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November 07, 2008


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tracey petersen

Lots of beautiful memories being made. Thanks for sharing them.


You look as if you are having heaps of fun. How stunning are those quilts - absolutely amazing! It is on my to do list to got that show one day!


Dear Santa, i am sending you a reference to say that i think Kellie has been very, very good and she deserves that new machine that she wants. you know how much she would use it, you only have to read her blog each week just to see how much she does for her husband, children and their friends. and i know santa that she must be very good and kind to you also, i bet she leaves out good snacks for you! Go on Santa!


thanks for sharing those quilts, they are truly works of art....looks like the family are having a great time


I love that grey/blue and cream quilt. Didnt realise you were going to Vegas , amazing shopping there too - I spent a fortune at the cheap malls - where we got married too so lots of happy memories. Keep on having a great time , the kids look like they are having a ball.
lisa x


Sounds like your having a fun time, do hope Santa comes through for you. Love the note of reference written to santa....too funny.


I have no idea what the Bernina 820 cost. But I paid $5000.00 for my HQ Sixteen so the 820 must be really bad. I have the Bernina 430 and I love it. Im still learn to be friends with the HQ. It really intimidates me. I want the HQ Pro-Stitcher to go with my HQ and its spendy too. I think its going for around $7500. Maybe I win the lotto. I put in a good word with Santa for ya too.


LOVE your pictures Kellie -- the children look like theyre having a fantastic time. I hope to hear more about that shop -- it looks awesome. And above all, I hope that Santa is VERY, very good to one very deserving, very awesome quilter!


Im so glad you and the family are having such a great time.
Good luck with the Santa thing!
Andi :-)


The first quilt is absolutely amazing. How talented those ladies must be. I adore those last quilts as when I travel to the quilt show with my sister I always like them. The silver and gold one looks beautiful. It seems as though your all having a wonderful time visiting lots of places. It has been freezing here the last 2 days with a storm yesterday so enjoy the sunshine over there.


Wow Kellie! You have been having so much fun.
Those quilts look amazing. Your children look so happy.

Bernadette B

Thanks for photos of the quilts Kellie. The little one is lovely and now I know why you do such lovely quilting with Mariya Waters as your teacher! I love the blue and white quilt and I know that Ronda Beyer is the quilter, I love her work. The last one looks a little like Diane Gaudinskis work (another of my favourite quilters)although its hard to know as there are so many talented quilters around now. The white wholecloth also looks familiar but I cant place it, do you remember who it belongs to? Looks like you are having a fabulous time with the family, enjoy!

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