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December 05, 2008


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WOW! What great quilts! Any idea where I can get my hands on this magazine in the US? I want to make so many of the projects - especially the rocket quilt for my little man!

Lynn T

Wow! Great job on the quilt! I think your dd will be a pro just like you!! I too would love to get my hands on this magazine. Ahh, another one to add to my growing collection! Keep up the beautiful work and photos, I look foward to coming here daily!!


Wonderful quilts :o)
I wanted to comment on it, but can't find it now.
That little video of your son singing was so adorable.
You must be so proud of him!!!
What a great memory.
Hope you have a great Friday!


Glad your quilt arrived safely Kellie, it sort of matches your daughters in tones! (Its upside down in the photo! LOL)


Love, love, love the quilt you sent off, now if by chance your partner doesn't like it (lol) I'll send you my address. How proud you must be of your daughters achievement.


Congratulations to your girl!! very talented....obviously runs in the family...LOL....and if your swap partner doesn't like the heart quilt she can send it is fabulous!!


your heart quilt is enchanting, and fingers crossed for the competition!


Well done Megan. You should be very proud. I'm certain you'll win your category. You deserve it.
What will you come up with next?
Andi :-)


Cool Heart!! it looks very intericate!


Ohhhh Kellie, your quilts are sublime! I like the one you got - very modern and fresh! Isn't Megan a gem - that quilt is really quite stunning. xx


Wow, your work is amazing!


Wow you are truly amazing, I'll be your swap partner any day... Looks like it runs in the family as well. I really need to stop getting sick on my days off so that I can finish my quilt. Only at the baby stage of machine quilting, ie the walking foot, free motion is still a bit too scary. Love the colours you tend to use in your quilts to, bright and pink.


Once again I just LOVE your quilt. Your swap partner is one lucky person for sure! Your daughter cleary has as much talent as you too. What a wonderful tree. Congratulations!

amy (sew~amy)

i can't wait to get my copy of the magazine. Great work by your daughter.

Erin K

Your daughter's quilt is AMAZING. I seriously love that quilt.

I'm totally convinced that I'm your partner and that the heart quilt is for me. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and can't wait to get it!! I do love pink! And I love white. And things that are quilted to within an inch of their lives. I can't wait! :)


Love your quilt Kellie , lovely work as usual :-). Rachels bag is in that issue too - I think Homespun should change it;s name to Great Australian Bloggers or something. Can't wait to see the next issue with Megan in it :-). Have a lovely weekend all of you..
Lisa x
ps it worked this time -- temperamental so and so


you must be just tickled, proud as punch and all those things. give her a big congrats from me!!!


All three are beautiful! I heart I (heart) Pink! Your work is simply amazing! Please congratulate your lovely daughter on her gorgeous quilt as a finalist as well! I have shown it to a certain 8 year old girl in my house as a point of interest. :-)


My goodness that quilt is just gorgeous, I couldnt stop looking at those amazing butterflies. Let me just say that your swap partner will absolutely love it, I know I would. Congrats to your very clever girl too, I hope she wins. I cant wait for the issue of Homespun to come out in the shops as I really want to make Fiona's giraffe on the front which is so cute.


Your Heart Quilt is just amazing Kellie!!! Your partner is so lucky to be getting one of your original designs! Well done to Megan for getting her beautiful Quilt published - she is one talented designer - can't wait to see what she comes up with next year!! How wonderful that she was inspired by a book.


And that video! Ohmygosh -- how adorable -- and how fantastic to hear your accent!!! That was Super Fun!

Thimbleanna original comment disappeared! I just wanted to comment on how funny you are and I give you full credit (plus a little to your birthday love) for producing such a fine child (+ siblings.)

I also mentioned how I drool over your swirly quilting and wish you were hear to teach me a thing or two. I've been doing some machine quilting and it looks like -- well, this is a family blog, so I can't say. ;-)

Jane Weston

I (heart) that quilt! It is gorgeous and I'm sure your swap partner will *love* it!


Oh I just LOVE that pink quilt - I SO WISH I was the swap partner (bo ho ho)

Sarah Lock

Hi Kellie,

Once again you have produced the most amazing quilt, and it is great to see the next generation of your family has the gift as well.

I am such a fan of your stuff, and will continue to read your blog with great interest.



tracey petersen

So we have to wait until the NEXT issue to find out how Megan went!? I can't stand the anticipation...

Bethel of Bethania

Congratulations Megan & Kellie[maker of an artist,of an artist herself] What a proud time for you all ... I can't beginning to wonder what wonderful creations this young lady is going to be producing by the year 2020 ... it's mindbloggling... enjoy the glory girls it is so well deserved ... OOroo ... Bethel


I heart your DQS5! Just lovely (as usual)... gorgeous!!!! Yeah again to Megan!!! How cool to have her quiltie and name in print!!!! I am gonna get me a copy of that issue!!!!!!
Happy Birthday to your honey too! HOpe you go out and celebrate!!!

Bethel of Bethania

Kellie I neglected to say what a wonderful quilt you have made [I (heart)Pink]... like someone else has said I wish I were your swap partner ... it's really something ... I've got much inspiration from it ... Bethel


I love, love, love your quilts. They are so happy and pretty... Thanks for the inspiration!! (I would also LOVE to know how to get a copy of that magazine.)
love it.


So so amazing and stunning, I am in awe of your talent as usual :)


Wow! I saw Megans quilt and I was so happy, it’s so beautiful. Your DQS5 is absolutely beautiful, I wonder if your partner knows how lucky they are.

Rachael Rabbit

I heart pink too and I super heart your pink quilt. Oh my how I love your work. x

Rachael Rabbit

I heart pink too and I super heart your pink quilt. Oh my how I love your work. x

Rachael Rabbit

I heart pink too and I super heart your pink quilt. Oh my how I love your work. x


Kellie, I feel so proud for you, with your lovely talented Megan. Congratulations to her!!
Your heart is so beautiful! I must get that copy of the magazine!!


I love your I (heart) pink quilt. I will have to see if Homespun is avalable at my local quilt store.


I love your I (heart) Pink quilt!

Erin K

Ok I didn't REALLY know it was me! I thought EVERY quilt was mine. But this one really REALLY is and I feel like I won the swap lottery. Seriously I've never had anything this well made and beautiful in my hands. I'm crying, it's so lovely.


And I LOVE your Children's Art Smocks! So I'm THRILLED that I get to make some! I host a Kids craft play group, maybe I'll make a new one once a week or so until I have a stack for the kids? (there are only 6 total, it's not like I'm making 50 of them! haha)


I'm shamed to think that the little thing I'm working on, well how can I call it a quilt when compared to yours! I love the white with the heavy quilting, I would love a quilt in plain white with just the quilted patterns on it - so lovely. You make beautiful pieces.


Hi, I have just found your blog... love all the quilts!
That pink quilt is gorgeous...
I shall be back.
Hugs Julia ♥

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

Hi! Is that your pattern for the I heart pink mini quilt?! If so, do you have a pattern available for purchase?! I LOVE LOV ELOVE LOVE LOVE LVOE IT! I think you get the picture!!! I've downloaded the instructions for your cushions.... will have a crack at the girly one tonight for my nearly 2 year old's birthday... :) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR CREATIVITY! The kids theatre is gorgeous! Shall certainly pop back when it's available for purchase! :)


I bookmarked you, you are so talented. I'm looking for a toddler dress re-do, was it you who did it? It was made from a men's dress shirt. Thanks.

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