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September 27, 2008


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Woo, I love it! Such pretty design!


Kelly, thanks for this tutorial. I need for my kid art class!! Could I also have the pattern ? steleo at yahoo dot com
Stefania from Italy


An art smock?? Are you kidding? I don't think I could handle it if something this cute got messy! Absolutely adorable.


I love your smocks!! Your applique is amazing. We have 4 little girls in this house that would love to fight over your girl smock ;o).


Could I please get the pattern for this? I have been looking for something like this since my daughter just ruined her first shirt at daycare. Thank you for doing this. You are so generous!


Ooh!! These are wonderful. Please, please email me the pattern - thank you!!!


Love the pattern! I've been looking for something similar for some time now. Just found your blog and love it!


I just love these! I would like, very much, if you could email me the pattern pieces, please. Also, would enjoy being included in the giveaway. :) Either design would be lovely! Thanks very much.


Really cute! I have a hard time finding the "full-bodied" smocks (especially for my son), so this is great! Love the rocketship design! Thanks.


I am really excited to see this pattern. I was planning on making something like this for all the kids at my son's preschool. Thanks so much for putting this pattern together!


Oh this is SOOO cute! What a great project. I'll be linking to this!


Hi ! This is just really lovely... thanks a lot for the art smock tutorial, I would like to do this for my children... so pleaaassssseee.... could you send me the patterns ???? Thanks a lot. Emma (


So fantastic! I'm here via Craftzine, and I know so many kids who would love these... hooray! I'd be so appreciative if you'd send me the pattern pieces, pretty please, and both my girls would absolutely flip over the floral one you made. Now I'm off to go browse your archives, so glad I found you.


Sweet smocks!My girl would love either one and I'm going to email you for the PDF.Thanks for making it!


These are great, I've been looking for a pattern just like this! I love the rocket one... I'll be emailing for the pattern, hope you don't get inundated after being posted about at Craft!


Thanks for the great tutorial! I will be trying it!


thanks for the tutorial!
i just want to say that i spent quite a lot of time today on your blog. the quilts you made are sooooooooooooooooo outstandig!

Bec (Bad Mummy)

These are fantastic! Thanks for the tutorial.


I love this! I would also like you to email the pattern please. This would make a wonderful gift. My daughter would love a smock!


Thank you for such a great tutorial! Could you please email me the pattern?


I would love to have the pattern pieces emailed, this is *just* what I've been looking for :) Also would love to join in with a chance to win - the rocket smock is our favourite!


I just LOVE your art smock. I would love to have the pattern e-mailed to me. My address is And, thanks for sharing your wonderful talent


Ack! Way too cute.... LOVE IT! Please send me the pattern.

princess pudge

wow, they're gorgeous, i found you at "one pretty thing" and just have to try these, could i also have the pattern pieces emailed to me please?

thank you :)


Hi love the smock tutorial. would make great gifts for not only christmas but for birthdays as well.. could i please have a copy of the pattern. email is Richelle


Hi Kellie love the smocks could you please email me the pattern pieces. Thank you for your generousity. My 4 children will looove them. Thanks again.


Hi there, please may you mail me the pattern. Thanks.

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

I am loving them both, but especially the girly one with flowers.

The Mommy

Those smocks are just lovely...and so are those darling models! I have three girls, myself and we're always crafting, so this smock pattern will really come in handy! Thank you so much for taking the time to post it, especially with the typepad issues. I'm a novice sewer, and applique frightens me something terrible, but I'm determined to try this out anyway!

I found you from One Pretty Thing. If I win one of these adorable smocks, I would LOVE the rocket one!! I was an astrophysics major in college, and love to share my passion for the stars with my girls! Now I'm off to check out the rest of your blog in the hopes that I might garner myself some extra entries...unless being a new reader doesn't count, and in that case I'll just benefit from reading your great blog!

The Mommy

Do you mind emailing me the PDF for your tutorial? Thank you so much!


Thanks for the tutorial! I'd love to win the rocket/space smock!


Thanks for the tutorial! I'd love to win the rocket/space smock!


Hello Kellie,
I think your creation is wonderful. Could you please email me the pattern ? Thank you a lot.
And about the contest. Well I would love to get the flowery one for my little daughter.


Very cute smocks. Thank you for the tutorial. If you could email me the pattern pieces at
Also you can put me in the drawing for either one they are both adorable.Donita

Stephanie H.

These are adorable. Would you please send me the the pattern piece pdf?

And if we were so lucky as to win a smock, we'd be happy with either, though we'd probably get more use from the girl's smock.

Thanks so much!


absolutely love the smocks!! it's simple, easy to follow instructions for a beginner like myself. Thank you kindly Kellie for sharing this tutorial. I'm planning to use this pattern for my daughter and show it to you. Please add my email for a copy of the pattern as well as future postings. Looking forward to see more of your projects!!Love the girls sock monkeys, very cute!


I love this pattern! I have 4 nieces and nephews that would love these smocks(I am thinking Christmas presents with art supplies)Can you email the pattern to me? Thank you so much.


Wow these are so cute. I have just come back from a two week holiday in Auz and have had so much fun this morning catching up on all my fav quilting blogs while waiting for the washing machine to finish :) These would be just perfect for my niece and nephew, I would love the pattern peieces. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talents


Absolutely love your art smock tutorial!! Would you please email me the PDF for my 2 young budding artists at home (Olivia, 8 & Isabel, 4) Thanks so much!!



Hi Kellie, I'd love the pattern and to be entered into the draw for the girl's smock. Gorgeous,


Please e-mail me the pattern too. Very cute, I love the flowers, but it is awesome that you made a boy version, they seem harder to find,


Those smocks are gorgeous - and can't get over the beautiful party props - so inspiring! I'd love to win the rocket smock - but looks far too nice for messy play!


How neat! I would love the email!


WOW! Great you did IT!!!! Not that I have much of a use for children's smocks at them moment but I know where to go if I ever need one.


Alright. These are ridiculously cute. I simply CAN NOT decide which I like better-which happens to be perfect since...I have a boy AND a girl both would be thrilled with one! So, I would say on the off chance I was picked-SURPRISE me! Then, I'll make the "other" gender one thanks to your fantastic tutorial and I'll be two Christmas presents down! :-) Maybe you ought to email the pattern pieces for me though! Thanks!!!


I love this pattern! I have been tring to make my daughter something like this and can not find the pattern that I wanted, but this is it! Could you please send me the pattern?
P.s. Love your blog!



This is the cutest little art smock I've it. could you please email me the pattern pieces. I'm having a problem downloading the PDF file for the instructions, could you by chance email this also? I would also love to be included in the giveaway, and I don't think mine would look half as nice as yours!!

Megan S.

I hope I am not too late. I love this idea and your patterns are too cute! Would you please email them to me at Thanks!


These are lovely. I fell in love with the flowery one. I wish I could sew (sigh) :)

Lori Z.

These are really cute! I am going to have to get my mom to look at this pattern (she's the sewing-type and I'm the breaking the machine-type). I'd love to win one, but do you ship to California?

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