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October 10, 2008


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Kellie, you are wicked. Telling me about these great places to shop is going to severely deplete my bank balance. The fabrics you bought are yummy!!!! Can't wait to see all these amazing projects finished. I thought I was prolific but compared to you, I'm a snail.

Also, I have amended my email address. (There was a typo). Sorry. Not avoiding, just bad typing skills.

And ..... I have managed to update my postings to allow comments. Still learning about this stuff. I'm glad you've been to visit.

Thanks. Andi :-)


All those beautiful fabrics look wonderful. I think I love most of the ones that you chose, such beautiful bright colors. I hope your MIL is okay now.


What truely scrumptious fabrics, I think I would have had a hard time not leaving them them too. The pics of the quilt are stunning. I'm wondering with the amount of littlies that you have if you ever sleep.


Such beautiful fabrics! And I'm loving the new quilt. It looks so bright and happy! :)


beautiful eye candy today Kellie, that sunburst is gorgeous


Oh my ... such gorgeous fabrics - I have drooled all over my keyboard. I'm with you on the fabric-love - I could look at it all day. Your work is beautiful - I'm sure your husband will understand. x


You are getting funnier each post my friend. I do hope your poor MIL is ok and I'm assuming by your comment that she is! My favourite fabric is the Elmer one - I HAVE to have some!! Your quilts are just stunning - I'd love to try the orange peel one sometime. I have also been working to an insane deadline but am incapable of staying up the hours you do! Mine has to be in the UK right now to meet its publication date - thank goodness it's nearly done and will be on its way shortly. Have a brilliant and sunny weekend!


What gorgeous fabric purchases Kelli- love all those lovely spots and stripes. It looks like you found the perfect binding for your quilt. Glad to see you aren't going to get withdrawals on your holiday - the orange peel quilt looks like the perfect take along project. Hope your MIL has made a good recovery.


your fabrics are beautiful !!!!
and your quilt, I want it, i want it !!!!!!!


love those fabrics but more importantly I looooove your starburst and orange peel quilts!!! OMG they are gorgeous! Is the orange peel handpieced (since you said that you are going to work on it on holidays)? We won't tell hubby about your shopping trip! and Joshua... too cute for words!


I'm just loving reading your blog, so inspirational, I can't wait for you to show the whole quilt, it's a stunner and the stripe is perfect for the binding.


oh this is all so funny, you sum it up so perfectly! the new quilt looks very special, a true spring flower garden! enjoy your holiday. hope joshua doesn't get a 'furrowed brow' working out the answer to his questions!


LOL! You nearly made me fall off my chair from laughing. I get the same sick feeling, like my stomach bottoming out, whenever I have to explain to the geezer why so much fabric is making its way over here....when I should be decluttering and using it up. Everything is stunning, as always. You're making me wish I was full-time at home again, just so I can sew, sew, sew.


Ohmygosh Kellie, you're SO funny! I LOVE your fabrics AND your BEAUTIFUL quilts! How fantastic to do a "starburst" (I forget what we call it, but this is the first I've heard starburst)in bright colors. Your fabric choices are stunning and I can't wait to see your new tree doll quilt -- I know it will be just perfect.

And how adorable is Joshua??? What a little cutie. His five (and six and ten and ... )head are clearly underneath his forehead in that very intelligent brain!!!

Kim McBirnie

What's the spotty fabric in the top pile - it's just what I've been looking for (and obviously haven't found. But you did, so that's ok.)
Did you tell your mother in law to pull herself together and stop being so dramatic? Honestly, some people are so critical.
Kim xx
PS All your excellent quilting makes me feel quite faint (and inadequate!)


Gorgeous fabrics and I love the 'little teasers' you showed us too! Enjoy all the new treats!


WOW, the fabrics are just wonderful...I would love to dive into all of them. I have just found your blog this week and it has become quite a (very pleasant) distraction for me. I am seeing flowers and trees in a whole new light. Your quilts are just beautiful. I wish I had your imagination. Thank you for the inspiration. There WILL be more pink in my future.

Two Cheese Please

And another victim falls prey to the lure of Gail B's! And what manner of delicious fabrics you found! It makes me want to go back there right now and have another browse through, mm!

I can't wait to see what you use them all for!

Two Cheese Please


I have some of those fabrics, you have great taste! I am off to Melbourne in 2 weeks so I have added this shop to my must visit list, after Ballarat Patchwork and Amitie, hopefully I will have some $ left!!


your posts are always full of crafty goodness!
I'm a little scared of visiting Melbourne now...I don't think I'd be able to resist all those lovely fabric stores.
I love your starburst quilt, it looks amazing....and thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for your package!


Your quilt looks beautiful, Josh made me laugh , Hub says Milo has a five head!!!


OOOH what a lot of lovely goodies for the stash!! The binding is just perfect. Love seeing all your fabrics & projects.
Loved the idea of Joshua wondering about what number his forehead could be..


HI Kellie...Helen had a link to your blog so thought I'd pop in & say HI....Love your new Fabrics..some Gorgeous ones there.
Looking forward to popping in again.
Great Blog

Tania - Jet Designs

Hi - I have just stumbled upon your blog - Love what I have seen so far - the art smock is beautiful - I have a three year old daughter who loves drawing and painting - so I feel this will be an excellent project to make - I think I might make one for my 5yr old niece for Christmas as well - I look forward to reading more of your blog - nice to meet you in blog land

Rachael Rabbit

Oh my - I've just been inspired to make an Elmer quilt ....

Debbie Kelly

I love the fabric you picked Hugs & kisses said she loved your blog so I had to come and see.cute girls being cuties!!!!!


Hi, I was over at crazymom quilts and you were mentioned there. You work is amazing and I love your blog. 1000 people looking at your site. I think I have 3 members daily all family and am happy for that. I love love your quilts.
I am so new that to see your work is awe inspiring.
I shall visit often.


Ahahaha! I just wrote on my blog about eating fabric! I so wish I could because then it would be INSIDE me, PART of me. :-D

I found your blog today and have been obsessively reading every post in your archives. Your quilts are soooo pretty and happy! And your daughters are very talented! What a future ahead of them!

auntie pami

If you need more of these lovlies, let me know, perhaps we could trade...I've got quite a stash myself!


You just totally amaze me! Your work is so beautiful.
You are just a totally gifted lovely person with 4 adorable children!

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