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December 25, 2008


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Merry Christmas, Kellie. I guess I am about the only person not busy today ;) Love, love, love your work and I would love to own one of your pillows here in Israel! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful work and ideas with us throughout the year.


Merry Chrystmas! Your work is wonderful! So many gorgeous details... Of course I would love to own that pillow! If I'm not the lucky one, I would apreciate very much if you send me the pattern! Thank you!


Wow Kellie that is a lovely Christmas gift. Your appliques are thoroughly gorgeous and i would love to own one of your creations. However my luck doesn't tend to be that great so i would be happy for a tutorial. Lol. Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas to you and yours!

If I don't win - I'd love the pattern!


Merry Christmas! I would love this pillow. Your appliques are very impressive. Your quilts never fail to amaze me.
Thanks for this opportunity.


Merry Christmas from Mississippi! I am the grandmother this year, enjoying all their exitement. I'd love a tutorial.


Merry Christmas. I found your blog recently and have been going through the archives reading everything. I love your designs and especially this pillow. I would love to learn how to make this if I can't win it.


Lemon Tree Tami

What a gorgeous pillow! I've enjoyed looking at your applique quilts since I first saw one of them in the Doll Quilt Swap. The last heart one you did was outstanding. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Happy holidays! :-)


Merry Christmas to you and your family! I just love your applique designs and if I'm not the lucky winner, I'd be happy to have a copy of your girly pattern for the pillow.
thank you and Happy New Year!


I LOVE the pillow and would love to have it!


Generous to a fault as usual my friend, Glad to hear you have had a lovely day, ours , well - not so good but there you go. Looking forward to seeing your achievements next year,,,
Lisa x


Merry Christmas...and what a lovely giveaway!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I love the pillow! Just as all of your other designs, beautiful!! I would LOVE the chance to make this on my own, that is if I don't win :). Thank you very much for this chance.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I would love to win this pillow, it would make the perfect birthday present for my daughter who turns 3 in February. If I don't win, I would love the pattern, maybe I can learn how to do it and make it myself before then.

Thank you for a lovely blog, I am so glad I discovered it!


Wow! What a stunning pillow! My daughter is absolutely addicted to 'little birdies' at the moment, she would love it! Thank for the chance to win.

Merry Christmas to you and have a wonderful New Year!


Of course I had to comment and of course I would be delighted to win, but equally delighted to get the pattern. I'm also waiting to see what the Rocket Ship version will look like. My husband is very interested in that "stuff" and used to work for the Norwegian Space Agency.

Have a great christmas and a wonderful new year.


Merry Christmas to you and your family!
I love your blog and everything you create.
And this pillow is so beautiful. I would be so happy to win it.
Otherwise I would be glad to get a tutorial.
Thank you very much for giving me so much inspiration this year.


Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! I hope you have a happy holiday!
What a generous giveaway....I would love the tutorial for this beautiful pillow!!!


Merry Chrystmas!
Your pillow is wonderful!
Plesase, enter me to the giveaway.
If I'm not the lucky one, I would appreciate very much if you send me the pattern.
Thank you,


Merry Christmas to you and yours :) I'd also like the pattern - such charming work :)


Wow another give away! I would love the pattern for this wee pillow it is rather lovely. It will become another project for the new year.

Merry Christmas.


Kelli, your work has been a joy to see and enjoy, thanks so much, I'd love to be in for the draw and pattern.


Merry Christmas Kellie!! Looks like you had heaps of fun. Santa was extremely generous to my girls too - lots of squealing and paper tearing - fun, fun, fun! Gosh you must be up for 1 year of blogging soon. Didn't this year go by in a flash. I am enjoying doing absolutely NOTHING today - well maybe a little sewing to indulge myself but I refuse to go anywhere. Maybe I just won't get dressed - anyway there are too many new toys to play with!! I love the cushion - do you ever stop?


Merry Chirstmas Kellie, Thanks for posting throughout the year it has been an inspiring adventure. Best of luck for the new year.

I would love it if you could email me the pillow pattern!


Cool - great giveaway - I'd love to receive the pattern as well - Merry Christmas!

Lara (thornberry)

Merry Christmas Kellie - I hope to meet you in person in the new year! I'd love a copy of the pattern - I've already been lucky enough to win one of your giveaways! You are very generous, and your applique is incredible. I still don't know how you fit it in with four kids!


