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August 08, 2008


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The tree is looking great, how are you going with the big quilt?? Lovin the sock monkey - too cute. What is that fabric called in the bottom piccie, really love the pattern on it and don't think I have seen anything like it...
Your boy is soo cute, I have a close friend who's boy is in love with by middle daughter, just adores her!! She reminds me every other day how heart broken he will be when we move away (he has already had a little cry about it). So Sweet!!

Lara (thornberry)

Kellie, I only found your blog recently - and I am overwhelmed by your talent! Your quilts are some of the most beautiful I've seen, and the effort you put in to your children's parties certainly put me to shame! You are really very inspirational. Thanks so much for blogging!


you are so talented.........another beautiful quilt in the the KF fabric


Benjamin's love letter is so cute!! You will definitely have to keep that one! Your doll quilt looks gorgeous. Love all your goodies from Liz and Amitie. Enjoy your weekend!


Oh they are so funny at this age - they take everything so incredibly seriously. That is just one of the funniest things I have read in ages - her cheeks and ears - bless him! Glad you had a good time today - was it packed? Your quilt is looking beautiful!!

amy (sew~amy)

Hi Kelly, So much going on. I love your doll quilt. You do such beautiful work and the sock monkey is to die for. Isn't young love cute.


Your boy's letter is so sweet. I have a letter that a boy wrote to me in 2nd grade and he left it in the hedge outside my house. Nothing ever came of the "relationship",but it is a fun letter to have!

You are so talented at crafting and quilting! I expect to learn something from checking in here to see what you are making!

Jane Weston

Ahhhh that is so adorable...A boy's first love! Now that is something to save for posterity!


You know I wouldn't mind a love-letter that complimented my cheeks and ears, or any part of me really.


That love note is so so cute. I just found out that my brother has a girlfriend... he's 15! I never had a boyfriend when I was 15! Well, well :o) I love your new fabric stash, and that quilt is gorgeous! Have a great weekend, Kellie!


your doll quilt looks wonderful, what a lucky person to receive this and Ben's little note is so adorable!


That note is just adorable! How fun that will be for him to see when he's grown. Love your tree and leaves -- that's going to be a gorgeous quilt!


Your children are so delightful! I love the love story.


I just found your blog through you Flickr account and I have to say that I simply love your quilts! So beautiful and the detailing is a marvel!


Ooh I see another beautiful quilt in the making. Thank you for being so kind and generous with your gift of the twins. Isabelle loves them so much. I do too you know, although I have been told no sneaking monkeys into my room. Perhaps she wont notice if I sneak both of them into my room and sit them on my rocking chair for an afternoon nap. I love the pic of your daughter with the cute teddy.


Kellie, how cute that letter is! I am sure there will be many more women in his future! better keep an eye on him!
Are you planning to hand applique all those wee pieces on to the doll quilt??? Either way, it is a lot of work! Hope you and hubby had a good night out together!

Rachael Rabbit

You really make the most beautiful things ... so inspirational!


How sweet is Benjamin, shes a lucky girl :-). Hope you had a nice night out . Looking forward to seeing your doll quilt finished and it would be nice to see pics of your sewing room.
lisa x

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