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December 21, 2008


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Oh the xmas tree is beautiful, and only 12 days to finish it. Wow that is amazing. I love tbe blue sock monkey too, so cute. I am sure the lollipop lady loved him. It looks as though you will be making some more gorgeous things with all that beautiful fabric. I am glad I dont live too close to that shop. The pillow is beautiful too. Look forward to the surprise too.


The Christmas Tree is amazing - congratulations. Gorgeous cushion and cute monkey.


Just beautiful Kellie. Thank you for a wonderful year of amazing creations and inspiration.
Merry Christmas x x


The Christmas Tree quilt is stunning - you did it again, girl! Beautiful cushion too. Merry Christmas to you and yours - have a wonderful time! x

May Britt

The christmas tree is wonderful. And I can see it done in stitchery too. Merry Christmas.


The Christmas tree is STUNNING!!! I want one :)


Sooooo good to see you my lovely friend. All completely fabulous fabric choices. I take it you found the cotton you needed to complete that wonderful tree quilt. It's simply beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas and try and chill out a bit will you! I look forward to spending some time with you and kids over the holidays. xxx


Oh i love the Christmas tree! You husband was right, it does look good finished!


Amazing! Amazing! All of it!! The quilt, the pillow, the fabric.... all of it.
Happy latkes to you too.
Andi :-)


Kellie, looks like you chose the right linen this time, it's good to see your creations, I have missed yr posts. Hope to catch up with you and lara late january

tracey petersen

I think that the highlight of my year has been finding you and your blog. You never fail to inspire and delight with your quilts.


Wow! And how appropriate it took 12 days!


Oh, Oh, Oh Christmas tree is beautiful. i love the combination of colour and the simplicity. to you and yours and all the family my good wishes.

Bernadette B

The Christmas tree is just gorgeous! Your sock monkeys are the cutest I have seen and the cushion is very pretty. I was at Amitie yesterday too, for the second time this week although I was much more restrained yesterday only buying some Liberty 1/16ths but my friend bought a gorgeous Aunt Bec's kit.

amy (sew~amy)

Oh Christmas tree quilt is gorgeous. You are the most talented person.


Kellie you never seem to stop amazing me with your creativity and talent. Such a simple yet stunning design piece. I'm sure your lollypop lady will treasure her own little monkey. Very yummy fabrics, I'm sure you will turn them into beautiful creations. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.


I LOVE the Christmas tree quilt. Your work is so beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for the inspiration and happy holidays to you and your family!


Happy Chanukah to you too, Kellie! Fantastic Christmas tree? What do you guys celebrate in your house??


That tree is spectacular! My goodness. I love the pillow, too. I, too, could not resist that fairy fabric. Now I have to figure out what to do with it.

The Chocolate Cat

Love the Christmas Tree! What a lot of lovely fabric you found at Amitie and how nice you could buy the extra 20%!! That fairy fabric is gorgeous, it will need a special project!


your christmas tree is beauuuuuutiful!!! and the pillow equally gorgeous!
I had an uncle Leon... great name! cute guy!
Happy Chanukah to you too!
Can hardly wait until we find out what you have in store for us on Christmas.
Have a great week!


Love the Oh Christmas tree! you should bring it out in a pattern. Although i dont think mine would turn out the same lol! Happy you and your family.

Shari Jamieson

I am just so impressed with everything you do! The Christmas Tree is stunning in its elegant simplicity. Congratulations!

Lisa W.

Oh how beautiful! I wish I had that to hand on my wall.


Happy Christmukah to all at the "don'tlooknow" household. It was lovely to see you on Saturday Kellie.Enjoy the break and please have a little rest.


Wow! I'm blown over by your christmas tree quilt. You're going to have to share your secret source of that Steam-A-Seam cos I'm feeling the need to take up some applique.

And thanks for dropping that comment note. I really needed a wake-up from my blog-hiding.


wow....that Christmas Tree is awesome!!! I was looking for a word (or words) that would describe it and Shari has summed it up in her comment...elegant...! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.....!


OH MY, Kellie! Your teaser of the Christmas tree quilt was so tantalizing and your beautiful tree did not disappoint! Just amazing! OK, I'm going to leave it on the computer screen for the day so I can gaze at its loveliness...sigh...


I was just reading your comments and noticed mine has disappeared again!! Love your tree quilt , it really is gorgeous - I think its the simplicity of it. Are you going to wall hang it? All of us over here are wishing all of you a very merry christmas and happy chanukah. Hope Santa is good to the kiddies and I agree with louise -- chill :-). See you on Christmas Day my friend :-)
Lisa x


Oh my, everything you do is gorgeous! How do you work with such tiny applique pieces? Is it raw edge? Any tutorials on the horizon? (please, please, pretty please!)


yet another original and beautiful design Kellie. It is sensational. I am so glad I found your blog this year. hugs to you and your family for Christmas, Helen


Your work is so unique, you need to be making patterns and selling them via your blog. I would certainly be keen to make some of the fabulous stuff you turn out. Congratulations on another eye-catching piece of work. I agree with peppermintpatcher, I struck gold when I found your blog.

alicia in Hawaii

There's that pillow! I knew I drooled over it before!
and that fairy fabric is GREAT! I will have to seek that out.
alicia in Hawaii

Bethel of Bethania

G'day Kellie
I saw this great Christmas tree of yours before Christmas but didn't comment then as I know just how busy we all are this week & really do need to veg out the rest of the next week too but I do so love this quilt. I was wanting to ask you some questions about the Steam a Seam 2 that you used ... so when your head is clear & the decks are clear, drop me a line please, & I can ask you via email... OOroo ... Bethel


The Christmas tree is beautiful! May I please play with the idea of making something similar? Would you mind?


Twelve Days??? You're a mad woman! I love it Kellie -- it's just beautiful!!!


Hi Kellie, i just had to say your Christmas Tree wall hanging is amazing and so beautiful. You are one clever girl.


Love that Christmas Tree!! Your blog is terrific!


I found you blog from Jodi and I am so glad, you are going to be added to my google reader, your works is amazing, i love the fabrics you got.


You work is absolutely amazing! I'm wondering where I might find the Fairy fabric. my little girls would love that. I'm sure it's long gone by now - but I'm thinking I might have luck on ebay?
I truly am impressed by your bloggings and creations! Thanks for all the inspiration to keep doing what I love and what I know!
Thanks!, k


Hi Kelli: Could I use one of your pillow pictures to put on my blog? I was wondering if I could post your web address on my blog like I did with I don't think I can do it with typepad though.

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