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November 10, 2008


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How amazing is the Grand Canyon, although I am scared of heights so possibly a bit too much for me I think. The snow looks so inviting and just think it is in the high 20s here this week. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous and I am sure it will be the next on your to do list. Enjoy the rest of your wonderful holiday.


Amazing photos, just breath taking. So glad you and the kids got to experience some snow. Like you I had never seen it or been it it before coming to live in the US.


First snow! And Grand Canyon! The kids must be over the moon. :)


What a fantastic trip you guys are having.
That quilt is amazing.
Andi :-)


Stunning photos. Your kids seem really excited about the snow

love and husg Gina xxx


Wow - amazing photos - thanks for sharing. Youve never seen snow before? :-O Gosh. I guess we take it for granted here? That quilt is beautiful. Have a great time at Yosemite - my parents went there and loved it. x


I am so excited for you guys! We were very fortunate to live in California for a year and visited the Grand Canyon at Thanksgiving and that was where I had my first snow experience! We also went to Yosemite and that was THE highlight of our year. It is the most amazingly beautiful place, our favourite place in all of the States. Enjoy!!! I cant wait to see the photos (you have to check out the General Sherman tree)! p.s. I love your blogs, you are an amazingly talented designer.


Wow Kellie, spectacular and what an amazing thing for you to experience together as a family. The children look so absolutely delighted!! Ive seen heaps of snow but not that gorgeous Grand Canyon - one day!! How completely amazing is that little quilt - extraordinary!


Wow, it looks awesome! You sound like you are having a ball - hope to see more of Houston when you are home and your computer is behaving better - meanwhile - keep enjoying.


How exciting for you all!! How wonderful to experience the Grand Canyon and snow on the same day!!


Breath taking. You do truly have to be there to appreciate it. I hiked down with my Mom and we saw snow on top and it was plush and green and hot on the bottom. I LOVED it and would love to go back.

tracey petersen

Fancy getting to see snow actually falling!

Rachael Rabbit

Hey Kellie - I now just have to go - your photos are Amazing ....


You guys must be having so much fun! oh the snow looks so cold! Love that quilt.


I could have sworn I posted yesterday but nope nothing there - good job as Im more composed now. I so wish we were there with you all to experience it with you. I think we just take snow for granted , even though we dont get much. The Grand Canyon looks amazing - maybe one day. Enjoy Yosemite and wherever else you are going. Take care.
Lisa x


looks like a lot of fun! the grand canyon is truly amazing! Come back to upstate NY in a month or so and you can have all the SNOW you want!!!!!

Fancy Elastic

wow, what great pics... and snow too! cool.


Wow Kellie, those pics are amazing. The children look so happy. I will just bet they love the snow!

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