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December 25, 2008


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I love your blog! I've never left a comment, but I've looked back through most of the posts. I'd love to receive the pattern please. It's adorable.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!


Wow, like all your work, this cushion is gorgeous, delightful. Please send me the download for the pattern, and may you have a fantastic 2009.
thanks, Mandy.


Awesome sharing on your part. I'm hoping to win but would love the tutorial also. Thank you!


Merry Christmas Kellie. I love the fact that you still have your grandmother around to share your kids joy too. Both of mine are gone now but Paul still has both of his and it is always wonderful to see them. I love the cushion, so gorgeous. Can you send me a copy of the pattern as I would love to make one for my nieces birthday as she is struggling with the loss of her mum quite a bit at nighttime and so I think it may brighten her day to receive one. The rocket ship cushion sounds like something fantastic to make too. I will need to pop back later and see that one too. I hope that Santa spoilt you too!


Merry Christmas Kellie! Thank you for blogging and sharing your lovely work with all of us. You are very inspirational and generous!

Bethel of Bethania

Ohhh Kellie you are just so generous - I would very much love to win the girlie pillow. I've just popped over to your blog to copy your blog address as I mentioned you in my blog entry of today as I had been so inspired by you Heart with the flowers that I had copied the flowers - well... tried too, that is, and had used them to make my Mum a little Art Quilt/Fabric Collage for the top of her calendar - sorry I forgot to take a photo of it but will as soon as I see her again... Can I have the pattern, please, as I know your flower patterns will look more flower-like than mine ... ha ha Thanks again for all your inspiration that you have given me in the last few months, since I've found your blog... OOroo ... Bethel


What FLARE! Love the applique design. Would love to have the patterns! Thanks!


Love the Christmas tree quilt! I'd love to win this, boy or girl cushions would be very welcome. ;0)
Peace and Joy


Merry Christmas Kellie! Thank you so much for the tutorial I cant wait to make one. I must say that I had so much fun discovering your blog this year and going through the archives was heavenly! Looking forward to discovering more of your creations in 2009


Hi, glad you had a great Christmas, hope you get to rest a bit now. My kids loved their art smocks yesterday (even if the arms were a bit short!) and I'll send you a copy of the photos soon. Thanks, they are very cute and everyone loved your pattern : )


thats so pretty! I'd love the pattern for it

Looks like you are having a merry christmas, hope you have a good new year!


Merry Christmas to you and your family. Love reading your blog as you always seem so happy and positive.
Would love to win the pattern but if not could you send me the downloadable pattern please.

Cascade Lily

And a merry Christmas to you too. I am new to your blog, and holy smokes you're good!!

alicia in Hawaii

OK...I love this pillow! I would love the pattern...I'd love the pillow too! I remember gawking at this design a bit back.
It's great!
Merry Christmas.
alicia in Hawaii


Your designs and fine needlework amaze me. Where do you find the time. I'd just be happy with the patterns.


What a wonderful pillow! I have really enjoyed reading your blog this year snd I look forward to next year. Your work is so amazing! And I would love a copy of the pattern, Thanks.


Ohhh I love it! Very cute, I do love your little birds. I would love the pattern please. Thank you


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

i love the pillow it is beautiful i would love to win it if not i would still very much like the pattern. thank you for your lovely projects and inspiration.


Merry christmas.
Please include me in the draw to win the pillow. Can you also add me to the ever-growing list for a download of the pattern too please.

carlasue wilson

Glad you had a good holiday! I would Love to have your pattern if I`m not a winner. Your work is beautiful and original and a real inspiration to some of us who are not quite as creative as yourself. Thank you for sharing with us!


Merry Christmas! Fantastic giveaway....would love a copy of the pattern too :)


I love the pillow! Your work is so wonderful. And I'd love the pattern. Thanks!


I love this blog! I am so happy to find it! I would love the tutorial. Can you e-mail it to me? (I already know what fabric I'll use.)

All your girly little flowers, butterflies and birdies are the cutest! I heartily agree with the PP who said the heart applique quilt was outstanding.

Thank you in advance for the tutorial!

