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September 21, 2008


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Kellie, you keep raising the looked superb and what a handsome boy.


What a cool party,another grand job.. Joshua likes elephants does he? He looks such a proper little boy all rough and tumble. Love the bumper cars - I'll have to remember that one..glad to see Megan is feeling a bit better.Happy Birthday to bat man too.
Lisa x


You have set himself up beautifully for adulthood - great party = throwing up afterwards ;-)

Looks fabulous and am highly impressed at the lengths you went to for this gig. Is this a new career in the making?


i think hubby did admirably!!!! Love the cake! did you make it? or did you have enough on your plate with making all the costumes!? You are a mad woman.
My grandfather always said that it wasn't a good party unless Ken (my mom's younger brother) puked! Oh well!
Hope Megan is on the mend! How is her new machine! Callie loves balloons too!b Drives me nuts


Yet another unbelievable party! Wow! How I wish I was four again and could be invited! Your attention to detail is amazing! Thanks for sharing.


Happy Birthday Joshua!! Looks like such a fun and festive party - perfect for a 4 year old. Love the bunting, the bumper cars, the cake, and the costumes. Just lovely!! Whatever are you going to do with yourself Kellie now the birthdays are over for another year??

Hlltop House

Hi Kellie, I just had to show my two kids this fantastic post. They loved everything but especially the tent and the cake and the costumes and.... well everything. Once again you have done an outstanding job. You now probably have enough party stuff to open your own party hire shop!! I hope you have a great week. Evonne xx


Hmmm I may just have to hire you to organise Daphne's 3rd in December!! Sounds like it was heaps of fun and the weather really was perfect. We hope Megan is feeling a little better - oh and Joshua ;) Enjoy the holidays, uncurl those thumbs sit down and have a good rest!


Kellie, you are incredible! You created four year old Heaven!
You do know that puking is the highest form of after-party praise?

Bethel of Bethania

Happy Birthday to the bithday boy - yummmmm love the look of that cake - didn't happen to save me a wee bit did ya?
also love the flags/banner you have made, so cool ... Enjoy the holiday break I know I used to love school holidays with my kids - of course everyone else thought I was mad - maybe they were right ... OOroo ... Bethel


The party looks like such fun. What a great way to start the school holidays too. Kiddies always seem to eat too much at parties and then feel awful afterwards. I suppose being sick gets rid of all the food doesnt it.


Wow, what a great party! Looks like everyone had a great time.


Great weather, fab decorations and theme, looks like the kids had a wow of a time... do you hire yourself out for parties?...Lol....Hope you get to put your feet up for a little while and recoup......until the next party!....
Dawn x


Fabulous pictures, fabulous party - you did him proud. I think it's the sign of a good party if the guest of honour pukes at the end?! x


look at all those smiley faces! looks like a wonderful party and I love those racing cars with personalised number plates.
hope you are getting lots of rest now!


WOW! How fun does that look? I love all the bright colors and holy cow -- that cake looks just awesome. Love the watery eyes and his cute little face with the hammer and the cake AND the commentary about his undying love. LOL! Looks like the perfect birthday -- Congrats on another party well done!


Wow! What a party! Looks like loads of fun for everyone!


I just found your blog while checking out A Spoonful of Sugar today. I will spend hours here! You do some amazing work and your little ones look like they are having so much fun. I am sure you are too.


You really are so talented! Those parties are to die for! Quilts & parties!
Happy Birthday to Joshua.


I thought I just left you a lovely complimentary comment, but the ether has taken it!

You are multi talented. Quilts & Parties which show sheer genius!

Happy Birthday Joshua.

The Mommy

That looks like a wonderful party! I love the idea of a carnival, but the bumper cars are my absolute favorite!!! Never heard of a pinata cake...I'll be looking those up now!

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