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September 27, 2008


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TOO cuteee would like pattern pieces, PLEASE. thanks, sandra


These are really cute! Love the rocket!

Lisa McClue

HI, I'd love to make a few of these artsmocks. They look great. Could you please email me the PDF pattern. Thank you


These are adorable!


GREAT idea! They are adorable! I'd love a copy of the pattern. I think they would make the perfect gift for my neices & nephews. kaitlynbrohel at gmail dot com


Michele C

Nice smock! I'd like to have the pattern pieces, too, please. E-mail to calicodaisy (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!


Hi Kely, thanks for the art smock tutorial they are FANTASTIC!!! I would also love the make some as Christmas presents, could you please email me the pattern. thanks Cathie




I love the appliques! I would love the pattern - thanks!

ella kelly

I would love to have the pattern emailed to me! It's really cute! Thanks.


I would love a copy of the pattern emailed to me. Not sure if you will still see this comment, but I'tt give it a shot.



AWESOME pattern. Ive been searching forever for a long sleeve pattern for big kids. This is IT! Thanks a bunch. Please send me the pattern piece Ive got FIVE children to make these for.


I just saw this on sew mama sew. Could you please email the pattern to me? My email address is Thank you so much!


Great tutorial. Could you please email the pattern? thank you so much. Vanese

Melissa Gottliebsen

Hi there....I have been searching everywhere for a smock pattern exactly like this! I love it! Could you please email me the pattern? Thanks so much. Melissa


Cute smocks! I want the pattern too!


I love these smocks! My six year old twins would love them too! Could you email me the pdf pattern? Thank you so much! My address is janika underscore dillon at softhome dot net.


These are gorgeous.....would love to have the pattern pieces! Thank you so much for all your hard work!


Oooh these are adorable. I too would love a copy of the pattern, my oldest DS needs an art smock for his new school next year. Thank you so much!


I would LOVE a copy of the pattern for the girl and boy smocks please! They are adorable and i would love to have a go at making them! Thanks in advance!!!


Thank you so much for sharing. Could you please email the pattern to me at sm00bs at livejournal dot com?

Thanks again! :D


It's a lovely smock! Please, email me the pattern pieces. Thanks


please send me a pattern. these are great lookng smocks and i am so excited to try it out! thank you-

Sheila McGuire

Love your artsmock ... could I get the pattern pieces I have some grandkids who would love these and some kids who would love to keep their clothes clean :)


Great idea...much nicer than the traditional old raggedy shirt. I think that if we look good we feel better and can make more art! I'd love the patterns to try out on my new to me machine

Louise Armstrong

These art smocks are beautiful! I would love the pattern pieces as I have a daughter starting school soon and she will need one. Thank you.


Hi I was wondering if you would have a bigger pattern (in size 10) for these beautiful art smocks. My daughter is almost 8 but is very tall and needs a larger size. Thanks for your help.


Hi I would love a copy of your gorgeous smock for my new-to-school-little girl!!
Appreciate if you would send one to my email!!

jenny ferguson

Hi kellie,
great smocks would love you to email me the pattern so i can give it a go.
Regards jenny


Hi I love this site it is wonderful


Hi Kellie

can you please email me the pattern pieces for the smock? I think I will make both for my little girl. She is 4 yrs old and would love the rockets as much as the flowers.


Can you please email the pattern to


I would like to try this as well. Another sewing mama recommend this. It is so adorable! email: twix @ without the spaces.
Thank you!

Carolyn Stracik

These smocks are such fun! You are soooo clever! I would love for you to email me your patterns. Your fabric selections are super - thank you so much for sharing! Carolyn


Oh, this is so lovely! I would love to make one for each of my girls. Could you please email me the pattern pieces. Thank you so much.


These smocks are fantastic, well done! I would love to make them for my niece and nephew. Could you please email the pattern to me as well.
Thank you Janice

Deborah Crawford Poxon

Hi Kellie, I have just found your blog and have enjoyed browsing through and being inspired. I would love to get a copy of the pattern for the art smock as my children will begin school in just over a week (we have only just moved to Australia!) and they don't have a smock... yet! Also, do you have a pattern for the sock monkey? It is so cute, my daughter would love it! My email address is: Thanks

jackie silva

I just love these smocks, my two girls will lovelovelovvvvve them.thank you


Hello. I love this smock. could you please send me the pattern pieces. Thank you very much!

Marceliena Brumley

The tutorial looks very easy to follow. Could you please email the art smock pattern to me. Thank you. Marceliena


Hi Kelly, you art smocks are fantastic. They look amazing. I would love a copy of the pattern PLEASE. They look perfect for school. Thanxs heaps. Viv


Hi Kelly,
Could you please send me the pattern for the art smock, the look fabulous. Thanks,


I would love to have the art smock pattern


Your art smocks are gorgeous. If you could please email me the pattern, I would be so grateful!
Thanks, Meg


I'm trying to print my pattern out at home whats the % i need to enlarge it by (ex:300%, 400%).Thanks


thank you for sharing - I would love to make a smock for my son who starts school very shortly (weep!) - are you still emailing the pattern pieces through?

with thanks Tam


Hi...these are sooo lovely...
can I please get a copy of the pattern sent to


Hi Kellie - I love your smock pattern - I was Googling smocks as I need to make one for my son (who has just started "big school" (kindy)). Could you please send me a copy of the pattern? My address is lambgirl@hotmail dot com. Kind regards Christine


Hi Kelly, I love the art smock, can you please email me the pattern pieces for my 2 girls which I promised I would make them one each.

thanks Anne


oh my god i have been looking for an art smock pattern for ages and this pattern would be brilliant could you please email in to me
thank you

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