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September 27, 2008


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Hi Kelly, This tutorial is fantastic! I know I'm a bit late to the party but have been googling this pattern for a friend who wants to make a couple for her grandaughter and yours popped up a few times. Would you please be able to email me the pattern? Thank you so Nova x


Gorgeous! Could you please e-mail me the pattern pieces?

Thanks heaps!


These are adorable, I've only just stumbled across your blog - is there any chance I can get the pattern pieces emailed to me?



Thank you so much for your tutorial. These are adorable. I see two little princesses running around in them in the near future. Again thank you for sharing!


Absolutely gorgeous! I have been looking to make my own art smock for my 18 month boy who starts playgroup next Friday! So your pattern will come in handy! I have many friends also with kidies and was thinking its a great gift idea. I just love the first floral smock. It's just perfect for my god-daughter!
Thanking you for your crafty ideas. I just love alittle creativity to keep the mind healthy!


Wow, those are beautiful. My dd would like to win the flowered one! Saw your post on SM and decided to come look at the other things. You do wonderful work. Susan

Mary Angerer

I have just discovered your blog. It is beautiful! I know I am a year or so late, but could you e-mail me the pattern for the kindergarten smock?

Kathy Link

Those are really cute art smocks. It would be nice to have something to cover sleeves like your design does. At the school where I teach, the kids just throw on an oversized Tshirt. This is very classy!


I created two, one for my niece and one for my nephew, i didn't do applique, but I loved the pattern as I had been looking for a full sleeve smock pattern and could not find any. for my niece for my nephew

Thanks a bunch!


These are stunning smocks! Can I ask how old the children in the photos are - or what ages you think your smock will fit. Thanks for going to the trouble of making a tute :)

Vanessa Charlton

What a fabulous pattern and I know my little boy is going to love the rockets. Thank you for your generous sharing of your pattern with us. You are amazing...keep your work. I'm getting quite a collection of all of your patterns!!!I love the Love Birds. Will make the time to do them all...eventually!I don't know how you manage, but please keep going.

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Wow! This is amazing! So happy that one of the large chocolate producers is doing something like this :D


I love them, and I'll try to make it too. Thanks a lot. Would you send a copy of the patterns and the photo of the cloth. Thank you. It's very helpful for my sew learning to find your blog. Thanks again

jane longhurst

Would love this pattern if stilll available. They would be perfect for my granddaughter who needs to go to hospital for brain surgery. This could be so easily adapted to suit her needs. Jane.


Congratulations! You have so much useful information, write more.

Peggy Bygrave

I would absolutely love one of these for my daughter who is at her first day of kindergarten right as we speak :) if you should choose me-I can pay c.o.d. If that helps I would just really love something bright and colourful and girlie for my little girlie because around here smocks are hard to find thank you muchly, Peggy :)


I wanted to say I love this!!! I have looked everywhere for a long-sleeved art smock for my daughter for kindergarten and there is nothing out there. I printed out the PDF pattern you offer and took it to my local print shop. They blew it up 105% (she wears a 6x) and it fits her PERFECT! She loves it and she is the most fashionable kindergartener around. :) Very easy to make and FUN, FUN, FUN.

Melissa Moore

I love these. They are so adorable. Please send me the pattern. :)

Mary M

Great fun pattern.

When I print the pattern out, and take it to the printer, what is the enlargement % I should ask for. "actual size" equals ??.
Thanks in advance for the extra help!


OMG !!!!! I finally found the tuto I was looking for for months and the art smock are so cute. I would be freaking out if I could win the flower smock. I little would be so cute in it. I can't wait to have the instruction on how to assemble the art smock. I just started sewing and I think I would be a great project to start with. Thanks

Love the art smock would love to have the pattern e-mailed to me.

Thank You


Love the smocks, would love to make these for my smallies! can I have the pattern as well.


I love this art smock patter, what is the scale so I can blow it up,i.e. how many inches long is the arm supposed to be actual size and how long is the body supposed to be from neck to hem?



You write well will be waiting for your new publications.


You write well will be waiting for your new publications.


Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Rachel Witthaus

This is fantastic. I just found this via a google search for art smock patterns. Your work is so gorgeous!!!

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Our story, it occurs only in youth that the most brilliant day.

Kellie Stewart

Your art smocks are so lovely. Could you please email me the pattern. My daughter is starting school this year and I think home made smocks are so much more lovely than bought ones.

Thanks, Kellie Stewart


Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.


Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.


Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, a cool site I like


Interesting site, always a new topic .. good luck in the new 2011. Happy New Year!

Tilly McIntyre

Could you email me the art smock pattern

Thank you

Liesa Nichols

will the print shop understand how big to make the pattern if I just tell them to print it "plan sized" or do I need to tell them something more (like make it 150% bigger).

lynn stoyanoff

I would love to have the pattern download, but am unable to make it work. Please help me. Thanks, I volunteer in a Catholic school and would love to make the paint smock for the art students. Lynn

Kimberlee Bullock

I LOVE these smocks. I am a preschool teacher and I need to get sewing fast. Thank you so much for the pattern and the inspiration.



Hi, just found your pattern, Thankyou! just in time for my grandaughters 2nd birthday, I have bought her paints and intend to make an apron to complete the gift. They all look lovely! Thanks, Lyn.

Rachael Rabbit

I'm working on a pattern for a art smock in laminated cotton for a friend and I wonder what made you go with a raglan sleeve rather than a standard set in sleeve. I love your smocks - I only hope mine look half as good.


I love these Smocks my little girl will be going to big school next year and I would love to make her one of these, could you send me a pattern with sizing for 4-7. Thanks

Sue Lovric

Hi Kellie, I'm a sewer, but haven't done so for many years. I'm now a Granny and love the smock pattern. Tried to come up with a pattern for my grandaughter and couldn't remember how to cut the sleeves and put it all together, this has been a great help. All the best


I printed the pattern off at Office Depot, but they had various plan sizes, and when I cut out the patterns tonight (on my transfer paper, thankfully) I realized that whatever size I chose was obviously the wrong size... the sleeves are triple the size of the shirt. Do you know what plan size you used for the sleeves and shirt pieces? I'm hoping to make this for my 4 yr old niece for Christmas and in the future, one for my 1.5 yr old daughter who's already loving arts and crafts, but the pattern is obviously much too big for her right now. Thanks so much, I love your tutorial and was so happy I found it!

Karen James

How much does the pdf need to be enlarged? I live ia rural area and don't have a copy center nearby. If I knew the enlargement figure (150%, 200%, etc.) I could hand draw the pattern on butcher paper or something like that to make the actual pattern.


WOW these are so gorgeous! This is going to make a wonderful gift for my niece for her very first day of school! Thanks for supplying the pattern for free!


This is just adorable. I'm going to make this smock as a "First Day of Kindy" gift for my niece. Might even make a libary bag to match! Thanks for the free pattern!


Is this still available to get tute emailed? Looks fab! My addy is Thankyou :)


these look fabulous id love to give them a go - just wondering how do i ask at the copy shop for "actual size" enlargements? many thanks


Would you tell me exatly how big do you enlage the smock pattern

Darcie Young Newbold

Thank you so much for your pattern! I run a preschool and have been looking for an all-over smock for our "creative" times. I sent the patterns to be printed but was told it would cost $40 for each piece...WHAT???
I wonder if you could give me some rough dimensions on the patterns. I can figure it out from there.
Thank you so much-in advance!!!
Darcie Newbold

Darcie Young Newbold

OK so disregard my last post...i found the details in your tutorial. (sorry!!)

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