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September 27, 2008


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sandy mccall

may I have the pattern pieces emailed to me for the child's art smock? Thanks so much, Sandy


I shall make one of these. My daughter loves to paint too, but most of the time she makes a mess out of it. Next time she would go through the tutorial.

Justeen Stebbing

I would love a copy of the pattern for the Art Smock - It is the cutest I have ever seen.

Clair Shearar

Hi Kelly, what a great smock! I am needing to make some for my boys, can you email me the pattern pieces.
Kind regards, Clair




Just wondering If I could please get the pattern pieces for the ART smock pattern please, it is definitely for private use only.

email is barricades[at]mac[dot]com

Thanks and Regards

simone mayze

Beautiful smocks. I would love to have the pattern pieces. Thankyou.

Simone Asher

Hi love your work its truly inspiring,and that machine looks like a mercedes, hope to read more about it, I would love this pattern to make something special for a little friend in hospital Thanks Simone

Erin McKay

I would love the pattern for the smock for my daughter. She is in a painting class and this would be really helpful. Thanks,

Erin McKay

Lauralee Hensley

Would you please send me the free PDF pattern for the kids art smock pattern. Thank you.


I would LOVE to get the pattern pieces emailed to me!! These are way too cute!!

dkbarton @

Thanks so much!

Penny Archer

I'd love a copy please to make one for my little boy and his cousins. they are exactly what i have been looking for :-)


Will you please send me the pattern peices for this? It is adorable!! I can't wait to make it! Thanks!!


Wow what a great pattern, my daughter has just started asking for a smock! Could you please email me the pattern pieces?


Hi there
Love, love love your work! I was doing a search on "feathered star blocks" on Flickr and came across some of your quilts - looked a little further and thought someone in this month's Homespun had seriously copied the design style of these quilts - delved a little further and found out you were the person in Homespun with the quilt I fell in love with as soon as I bought this month's copy.

Would you mind mailing me a copy of the apron pattern please?

I'm so happy I found your Blog - I have ordered 2 of your patterns as a lead up to making the quilt in Homespun. Thanks xxxxx

Michel Underwood

Hi there! I would love a copy of the art smock pattern! My ds and niece are just getting into fingerpainting. The e-mail is angeleyez111 [at] hotmail [dot] com


Thanks for this lovely pattern.



Hi Kellie,

Your art smocks are absolutely stunning. Can I ask if you could kindly email me a copy of the pattern.




Could you send my the pattern emailed to me?


Rebecca Koolik

These look so special, are you able to email the pattern for these art smocks through to me too? I've got a 3 yr old niece and nephew that will be over the moon!


hi kellie i just found your site and love the art smock. wanna make one for the boy. please email the pattern to me.


I just found this - the smocks are SO cute. Are you still sending out the patterns? If so, my email address is:

bschramm26 (at)

Thank you!!!

Beth Schramm


HI, any chance of the pattern?

thanking you!


Wow what beautiful smocks! You are one clever lady... those smocks are way too precious to get dirty doing art work :D I would absolutely LOVE the pattern. Mine wouldn't look anything near that fancy though!


Could you please send me the pattern for the children's art smock.

thank you so much.

I have a grand daughter I want to make it for.


I love it.Sooooo cute. Thanks Kellie, I have always wanted a pattern for a smock. Thanks Ilona.


I forgot to give you my E-mail.

thanks again.


have been lokking everwhere for a smock pattern for my daughter. Saw yours and would love it if you could email me the pattern.
You are very talented. Have seen some of your wiork


I would love to have the pattern pieces to make one for my son and daughter. So cute!

Mary J Steinman

Can you send me the pattern pieces? I am making this for my Granddaughter for Preschool this September.


Hi Kellie - Your work is a constant source of delight and inspiration to me. I would love to make this fabulous looking smock for my two year old boy. Could you please email the pattern pieces to me?


Just found your blog....lovely! If you are still able to email copies of the smock tutorial, I would really appreciate one. Thank are saved in my favorites :)

Amber Petty

I would LOVE the PDF pattern please!


I just came across this. It's great! If you still have the pattern on hand, can you please e-mail it to me? Thanks a lot.


I would love the pdf pattern to make my granddaughter one for kindergarten if it's still available. I have looked at many smock patterns and I keep combing back to yours. Thanks!


Hi, I love the art smock. Please could you send me the pattern.
Thanks Andrea


I would love to receive a copy of the pattern emailed to me

have been trying to find something like this for my soon to be kindergartner.


Mindy Esh

LOVE this smock pattern! This will be perfect for my daughter for Kindergarten this year! Would you please email me the pattern pieces if they are still available to

Thanks for sharing!


i would love a copy of this tutorial. I absolutely adore your work it makes me smile just looking at it thank you. my email is


The smocks look amazing, I know you posted this last year, however do you still have the pattern you can email through. Thanks


Fantastic smocks, would love to have a pattern emailed so i have a go at making one for my daughter. Great website by the way, came across it as i was looking for smock patterns, Jacqui

Edna Shurley

Please send me a PDF copy of your pattern for an art smock.

Laura Rohde

I think this is absolutely awesome. I have 2 girls and 1 boy and I would love to have the pattern.I would love to have both patterns. You do wonderful work.


Sharon Cederqusit

Would love to have your smock patter for my grandaughter if it is still available. Please e-mail.

C. Wall

I would love to have the pattern pieces for the paint smock. My daughter will love this, much better than one of Dad's old shirts. This is the first time to your site. I am looking forward to seeing what else you have posted. Thank You, C.W.

Judy Dealy

I have two delightful grand children, who HAVE to have one of your gorgeous design art smocks each. I would appreciate the pattern pieces, please. Thanks Judy


I would love to get the pattern for the girls paint smock. My daughter starts school this fall and needs one and she just loved this one.


I have finally found the most awesome smocks ever!!! they are super cool> i would love to go into the draw for my little girl Charli as she is starting kindy.. Could you please email me a copy of your tute as i can't wait to try and make one!!! Thank you for your kind generousity.


This is the perfect pattern! Can you email me the pattern pieces please? Thanks.

Susan Davoli

would like a copy of your apron so i can make it for my niece they are so beautiful also i love your site


Hello, Kellie, I love your pattern, it´s super cute. I have a 3 and a half year old and a 1 and a half who need art smocks. Could you please send me the pattern. I hope you still email the patterns, I have tried to contact you a couple of time, but I have had no luck yet.
Thanks so much,

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