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August 16, 2008


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Stunning work Kellie. Can't wait to see the finished circle quilt.

What a lucky boy Ben is - and I can't blame it at all for wearing it as a hat with this cold weather we have been having.


Gorgeous! Can I be one of Megan's friends? That pillow is too lovely! And now I'm wishing I joined in on the doll quilt swap, too. You sure know how to get your readers swooning.


the pillow turned out so great! love, love, love the new project and your doll quilt. simply stunning. (that would be such a good name for your blog)

Lara (thornberry)

Oh my goodness, your work gets more and more beautiful each time I see it! Those circles! Can't wait to see the finished result. You really do set the bar very high.


Amazing what you can accomplish whilst being distracted Kellie! It is a shame that real life has to impact on the creative output. Love the finished birthday cushion - just gorgeous! I was wondering what you were going to do with that new fabric - the circle quilt looks great. Have a great weekend!!


Everything you make my heart skip a beat!! So so beautiful! (I still haven't taken pics of my leaves to show you!)


whoops. missed out a "makes"

tracey petersen

I love the way applique shapes 'pop' as soon as you quit around them. I never tire of seeing that happen.

Your cirlces are fantastic. I am really looking forward to seeing that project progress.

Claire - Matching Pegs

you are soooooo productive.
I think I have done about as much of the boring things you have done (meals etc) in the last week, but my output is miniscule compared to yours.
Not only are you productive but you produce such high quality work - your stuff looks so fresh, creative and original. Bravo!
Megan's friend is very lucky indeed. I love the pieced edging on her pillow, a lovely touch.
The circles look great - such a lot of careful cutting. Were you enjoing a movie or some company while you did that - it must have taken ages?
Thanks for the birthday wishes for my big girl, she had a lovely day.


kellie, as always your quilts are gorgeous...Megan's friend will be overjoyed with her cushion


Love the pillow, the doll quilt - in fact everything and I knew you wouldn't be able to resist starting the quilt chuckle.
Lisa x


OH. MY. GOSH! I LOVE those circles!!! I wanna see more!!! I can't believe all the stuff you're getting done -- do you ever sleep? Those little boys sure are cute!!!


Had to 'de-lurk' to tell you how much I have loved your work. Your colour choices are amazing. Thanks for posting.


ohhhh lovely.... can't wait to see more.


Hi Kellie.

Amazing stuff as always. Love the cushion. It turned out so beautifully. (Can't believe you thought you'd get those finished on the night of the party. That's a big ask even for you!!!)

I wanted to ask you, when you say "free motioned" around your applique shapes, what do you mean? Do you use an embroidery foot and just move the fabric freely underneath? I am new to applique but about to embark on a rather large applique project.



the cushion is gorgeous, the tree is beautiful and the circles are wonderful! Do you use freezer paper for these? They are just so perfectly round!


Kellie, Those two boys are the cutest little munchkins.
I love those circle - can't wait to see it finished.


All of these look so gorgeous! I have to learn how to applique.


My head is swimming just thinking of all that you have done this week! Phew! Lovely pillow and might I say... that new project is gorgeous!!!! so intriguing!!!! when will we see more?


Wow I think I was amazed with the list of things you had to do before I even saw your projects. Both your boys look so happy to be receiving parcels in the mail, doesnt everyone love that. I love the octopus and I agree that this cold weather has been freezing. The cushion is beautiful, and I love the quilt with the tree. Is the next quilt for one of your boys.


I so love to visit your blog....always amazing things to read and see....beat cushion ....109 meals you work for the army?....Lol...
Have a great week.
Dawn x


I meant beautiful cushion.....Thats what happens when a 2yo is on your knee and trying to type onehanded


You are truly inspiring!! I don't know how you do it. Do you sleep? Your cushion is absolutely gorgeous and Megan's friend is one lucky little girl. I am looking forward to seeing your circle quilt progress. Evonne xx


Hi I just had to comment tonight- first time I have ever done this to a blog!
The circles quilt is so fresh and new looking...with three sons I find it hard to make quilts of sufficient 'boyness' without going down the country style or using lots of plaid. When you revealed the stack of fabrics I was intrigued and admiring of your eye for that I have seen the circles laid out I am also admiring your design eye! Will you needleturn them down or machine around them? I assume you will meander around on the white background afterwards? I wish you would post more often, I check frequently to see if you have any more pictures for me to envy! Susan

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