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December 27, 2008


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do I get an extra point for being first to comment :-) Boys one is just great Kellie , better for me too. Happy New Year to you all too
Lisa x


How cute! My boys would love this!


Oops, forgot to ask for the pattern. thanks.

amy (sew~amy)

my baby boy would just love this. and I would be honored to have something made by you. You are so talented. Hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours. Happy New Year.



Seriously, does it get any better? I'd love a chance to win this one too. My oldest is currently obsessed with space and astronauts...she got to meet one and see a real space shuttle. thnks again for a chnace to win. Yes, I'd love this pattern too...just in case I don't win :-)


This is wonderful Kellie! My son has a rocket-themed room and this would be perfect in it! Ooohh! I wish I sewed! Your work is stunning!


Oh WOW! Pefect for my little SpaceMan... his room is the inside of a rocket with robots running it! This little pillow would be the perfect addition!


PS- Can you send me the pattern if I don't win, please?


Lovely work again, could I please have the pattern for this one too.

Dotti Timkey

That pillow is so sweet. But your quilting just amazes me!!! I've been quilting since 1990 and can't come even remotely close to what you do. And your daughter is wonderful too. You are so talented. I love your bright and "happy" colors. Everything you do is "happy". That's terrific. Oh yes, send the downloadable to me! Thanks so much.

Rachel H

This one's just as cute as the flowers. I'd love to have a copy of the downloadable pattern.



WOW! How do you do it? I found your blog the other day and have been going through some of your old entries. Your quilts are amazing! May I ask when you began machine quilting and what did it seem like in the beginning?
I only have two little kids at home and I seem to get nothing done. On top of that our home is a mess... I have this problem, where I get very excited about different projects and have difficulty in getting them finnished. What is your daily rhythym like? How do you do it? All I can say is: WOW!
If possible, I too would like a copy of the pattern for this pillow also. Please and thank you!
How to you attach your appliques to the background before you hand sticth them or sew them on with the machine?
If you have the time and if you don't mind answering my questions I would be very glad to hear from you.
Your work really is amazing!


Another stunning project I'd love to win and also love to have the pattern.

Robyn Kirk

Love the rocket ship pillow. Would love to have you email the pattern,
Cheers for a great New Year for your family.

Robyn Kirk


And the rocket ship pillow is adorable too, Kellie! Your work is really amazing! I am still thinking about your Christmas tree. Thank you for your willingness to share your work with us! And I would love to have the pattern as well. Cheers!


I love it! Especially the swirly quilting in the background. I would love to get the pattern e-mailed to me. Thanks in advance!


Glad to hear your Christmas was a wonderful one Kellie! Love the photo of the happy little faces under the tree. Your cushions are amazing Kellie! Your applique designs are always so vibrant.


Oh I do love the pillow. How perfect for a boy. Can you send me a download of the pattern. I hope you have a wonderful New Year Kellie, and I look forward to hearing from you on the 2nd!


Love how you inculde boys in your quilt designing. Great cushion.

Lara (thornberry)

Hi Kellie, I'd love a copy of this pattern too! It's superb. I'm looking forward to seeing how your daughter got on in Homespun too - can't you maybe leak a little clue? Her quilt is so great!


Another great cushion. Please send me the pattern.
thanks, Mandy.


Oh my goodness. You make such beautiful things! I always like to see what's next! Please send me the pattern too! Although it might be more fun to win the one you've applique is not that pretty! Thank you!



Oooh! Sign me up! I have a new baby boy, so I'm always on the lookout for 'cool' boy stuff! I would love a copy of the pattern!


Love it!! No boys here, just wanted to say hi!

Sherrie Letzter

Wow this is spectacular too! I would also enjoy this pattern. I have a special someone who would love it.


Hi. I'd love to be entered to win the pillow. Gorgeous! I'd also like the pattern for the starship and flower garden pillows. denice at raincitycreations dot com.

Thank you!


Thats stunning will have to give it a go, but doubt I could do it that good.

tracey petersen

I think I love this one the most!


My goodness Kellie, another triumph - my son would love this pillow, so I'd very much like the pattern - he's mad about space themed things.
You're so incredibly talented and generous.

linda k

what a nice pillow, love to make it for my boy's.
could you please send me the pattern, thank you very much for the lovely give a way!!


Hope you had a great Christmas! The pillow is gorgeous! Planning on visiting the miniture railway again?

lucy locket

Well I just have to say "Me please" once again!!!! And I'd love a copy of the pattern too please - I have a little boy who'd love a cushion like that!

Lucy x


I would love to be in the running for the pillow. Could I also have to pattern as I would love to attempt this for someone? Thanks!


Ooh! I'd love the patterns for both flower garden and rocket please. Thank you for blogging, I've loved every picture this year. :0)

Robin (rsislandcrafts)

I LOVE the rocket ship pillow! All your work is stunning. You have a great eye for colors :)

Could you please send me the pattern also.


Another GREAT WORK!!
I'd love to win and also love to have the pattern

Rachel L

Wow, that cushion is so fabulous, my 6 year old son would adore it! But if I don't win I would also love a copy of the pattern. Many thanks.


Now this makes me wish my boys were little again! You've been sewing like a crazy woman -- how did you manage it all in the middle of getting ready for Christmas? Oh, and I forgot to say how much I love the picture of your little cherubs in front of the Christmas tree -- they're all SO adorable!!!


My little boy would love this pillow, and I would like to try the pattern if too. Your work is so beautiful, thanks for the giveaway!

Sarah Lock


I love the pillow!!

It would look so amazing in my little boys room (hint, hint)
If I am not lucky enough to win, then a copy of the tutorial will be very much appreciated and I will make my own instead, which will of course be nowhere as beautiful as yours.




This would be great to make for my twins! I'd love the pattern :)


Hi Kellie....can I, can I, can I have this one too please (I know, I sound like the kids when we go shopping) - but it's really great and i have two boys who would just love it !


Oooohhh I love it!! I have 3 boys so this one would be perfect for me to I'd love a copy of the pattern.Thanks for your generosity Kellie :)


Oh, my 2 year old would love this. he is obsesed with rocket ships these days. And I'd love the pattern, too. Thanks!


Thanks Kellie. I can see my 'Bear' hanging onto this one for quite some time. Please put me in the drawer. The pattern would be wonderful too, thanks heaps.
Oh, happy New Year Kellie. x x x


Hi Kellie - graded fabric you used. I would love to go in the draw to win this. Will you be doig tutorials for these pillows?


I'd love the pattern. We are expecting a baby in March and I still haven't started decorating his room. This would be perfect


That is a wonderful pillow. The background fabric is just perfect! I would love the pattern, along with the chance to win yours.

Your Christmas tree is stunning, too.


The pillows are too cute. I love your fabric selections.thanks for sharing,


The people who leave the comments about how their kids would love the pillow make me laugh...because my big kid 26 year old hubby would also like the pillow. He is, after all, a rocket scientist, so it would stand to reason (no joke, he's an aerospace engineer). I would like to see the pattern, not sure if I'm brave enough to tackle applique yet.

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