Kellie, I left the wrong email address so i am posting again. I would love to win the pillow and recieve the pattern. Thanks so much, happy new year to you all.


Merry Christmas to you and your family!
What a lovely way to celebrate - I'd love to get the pattern for your beautiful piece of art. I admire your appliqué design for a while's beyond cute!
Merry Christmas,
Julia from Germany


Hi Kellie your quilts and creations are always so bright and beautiful to watch develop. I love checking your blog to see if any thing new has popped up. wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas period and an adventurous New Year. PS I would really like a copy of the pattern :)


WOW! Kellie, I would do ANYTHING (well, not bungee jump!) to win some of your work, and a pretty girlie cushion would be a great START!!....but if the original cushion MUST go to someone else :>( then I would be more than the happiest little vegemite to receive a copy of the tutorial!Happy New Year to you and yours from me and mine lziluluxox


I've just discovered your blog (you were the top recommendation at Google Reader!) and i'm amazed and inspired by your work.
Don't include me in the givaway, since i live far far away, but i'd love to get the patterns, my kids will be thrilled :-)


I always love the colours you choose. I'd love a copy of the pattern.

Shari Jamieson

Thanks very much Kellie. I would love the pattern as I'm not usually very lucky in giveaways... I have really enjoyed visiting you and so appreciate your sharing with us. What a great Christmas you've had!


Merry Christmas to you! I would LOVE a copy of the pattern please. You are very very talented!

Anne Whitteker

Merry Christmas to you and yours Kellie!
I so love the pillow - please, please enter me in the draw.
I would also really appreciate it if you would send me the pattern.
Thanks... Anne


Wow Kellie, that is a gorgeous pillow, I'd love to be able to make my own. Thank you so much for making a gift that keeps on giving.


Kellie, Merry Christmas! My daughter and I LOVE your blog - she's 7 and oohs and aahs over your flowers and birdies and I ooh and ahh over your swirly quilting - love it all! In saying that we'd love to be part of your give away, and also a recipient of your free pattern, we can have a bit of Don't Look Now! at home!

Adds xx

Happy Christmas to you and your family. How cute is Tiger! Hope your tree stayed in one piece. Adds xx
p.s. Pattern Copy would be lovely!

Holly (Two Cheese Please)

I do have to say.. you're definitely my quilt goddess! I just love that quilt you "whipped up" for Christmas! I was lucky if I could manage to slip in a nap before Christmas!
I would definitely love to own one of your beautiful creations but if I can't be that lucky (and not all of us can unfortunately, or you'll be making pillows forever!) I would love to have the pattern!


Ellen Burbank

Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful work. Merry Christmas! P.S. I'd enjoy the pattern. Thanks.


Merry Christmas! The children are lovely.

I'd love to win, but either way I'd appreciate the tutorial for the beautiful pillow.


Happy New Year to you and your family Kellie....very generous giveaway.....would love to win it but if not would be more than happy to have a copy of the pattern.....don't you love those Christmas morning photos of the kids all ready to "demolish" the careful wrapping on those gifts.....! These days it is me who is up first making noise so they get up.....what a difference a few years makes! LOL


Merry Christmas!!!!
You have such a beautiful family.
I showed your blog to my parents, and they were amazed by your quilts!


Wow, what a fantastic pillow! I usually like to stick to my own quilty items, but I'm going to break it for this, I'd love one of your giveaways - and either my son or daughter would be thrilled too! Merry Christmas!


you are far too generous. Hope you had a great day


thanks for the chance to win some of your beautiful work, if not lucky, i would love to have the tutorial for the cushion. Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays.


Its gorgeous Kellie, thank you. I have enjoyed visiting your blog and am always inspired by it. I would dearly love a copy of the pillow patter. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!


Merry Christmas. Beautiful children and cushions!


Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas, I had to go to work this morn but had a great christmas with hubby and Hunter when I got back, got pictures and calls from all my family from the east coast. I love that pillow and would love the pattern to start with spring stuff for my family. Thank you again for sharing all your beautiful stuff. God Bless.


kellie, i would love a copy of the pattern, just so i can say when i am really old, that i knew that very talented woman!!!

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