gave up having a Christmas tree while I was in the UK because my puddies would climb it - so cute - but boy what a mess they made!)


That quilt is just gorgeous - well done!


the quilt is beautiful...makes me long for spring! did the christmas shop in a day too. works for me!


Where can we buy your patterns? I must start Jessica's Garden asap. I love it!

alicia in Hawaii

The quilt has beautiful bright colors. I would love to have a try at that.
alicia in Hawaii


What a gorgeous quilt - - the colors are stunning. I've just begun quilting for my girls & am in awe of your beautiful work!

I've gotta check out the bag pattern you used - that's great!!


I agree with everyone that the colors in the quilt are awesome. I am also a big fan of those tote bags. Just lovely...

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