Robyn Kirk

The cushion ideas are great. I have the pattern for the art smocks (thank you for your generosity) unforunately I didn't get them finished for GDs for Christmas but the girls are waiting for them. Great designs!

Ginny Worden

Oh what a great idea, I rarely win, so I do like the idea of the pattern, please, please send it my way. Maybe next Christmas some pillows will be in some gifts. Thanks, and HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Merry Christmas Kellie - I hope you have all had a fabulous time!

I always feel rather uncomfortable commenting on giveaway posts because it seems greedy but I can't help myself here! I'd LOVE to win one of your cushions and I'd also love a copy of the pattern! Your work has me completely in awe!

Have a great New Year too!

Lucy x


Hello! I just found your site the other day and absolutely fell in love with your appliqued quilts! How do you do it?!? Could you please e-mail me the pillow pattern - it is beautiful! And I can't wait to see the rocket pillow.
Merry Christmas!


I found your blog just last week and am amazed by all the beautiful things that you make! I'm excited to look at the tutorial and try it out. Thanks!


You do such beautiful work! I would love the pattern because I never have much luck winning anything. Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas, your work is absolutely beautiful & you should be very proud of your efforts. Its inspired me to get quilting. I saw your art smocks on Sew Mama Sew & thought they were fab. I would love the pattern please.


I've been lurking for quite a while now and just love what you do with applique!!
I would love a pattern.


again such wonderful work - I hope I have the honours to have that georgeous pillow in my home : )

Bernadette B

Well what a lovely Christmas giveaway! I would love a copy of the pillow pattern to go with your pattern in the magazine(waiting eagerly for it to come out) thanks Kellie.


Thanks so much, I LOVE those pillows! What a great idea for a tute. I would love a copy.. Ta. Merry christmas, and im sure you'll have a even bigger and better 2009!
Cheers Leah :P

Rachel H

The pillow is gorgeous...I'd really like to have the pattern (in case I don't win). Thanks and Happy Holidays.

Rebecca Woods

Merry Christmas!!! I have been admiring and loving your work from afar and never commented before but I loooovvveee this pillow especially the little birdy. May I please have the pattern too just in case. I can see this on my daughters bed.

chriss jasper

Merry Xmas to you and your family and many thanks for letting us see your beautiful work. I love the pillows, would truly love the pattern to make some for my delightful nieces. thank you so much.You have a great blog. Chriss


The pillow is wonderful! I would love to have the pattern. I have just recently found your blog and your work is fabulous! You are so very talented! Happy New Year!


That pillow is absolutely beautiful. I have two girls and this is something worth fighting over! :-) Thanks for the chance to count me in. And yes, I'd love the pattern.


That is just gorgeous....I would love the pattern. Your work is just amazing and I have no idea how you do it with 4 kids.


it's just gorgeous, you are so generous, and I'd love the pattern too please xxx


wonderful pillow, but all your work is like that

would love the pattern too

and let's not forget, happy belated x-mas and a wonderful new year from europe


What a cute pillow! I would love to have the pattern. You do beautiful work.

Jacqueline Valero

I'm sorry if my English is not always correct, I live in the Netherlands, and reading and writing in English is sometimes dificult for me. I find your work wonderful, I look very often on your blog. I wish that I was so creative. How do you make the appliques, Is that machinework with a normal stitch? It looked fantastic.
Please, will you send me the pattern of the pillow? Thank you very much in advance.

Jacqueline Valero
The Netherlands


Oh, Kellie! It looks like you had a very happy Christmas! I love the pillow--if you would be so kind, please enter me for the drawing and I would love to have the pattern. Thank you!!


Happy holidays, Kellie! Your blog has inspired me to learn applique, I am absolutely in love with your work. Your quilting is also gorgeous. I'd love to have the pattern for your sweet pillow!


I have loved your style of quilt designs for some time now and your Christmas Tree is divine. Keep on quilting.


This is a beautiful pillow! I'd love to have the pattern to make one for my daughter's room. Thanks!


Hi Kellie
Love your blog! Love your work! Would love a copy of your two patterns.
I too covet the new Nina 820. Its free to


This is just so beautiful! I would love to have the downloadable for this! I think I might get to it a few years from now when my applique starts to look less wonky though! Maybe I will win it instead! Thank you!


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