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September 04, 2008


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The lucky lucky person who will receive that quilt is going to be so delighted!
I come here, to be delighted with all I see, & loved the visit to your sewing room. Love those pinks for the new project.


I'm so envious....

I'd love my own sewing room. All of my fabric/sewing machines etc is piled in my bedroom and on the dining table.


It's always so nice to peek into other's sewing room, looks like you have a very good set up, whether it's small or not. Love the new fabrics for your secret project.


Such a beautiful room! Having your own space to craft is so wonderful, isn't it? I got my tiny sewing room a few months ago when we moved and now I don't know how I ever got along without one. :)

But I agree that it would be horrifying to show it to another crafter without a thorough clean up.


Love your craft room, looks great as does your project wall!! Looking forward to seeing your new creations and your top secret project...


Ooh your craft studio looks so nice and organised. I didnt realise that your tree quilt was so big, but it does look beautiful as all your other WIP's do. I loved reading some of the people you gave the award to, it is always nice to discover new blogs.


I am loving all of your trees at the moment. Gorgeous.

Thank for sharing you sewing room. I love seeing other people's workspaces.


Kellie, that room is beautiful and fullof lovely things...and very very organised.
I won't be showing mine again for ages!!!


I'm sorry you had to go to so much trouble cleaning your room up but it's a good thing if it means it's much tidier for you! I for one would not have cared if it had been messy as I would have been so busy checking out all your gorgeous work that I wouldn't have noticed!! And you should see my desk at the moment - it's piled high. I'm very envious of your dedicated sewing space - it's just lovely. Thanks so much for a truly delicious lunch which I have already cooked once and intend to do again for my family on Father's Day - yummy!! The girls had such a brilliant time with your gorgeous children and we all feel really blessed to have met such a lovely family!
Thanks so much for the award - something led me to your blog and I know that somehow it was all meant to be.

By the way, champagne tastes fine in any glass ;)


I am so pleased to have found your blog - I know I've said it before, but your use of colour is superb and your work is so original! What a tidy workspace - it's very inspiring.


For a small room you keep it meticulous! I've managed to spread my things over two large rooms and it looks so messy... Want to switch?

Two Cheese Please


you have a lovely little sewing would be easy to spend hours in there surrounded by all those beautiful projects!


Your craft room is so cosy....I wanna move in. Mine on the other hand is still in boxes. Wah! And I'm green over your fabric shelves. So beautiful!


thanks for sharing this fantastic studio space with us. I can understand how you could spend out yr years here.

amy (sew~amy)

I love your blog. The designs and colors you use are so beautiful. It is such inspiration.


how fun to see the room where you create all these amazing pieces. i'm in awe!


Well, your room may be small but it is filled with such gorgeous work!!!! I just love your quilts and projects!!!! You are truly an inspiration!!! I have no idea how I found your blog but I have SO enjoyed getting to know you and your family... too bad there is an ocean in the way!!!! I love that wall of fabric and too funny that hubby calls your area, little Amitie!!!! My t.v. only gets two channels but I can tape shows from my other t.v. or watch DVD's.... keeps me company (like I really need someone to keep me company)! the kids finally went off to school today!!!!!!!!


OhMyGosh!!! It's SOOOO beautiful! I love those cabinets that your fabric is in. And is your fabric in plastic or glass containers inside of the cabinets? Sooo perfect! And your unfinished projects -- I just loooooove them! You have such an eye for fabric and color -- what a feast for the eyes!

What an inspiration you are Kellie!!!

(Oh! And can I just say how envious I am that you can just randomly get together with Louise and sew and sip on champagne??? How fantastic!)

Jane Weston

What an inspiring work space...makes me realize I need to spruce mine up! Thanks for sharing


Your workspace is beautiful. You are so organized! I think you are a true quilting prodigy.


kellie, i always look forward to fridays, it seems a bit sad really! but when i am on the computer i have got into the habit of thinking that you will have done a post for the weekend and i was not let down today. knowing of both you and louise and all the children, i can imagine what a lovely time you had. your workspace and sewing room look lovely as do the projects. can you share the recipe?


Thank you so much, you really do say the loveliest things. I have to say a big thank you to Louise too because it was through her that I found someone who I now consider to be a good friend, hub thinks i'm a bit daft but i do think that there is some kind of crazy across the world connection . Your room is just fantastic - I would so love to have my own little space , not that I'm envious :-). Plus I'm nosey and love to see where people do their crafting!!
lisa x


Kellie, that was a fantastic post. I think you said it very well about your regular commenters. I love the look and feel of your sewing room. I could quite easily pull up a chair and lose myself in there for days at a time! Evonne xx


Long time reader, First time commentor. You sound like such a great person, and your work is amazing. Your kids are beautiful and you have a sewing room to match...Wow. I have a laundry convereted into a sewing space and was just about to clean it out and try again as its a dumping gound at the moment. Youve got me onto the sock money thing. I have four on the go at the moment, for my 4 kiddies. Fun...


I love your sewing room. When I first saw your blog and was just looking at your photo's I couldn't believe how big it was! Then I actually read and you said it small, well your photo's really don't make it look small at all. I love all your work in progress', they are all so different but all so great. Just a quick question, are you following a pattern for the stary hexagons? I really like it, but I think you already said your improvising it, which is bad for me because it means I wont be able to find a pattern! And also, are you hand stitching it or machine sewing it?
Thanks as always for the inspiration!

tracey petersen

I love your taste in TV as much as I love your quilts.

Thanks for your kind words.

PS my thumbs do that freaky bend backward thing when I handsew too. (not that it is freaky on you, of course, only on me) Are you left-handed?


Ooooh, quilty goodness! I love that one with the circles, have you thought about doing a tutorial or a pattern for it?

Missie Krissie

Oh my god, you are totally amazing!! Everything so tidy and neat and beautiful. I'm so jealous. And the quilts! My god the quilts!! Brilliant! I'm linking you so I can keep a check on your creations! :)


Ohhhhhhh what a lovely sewing area. Lovely light and colours. No wonder you produce such inspiring work. :)


Wow - I just discovered your blog on the weekend and I love it! Your sewing area is just gorgeous too! By the way, what are your design walls made of? I am just about to do one and wondering how best to do it. Thanks!


It must have been a wrench to give away the tree quilt, I loved the colours and the swirly quilting pattern. Did the swirls connect or did you stop and start each swirl individually?? I recently updated my Elna and bought a new Bernina, it actually looks like the one in your studio. I am totally hating that stoooopid bobbin case, (reminds me of the machines in high school)but loving my stitch regulator(BSR)and playing around with free motion quilting. I can't wait to see the circles quilt when you finish!


your workroom is delightful, and I will never tire of your style of quilting, it's lovely.


Wow this blog is truly outstanding. How gorgous is your house and the quilting you do? It is so pleasant to come by. I came here via another blog and I will enjoy returning.

Rachael Rabbit

I could look at your work all day! Totally inspirational ... as always ...


WOW! Just got here from Spoonful of Sugar and I LOVE YOUR QUILTS!!! They are a reason to start quilting if I ever saw one, or two, or three ..... (I have been resisiting!)..



I just found your blog your sewing room and all of your quilts. You do such beautiful work and use such lovely colors!

The Mommy

First off, your space is incredible. You are so fortunate! I had to go to the Bernina website and take a look at there machines and drool a bit after reading your post. That quilt at the bottom is absolutely gorgeous! I'm just learning to sew, but I hope to quilt more than a rag quilt (that's what I'm working on) soon. Time to take a class!!!


GORGEOUS! Wow, you are inspiring.

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