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September 24, 2008


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I really like those spotted pants = very cute...


So when your kids' birthdays are over, you go on to someone else's? does the madness ever stop LOL?!


Those pants are great! I like the monkey too. :)

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crasfts

Happy Belated Birthday Batman. Love all the party photos, especially the tears. Sign of good day! Love all the presents.


Wow, you are a complete legend. I don't know where your energy comes from. I have so much sewing to do and just can't seem to get myself onto that machine!! And your work is really, really cute as always. I know your little friend Batman will love his presents.


very cool pyjamas! I wonder if they would make tucking the little ones into bed any easier?!


Those pyjamas are brilliant! You make such great 'stuff' for kids! x


grgeous gifts.... what a lucky guy!!


Gorgeous pyjamams and shirts. You are so productive and the standard just gets higher and higher! I am so glad that you dropped by my blog and liked what you saw. Wishing you a 'Shana Tova' too ;)


Your ideas are brilliant!
Who would not love those gifts!

Claire - Matching Pegs

Love the shirts, especially the g!

What do you stabilize the stretch with, when you sew the appliques on?

Just curious, because I have not had that much luck with T-shirts.

The spot fabric is just adorable.


How Cute (I'm squealing!) I love those adorable little appliques!


How could he not like them - love the guitar
Lisa x


they are so lovely Kellie - clever girl I am sure Batman willjust love them.- I have just bought fabric to make jammies for all of my nephews - can I ask where you buy your plain tops from?

Hope your holidays are going well.

Hlltop House

Hi Kellie, You have done another fantastic job!! I love the bright spotty pants. I bet batman will be taking that sock monkey to bed every night!! Have a wonderful weekend. Best wishes Evonne xx


Another fabulous sock monkey! I adore all those t-shirts with the fab spotty pants. What a lucky man Batman is.

The Mommy

That monkey is awesome! I so want one for myself. I'd wrestle a child to the ground for a monkey like that! Ok, not really...but I'd give them puppy dog eyes and a quivering bottom lip!

Lori Z.

The guitar shirt rocks!

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