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October 17, 2008


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OOPs, but how could you be mad looking into those baby blues - such an innocent face. The jamas look great though, as does the quilt - I'm glad you got it finished. So what project are we doing now, clam shells ? Have a lovely weekend.
Lisa x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oh no! So did you have to race back home to get their uniform? Absolutely in love with those pyjamas though! Gorgeous photos of your little pickles! Lucy x


Lovely PJs and the quilt looks great too. You are amazing in what you achieve. Have a great weekend!

tracey petersen

Well, those pyjamas have been seen now, so will there be new ones for next Tuesday?

Quilt is stunning from the back, so I can only begin to imagine how incredible the fromt must be!


OMG - that quilt back is amazing!! Can't wait to see the front now you have teased us with your sneak peaks! Your kids new PJ's are great - at least you will be super organised for next week. Have a great weekend.


on no! At least it sounds like you are laughing about it now!!Cant wait to see the front of the quilt, the back looks amazing.


I'm wondering how you managed to get through the day on oly 1 1/2 hours sleep. You must be super Terrific pj's and oh my gosh the quilt back is stunning. So for those of us who live in lala land, are you about to launch into pattern making?


Sorry, but I had to laugh. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that stuff like that happens to! And look on the bright side - you're already prepared for this Tuesday!!

If the back of the quilt is *that* beautiful, I can't imagine how stunning the front will be. Can't wait to see it.



I'm always amazed at how much YOU can achieve on so little sleep. I'd be a total basket case.

As always, loving your work. You're such a tease with your latest quilt. April is a long time to wait to see the front. I suppose I'll have to make do with enjoying all your other gorgeous creations in the meantime.

Have a lovely (and restful?) weekend.
Andi :-)


That is absolutely TOO funny! Great PJs, I must say. Now wonder you wanted to show them off a little early! And that quilt - gasp! Homespun really does seem to be lifting its act and including more modern takes on craft.


Love all those wonderful pj's. I dont know how you stay up so late into the night and only manage on 2 hours sleep. I wouldnt be able to function at all. I love Joshua's face, priceless. The elephant is adorable. Your quilt looks really beautiful.


oh Kellie, that sounds like something I would do! At least you are all ready for next week and your little ones have gorgeous pj's!
The quilt back looks beautiful and I can imagine the quilt top will be amazing too. By the way, I agree with Joshua.....great name!


How Gorgeos are those PJ's...well done Great Job...they will be ready for next the qult..looks Awesome.


I soooooo cannot survive on that little sleep! You definitely need a holiday or you may just collapse from exhaustion!! At least you'll be organised for this coming Tuesday which must be quite a relief in some respects! Your quilt looks beautiful (of course) and I know that feeling of weight being lifted once these projects are finished. Can't wait to see the whole beautiful image on the front. By the way, Friday should be fine if you still have an hour or so!!??


You see - I can see myself doing something like this in the years to come!

Thanks to the sneak peak - looking forward to its big reveal in the new year.


Wow! that quilting is just amazing!!!! That must take just as long as the piecing! Your kids are just so darn cute!!!! At least the pajamas done!


Great PJ's and a great story! Happens to us all. I love the back of your quilt too. Amazing work. Thanks for sharing it with us. I look forward to seeing the front one day...


I'd be burnt out by now with your schedule! The quilt looks fantastic, I look forward to seeing it in all its glory.
I'm in awe of your control with machine quilting back over your lines, do you think the fab-u-motion is a worthwhile investment?
Thanks for the sock monkey help, it's helped.


You could well be called Kellie the WonderMum!
How do you manage it all, & 4 beautiful children as well!
I am longing for a look at Meg's Garden. It looks so beautiful.


You could well be called Kellie the WonderMum!
How do you manage it all, & 4 beautiful children as well!
I am longing for a look at Meg's Garden. It looks so beautiful.


Ok where to start? Beautiful children, sweet pajamas, and absolutely gorgeous quilt! I have to say, your story made me crack up! I can just picture me doing the same thing. Nothing like working under pressure! x


Hi Kellie, I can't reply to your comment and you don't seem to have an email on here. You can email me through my profile page.... Cheers Jodie


Wow I can't wait to see it in all its glory! The quilting has come through looking wonderful!


I love the shot of the girls hugging so sweet! I found you from Lara's blog. Hope you had a blast in America. esp Disneyland, I know you will at the Quilt show!


Oh no!! I bet you could easily forgive such cute faces though. Those PJ's are fabulous, my daughter would love the ladybird ones.

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