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October 23, 2008


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Thank you so much! This is a great tutorial :-)


Great tutorial!! I love striped fabric for bindings and this tutorial will really help a lot!! Thank you!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Thanks for the tutorial! I'm going to add it to my new wist list hall of fame for tutes! Lucy x


Thank you so much! I'm not much of a quilter and I could use all the help I can get!


WOW! Great tutorial Kellie....and soooo shed ladies are doing a revision of binding application today and so I'll give them a link to your work will be done *smile*......thank you!
lzilulu xox


This is how I do mine!! Only not quite so precisely - I fiddle around with it a bit more. I think it sits perfectly! Thanks for going to the trouble to do this as you were madly finishing your lovely quilt. Daphne and I are feeling sick today so tomorrow is not looking good. Will email you later! xx


Great tutorial Kellie!


Thanks Kellie. Fantastic photos - when you are like me and look at pictures good photos make all the difference. Thanks for taking the time to put up this tutorial (i need to keep an eye out for that yummy stripe).

Lara (thornberry)

What an impressive tutorial Kellie! I'm only just starting with quilting and this will be a fantastic reference. Thank you!


What a great tutorial Kellie!!! I've always wanted to know how to join my bias binding together properly, thanks.


Thank you so much, that is a great tutorial! I don't suppose you would also have time to give some tips for applique? :) :) :) I am in awe of your quilts, but I have no idea how to applique!


Thanks Kellie, I have needed to learn how to join my binding together at the end, great tips. Thanks for the tiny snippets of the latest quilt!!


WOW, so much fantastic information! Thanks SO much for putting this all together. I'll be linking...


Great tutorial - thanks Kellie! x

Rachael Rabbit

How I have been bodging my binding corners ;-) Thank you for showing me how to do it properly!


Thanks Kellie. Some fantastic tips.


Thanks for the tutorial, it is a great help and to refer to often when things might confuse me!
Dawn x


Oh Kellie, thanks so much for this tutorial. Especially for the bit about getting the matchup at the end of the binding. It's been my problem area.

Your pictures were great and made it very clear.



Thats awesome, I love the title.


Great tutorial! Thanks! In looking over your blog, I have a question. I see that you have a Bernina 440 with a stitch regulator. I also see that you have nice wonderful tiny even stitches. I have the same machine, with the BSR, and I was wondering which "mode" you used the BSR in. The one where you move the fabric, and it stitches automatically, or the one where you use the foot pedal? Thanks so much!


this must have taken you ages to do - well done. Have a lovely weekend
lisa x


lots of wonderful advice....I've always wanted to know how to add a hanging pocket, thank-you!


thanks Kellie! I have never been able to match up stripes like that! I even have that fabric! when do you have time for this???

The Chocolate Cat

Thank you, I will find this very useful!


oooh, I love the way the binding stripes match up. Thank you!

Tami Challe

Wow - this is how i love to do my binding, but the 45 degree angle ruler (actually using it) is great tip! wow that will make those corners actually perfect, and i always struggle with the end matching but your tutorial is so great , it makes it easy, i have to find a way to save this it will be my go to - next time i am ready to bind a quilt!!
Only dif is i too love striped binding but i love to cut them on bias -such neat effects!

Tami C

simone de klerk

A great tutorial, Kellie. It's the first time I did a binding like this and with your directions it worked out perfectly!

Sharon Graham

going to start binding quilt today-thanks, this tutorial is so helpful. I nearly feel confident to start!

Janette Anderson

Hi I was wondering why I cannot purchase the quilt pattern Garden Party(indicates it does not ship to Canada) but can purchase Pretty in Pink. I would really love to have both they are so gorgeous. Thank you. Janette


Your binding tuto is the greatest I've read on the net and the only one I usewhen I'm binding my quilts. Thank YOU!!!!


Great advice on how to match up the stripes. I would have just fiddled and resewn it until I was ready to throw it against the wall in disgust. You've saved me from a temper tantrum. My husband thanks you!

radii supras

I like ANMJ on FB & just subscribed to the email feed! :)

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