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August 22, 2008


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The kids look great! I especially like the Mr. Strong costume. So fun!


there certainly has been rainy and cold days in melbourne this week, but rather lovely i think also. well done again kellie! envy is not part of my makeup, but your time management skills almost tip me over the envy fence!!!!!! the costumes are just gorgeous!


Love the book week costumes Kellie - so creative!! Love the way you painted the fabric to get the right look. I must say though that I was relieved this year that Sarah's school chose a Pyjama Party theme for book week - nice and simple. Love the addition of triangles to Ben's quilt top - I wonder what you will add next!!


Great costumes, I,ve never seen that Dr Seuss so will have to look out for that one. Your quilts are coming along brilliantly. It's been raining a lot here too, so much for Summer!!
Lisa x

tracey petersen

You are the most amazing mother. You truly are...


Unbelieveable costumes (especially love the Mr. Strong one!) and unbelieveable quilts. The dots and triangles look great! I love checking your blog to see what wonders you have created!


You have done a fantabulous job on the kid's costumes. I bet they received a lot of comments from their friends. The bubble quilt is looking great so far and the colours are very cheery and uplifting. Evonne xx

amy (sew~amy)

We have never read The Magic Hat or I wish that I had Ducks feet. I will need to go to the library and check them out. They look fun. The costumes are wonderful. I use that fabric paint too, and it is wonderful to work with. You are so talented.


What a lovely mother... the costumes are so wonderful ! Bravo Emma


Sorry to hear about your rain! we had our fair share this summer and finally it has cleared!!! Don't tell me that you made all those wonderful costumes in your spare time???? I love Ben's quilt!!!! Do you just create all the shapes, back them in fusible, and cut?? Do you just lay out a large piece of background fabric and place the shapes around? I just love your creations!
Have a good weekend! Get some sleep!


It is wet & cold here too. We were lucky with the weather while our visitor was here, it remained fine for the week, if a little cold.
Love all your quilty goodies, & the childrens costumes were fantastic.


Holy Cow Woman -- do you ever sleep??? What fabulous costumes -- I'm so impressed. And your applique quilts are fantastic -- both of them! Do you do your applique by machine?


I am sure the weather waits until school pick up or drop off time to rain. It has certainly been wet and very very cold so I hope that the weather will be better this week. I love all the costumes, and the wizard one is amazing. I have never read that book so I will have to keep a look out at the library for it. The quilts both look wonderful and I love the colors on the white background.


wow, the costumes! I love the "geese" flying along the quilt. Wonderful!


Hey, thanks for letting me show your work off to my students. I will definately credit you. Infact, I will be coaching them on getting inspiration. I will be sending them to your blog to explore. Hopefully, your work will excite them like it did me!

Andrea, aka Badbird

Riches Stitces

Have just finished reading your blog. I love your work, it has really inspired me. I am going to have a go at the sock monkeys. I downloaded the tutorial by Kristine Howard however I like what you have done for the eyes instead of buttons. I think it looks like a safer alternative for children under 3. May I ask what you used?

Jane 8o)


I love your Book Week costumes - so creative. Bet your kids were very chuffed with them!


I love your Book Week costumes - so creative. Bet your kids were very chuffed with them!


I love your Book Week costumes - so creative. Bet your kids were very chuffed with them!


You have the most amazing quilts and such an eye for color!! Your blog is fun to look at....


I love your smock outfits and your ideas for birthday parties.I have a DGD who would like Megans quilt. You are very talented and I have greatly enjoyed reading your blog. I would love your smock pattern.
Elsie in Phila.

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