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October 31, 2008


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Seems like you guys are having a great time over there!

I'm only a little bit jealous. :)


Sounds like a good time, hope you have an extra suitcase....

tracey petersen

OH OH OH! I am insanely jealous of you right now. One day Ricky and Alex will show that photo as the day they met an amazing quilter.

I'm so glad that you are all enjoying yourselves. You deserve all of this joy.


You've shown my dream machine, cost of a small car. I already measured my cabinet and it wouldn't fit so you'll have to say the cabinet goes with the machine!
Enjoy the rest of the holiday, looking forward to monkey mail.


Happy Halloween , I'm so glad you are all having a lovely time, poor Jessie - girl after my own heart tho as I would only go on the carousel . So much lovely material , I bet you buy more too :-). take care
lisa x


Glad to hear you made it there in one piece and are having so much fun!


Great to see you guys having fun!! Sweet Jessica - I understand completely! You look sooooo happy in that photo - keep shopping!


Keep having a great time and bring back lots more goodies for show and tell.
Also, take lots of photos at the quilt show and please ask the kids to send my love to Donald Duck.
Andi :-)


I am a merry go round sort of a girl too!!!!! Always loved them as a child and still do. The last ride I had on one was in Paris eating fairy floss a few years ago! So pleased to know that you are enjoying the adventure, soak it all in.


Sounds like it's going well! Can't wait to see what you do with those batiks ... I love batiks! x


What a ball you are having Kellie!! Love all your goodies from the quilt show - can't wait to see what day 2 brings! Glad the kids are enjoying Disneyland - I bet the Trick or treating with Mickey was a highlight.


sounds like the perfect holiday and so many smiley faces to prove it!!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

It sounds like you are ALL having a fantastic time! But give me a choice between the quilt show and Disneyland and I know where I'd want to be!!! Lucy x


Oh how wonderful to be at Disneyland. It would be a dream wouldnt it apart from the queues I have heard some of the rides have. Lovely fabrics and notions that you bought too. You look so cute in your pic, I can tell who the kids take after in their looks.


I was just thinking this morning how I miss hearing from you! Looks like the kids are having fun!!!!! Also looks like you are too! Is that you romping on the quilts?! Lovely photo! say 'hi' to everyone for us poor losers who aren't there in Houston :-(! shop, shop, shop!!!!!

Rachael Rabbit

I have a Bernina (not quite the 820!) but I wouldn't trade 'Bernie' for the world - he is wonderful and I fully recommend them ... I couldn't sew even a straight line before I met Bernie ...


Oh, what a cutie you are!!! And Yipee you're here in America! It looks like you're all having a grand time -- I hope you had fun at the quilt show. How did the children do on that LOoooNG flight? And just go whole hog -- ask Santa for the full up embroidery version LOL!

Bernadette B

I am green with envy that you are in Houston, four other of my quilting friends are there too. Alex looks different to what she does on the tv! Have a lovely time.

Kim McBirnie

Oh, how I envy you being able to go to quilt market! I buy most of my fabric from the states, so am with you on the cheapness of it, bargains galore. Hope the rest of your holiday is wonderful.


Good to hear you are enjoying the US, very jealous of all the beautiful fabric you are able to buy at so much less!! Hope you have a relaxing holiday!!!

The Chocolate Cat

Ooh, this trip looks so much fun. Those purchases look great and no you could not leave those batiks there at that price!! I love Disneyland, your photos bring back great memories of my trip there years ago. My two favorite rides, Dumbo and the Cups & Saucers!! Enjoy the rest of the trip.

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