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September 13, 2008


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Oh I just love those smocks - I can't wait to see the pattern! I love your blog and checking out the fun things that you are making!

tracey petersen

OOOOOOOOH - a tutorial. You are getting very adventurous! I'm sure it will be a huge success.


Looks like you have been busy - as always. Your salad looks yummy but I have no idea what kecap manis is? The weather here is horrendous , we have had torrential rain since yesterday. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your sun. Oh,nearly forgot - looking forward to your tutorial.
Lisa x


Kellie, we have been having the most beautiful, gentle, warm days! It is really Spring like. I cant help but feel better in this warm wash of blossom, & perfume.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crasfts

Wow! Kellie, you have been a busy girl. I don't envy you at all. The salad look beautiful and my kids wouldn't like it either....
Good luck with the next birthday organising and the smock pattern will be fantastic.


Oh man! do we really have to wait?!!!! What is behind all that paper?! You need to start a business of making patterns!
The meal looks lovely but I am not sure who would eat that in our home... maybe hubby :-)
How did the new machine pick up go?
Have a good weekend!


I can't wait to see the circle quilt. Do you hand applique all your shapes? Use fusible interfacing? I love Fridays when you post!


I don't know how you do it....even your scraps look interesting! Looking forward to seeing what you are creating, your tutorial and the next birthday celebrations too!


Kellie those scraps and pieces of paper tell me that you probably have, or have had extremely sore hands from all that cutting, but the rward always seem to be worth the pain. My gosh you do have a lot of birthday's close together, you must be ready to breath a sigh of relief.


Those smocks are great and you are doing some seriously appliqueing! My sister and my birthdays are one day apart so I appreciate your birthday whirlwind!


Oh Kellie, this looks very promising, I'm sure it will be as pretty as all your work

and the salad is looking yummy too, but can you tell me what kecap manis is?


oooh yummy salad. I love the smell of cooking lamb- I used to get all the dinner ingredients together before an evening walk, and if we walked past a house where they were cooking lamb I'd want to change the menu!


Hope the kids are all feeling brighter in time for the school holidays! Very envious of your Spring weather - it is still cold, wet, and wintry over here. Your scraps look delicious - looking forward to seeing the finished product. Hope Joshua has a great birthday - can't wait to see what you have planned for him.


The thai beef salad looks so yummy. You must have very sore hands from cutting out so much. I cant wait for the pattern for the art smocks. I am thinking of making a few for my nephews and niece for Christmas pressies. They have so many toys that I get tired of trying to find something they dont have. An art smock and a book sounds much better.

French Knots

At the risk of sounding like a stalker (!) I have been reading your archives, your quilts are wonderful. Such amazing colours and designs.
Look forward to seeing the smock pattern.


Oh your poor fingies....and wrists....I'm sure the result is worth it.Thanks for the recipe...I love new recipes to try....smocks look great and a tutorial would be fab thanks.... It was sunny here too on the weekend(Adelaide)we've had rain, hail and gail force winds today...real wintery weather. hope it doesn't get to wet for you...
Have a great week.


Oh Yipeee! Another birthday party for us to see! I love your birthday parties. It looks like you've been Terribly Busy! At least you're eating well -- that dinner on the veranda looks Wonderful!!!

Anyone Can Quilt

Your scraps are so pretty! I can't wait to see what you are making. Your quilts are all so unique and beautiful. And the salad looks super yummy! x


Hi Kellie, just letting you know I gave you an award. Pop over and read the rules. Have a great day!


So yummy we had your salad for tea tonight. Your quilts are amazing. I need to learn how to machine quilt and need to work on my machine alpplique techniques... so many fun things to create so little time

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