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November 28, 2008


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Welcome back!! love the little quilt! very cute! ....I found that when I was making a swap quilt partner had very specific likes/dislikes and I put some of he diliked fabric in without realising it....because I use it so much I didn't even notice it....she still liked it tho!


1. Welcome home!
2. wow!
3. wow!
4. Wow!
5. Congratulations.


Welcome home!! Kellie, that heart quilt is beautiful!!! I haven't finished my doll quilt either so don't stress too much!! Neither have I received one and am in no hurry. Congrats on seeing your name in print - it's quite a buzz isn't it. And you so deserve to be seen in as many magazines as possible. I will have to get you to autograph a few like Amy Butler did!!! Hope we can catch up for a coffee soon. xx

tracey petersen

The quilt is an absolute stunner. I can only imagine the six that you drew up after the inspiration of the US quilt market.

AND... that's me, listed beside MY very cool and talented friend Kellie!


welcome back! the dolly quilt is just gorgeous....I don't think anyone will mind waiting for this to arrive!!!


Welcome back - you've been missed! That doll quilt is superb - I am constantly amazed at your imagination and the quality of your work. Looking forward to seeing that issue of Quilter's Companion in January!


Glad to see you back my friend - I love the little bird and how could your partner not mind waiting for that quilt - it's gorgeous. You are going to be jumping on hot bricks no waiting for the magazine aren't you and you know what - I don't blame you :-)
Lisa x


Welcome home. It's so nice to have you back.
I absolutely love that quilt. Even if you are a little late, I'm sure the recipient will admit that it was worth the wait.
Andi :-)


Welcome home Kellie! I'm pleased to see you home and gradually getting accustomed to Oz life again. You've obviously lost none of your talent whilst you were away - the latest makes are as gorgeous as ever. (Please don't tell me your swap partner doesn't like green? :-O It's one of my favourite colours!)



I came here for your art smock tutorial. I just love your blog. your work is so inspiring. I would love to learn how to applique so well.


Welcome back! after flying back from visiting Minneapolis alone with an eight year old son a few years ago, I was almost hoping for a plane crash just to relieve the tedium of that endless 15 hour just seemed to go on forever!
I am jealous of your swap partner, that miniature looks exquisite.


Oh that is just gorgeous! I really love the colours - I need some colour, everything is very grey here in the UK atm.


Love what your working on the colours are Gorgeous...Congratulations for being in the Mag...looking forward to seeing that one.
Welcome Home.


Welcome back Kellie, have missed yr posts and seeing beautiful quilts. seems like you will have yr head down for the next few days


Such a loooong flight, I'm sure you must have breathed a sigh of relief when your feet touched Oz soil and you could throw away your paper bag. I understand completely, there are still many times when I'll just shut my eyes while dh is I do hope you'll share with us what's in that issue of the magazine, so we know what to look for in the stores here. Your swap quilt is adorable as per usual, and I'm sure your new creations for the next year will be just as stunning as your previous ones.


Beautiful, yummy things to look at, congratulations on being published, will look forward to seeing you in print many times, I'm sure.


Your heart mini is awesome!! It makes me sad when I read that you missed the signup on the Four Seasons Swap...I'd have loved to have had your talent there :-)


I'm sure i saw one of your quilts as part of a display at the AQM??? yes??? I wanted to pek a bit closer but the booth was busy! November is a disaster!!!


I will be eagerly awaiting Issue #35 of Quilters Companion!! Love your latest projects - the Doll Quilt is spectacular and so very pretty. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in 2009!


Holy guacamole!!!!!! That is the most beautiful quilt I think I've ever seen! I LOVE IT.

Erin K

I am in that swap, I mentioned a specific color I don't like.... Maybe it's me???

If so WOOOOHOOOO because this quilt is DARLING. :)


Wow, your doll quilt is amazing. What a lucky partner! I love the design and the colors, you are very talented.

Nadine Woodraska

Just found youe blog! OMG! that quilt is so cute, I love it!
the material girls quilts


Welcome home!!
More gorgeousness!
Your lucky swap partner!
Cant wait to see the magaZine.
You are brilliant.


Welcome home. What I can see here is stunning! Looking forward to seeing your creative work again!


Welcome back! Another stunning creation! Cant wait to see all these projects finished.


You are amazing!!! Your work is stunning!!

Lisa Isaacs

Welcome home! I am sure you are still re-living the highlights of your trip! That is one gorgeous quilt! Wow! I love the little bird on it. You never fail to amaze us, heh?


Oh that doll quilt is so sweet! I need one (or three) for my girls! I am glad you had such a great time away. And i look forward to the mag.


Hi left a comment on my blog re the striped fabric in my little quilt....sorry I couldn't reply as you have a "no-reply" setting...if you want to email me I can give you details of where I bought the fabric...and I still have small piece if you need some.


I don't think your swap partner is going to mind it being a little late when they recieve that gorgeous quilt! It is amazing!


your name in print...woohoo! when is your pattern going to be published?! I am waiting!!!!

The Chocolate Cat

Welcome home! I have read my new quilters companion and I did notice that little bit on the last page!! the worst thing now is waiting for the next issue to come out! I LOVE your heart quilt!


This is the most delicious creation i have seen in a very long time. Congratulations Kellie. I can't wait to see what you share in 2009.


Hi Kellie.
Thanks so much for all the lovely comments over at my blog. I seem to have misplaced your email address so this is the best way I have of getting in touch.
It's so lovely of you to be so supportive. I do appreciate it.
Also, I love the new header.
And .... I got my copy of Homespun today. Megan's quilt looks amazing. Congratulations to her creative little self. I hope she wins her category. She deserves it!!!
Andi :-)

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