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August 04, 2008


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Mary Jo Jones

What an awesome party...such lucky children! Wish I were a kid again! I was looking for your email...would like to have directions for your sock monkeys...loved them! Could you please help me out on this one...I have a soon to be 1 year old grandson who loves them. Thank so much!

Mary Jo in Iowa


Where do I start? I love the cake, the science (we love that ice trick too), the egg de-shelling and the slime but probably that cake bestest!


Looks like they had loads of fun - I noticed the bendy thumbs ha ha. That cake is amazing and I love the look on Bens face. Did you make the girls headbands too? Only 2 more sleeps til we go on our trip :-), enjoy yours across the city.
lisa x


What a creative party idea! I have never heard of anything like it :o) It looks so fun and educational. I bet the kids were just fascinated! I'll have to store this in my memory for the future :o)


Wonderful party Kellie - you should become a childrens party planner - so many brilliant ideas! Love all your beautiful touches as always - the aprons, the cake, the fun activities - Benjamin looks like he had a ball. Enjoy the return to your quilting - a trip to Amitie sounds like fun!


wow - what an amazing party! You have fabulous ideas - your kids are very lucky to have such a clever Mum.


You are truly ingenious! I am convinced that you never sleep anymore! How else could you put together a brilliant set of parties?! Have you ever considered going into the party business? :-)


looks like another great party Kellie and a fabulous looking cake too!!!


Whilst thats all super gorgeous (as usual) it is really your Friday trip that most excites me most, although the slime is pretty inviting.


WoW!!! What another wonderful birthday party. I love love love that cake! Fabulous.....


Oh how cute! Those little mad scientists are just adorable -- what a great idea for a party! Fantastic job once again!!!


fantastic party. what a rocking mum you are!!


What a fantastic fun party! No wonder you have been so busy, you have really knocked yourself out making wonderful parties for those children!
Happy Birthdays all round!!


What a great party! Love the gorgeous aprons and the fantastic Pinata Cake. I made one of those once (not as flash though) and I remember when the kids hit it with the toy hammer, M&M's went flying in every direction all over the restaurant!


What a fantastic party theme. I love the mad scientists too, very cute they are. You are so good at planning all those wonderful experiments too, I dont think I even knew half of them. Have fun at Amitie too, I have never been there although I am sure I would love it. I should take my sister there as she is a wonderful quilter and makes beautiful quilts too. I am sure Isabelle will absolutely love the monkey you are making for her too. Have a great day!

Rachael Rabbit

I love the theme! But that cake steals the show... it is AMAZING! Did you make it?

Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Looks like tons of fun! I love looking at your pictures, super happy.

Ginger Adams

I have never seen this page before and I have to say there is nothing on this page I did not just completely LLLLLLLOOOOOVVVEEE You are such an AWESOME artist! I especially love the quilts and the pillows I love the intricate detail and beautifully put together color schemes.

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