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August 29, 2008


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tracey petersen

I always love the back of a quilt when it has been heavily quilted like that. It is beautiful.

Stina Blomgren

Oh...your quilt is truly it so in the world can you quilt like that...amazing!!!
And the one you was a beauty!!


I am glad you liked the quilt!

Your DQS4 quilt is wonderful! The quilting is awesome - do you own a longarm quilting machine? Your partner is very lucky indeed!


Gorgeous quilts given and recieved. The backs are just as beautiful as the fronts. What is happening with your Tree Of Life - are you still doing that one or are there just too many ideas swirling around in your head? ;-)
lisa x


Your doll quilt is spectacular! Love its clever name :) I am not surprised you can't bear to part with it!! Well done on your exciting news - any offer than involves buying more fabric must be good.


your little quilt is just gorgeous! i don't know how you could have posted it far away....a very lucky person is going to receive it!


Kellie, as always an inspiration... yr machine quilting is so's like artwork


beautiful quilts, Kellie. And well done to Megan, what a fantastic achievement.


what can you say, another beautiful piece of textile art! congratulations on the offer, how long will it be a 'secret' for? i hope it's a book you are doing!


That quilt is gorgeous! Beautiful craft(wo)manship!


That top quilt is so's very much like the Hawaiian quilts I learned to make while I lived on Molokai. And your tree quilt...I don't know how you managed to part with it. It's absolutely gorgeous!


your tree is so incredibly gorgeous, and the quilting just takes my breath away. i hope one day to be able to be half as good as that on my machine. :) whoever is the recipient is lucky beyond belief!!!!


Your doll quilt is absolutely magnificent Kellie - and I'm not surprised you are getting exciting offers that involve fabric. Too bad you couldn't come in tomorrow while I'm working!

Rachael Rabbit

I can't believe you are giving that beautiful mini tree quilt away - it is SO lovely!!!


Oh My Gosh! They're both just beautiful! And both with so much quilting -- it's so wonderful to see that!


What an incredible quilt- I think that one belongs in a gallery!


your quilt is gorgeous.... truly a beautiful work of art.


I would be sad to see that quilt go too. It is so adorable. and love the quilt you received, the stitches are great.


Your tree quilt is so pretty. I love the beautiful multicolored leaves, and contrast with the background. It is intricately beautiful. Have a great weekend, Kellie!!


The tree quilt is absolutely beautiful. I dont think I would be able to give it away. The one you received is very pretty too.


Love the swirls on your tree quilt! Stunning!

Jane Weston

You tree quilt is sooo pretty! I bet your swap partner will be thrilled to receive it!

Bethel of Bethania

G'day Kellie
I'm only a newbie to your blog & I've gotta say 'I'll be back' .... that's for sure. Your Doll Quilt is devine - just love it, love it & the one you received is delightful as well although I've gotta say I don't understand why they are called Doll Quilts - sorry it will be quite obvious I'm all very new to this ... I'll be back to have a poke around your blog and maybe - well that's a silly word cause I know I'll be learning more from your blog. Can I just ask - are you turning your edges in on all your applique? OOroo ... Bethel


Hi, I wandered over here from some other blog. These quilts are incredible. I love the tree and vibrancy of each individual leaf!


Hi Kellie –

Well done, Megan (did she win??) - what lovely work, and well done Mum too! That tree is something special! Thank you very much for your nice comment and holiday wishes. Apologies for the delay in responding – kids and holidays got in the way! I am now back to blogging and hope you will visit again soon.



You're my quilting guru, Kellie. Your tree quilt is so gorgeous. How I wish you lived close by so that I can see it up close.

Bethel of Bethania

G'day Kellie,
I'm back again to let you know that I have nominated you for a 'I Love your Blog' award over at my place ... do hope you will have the time to play ... OOroo ... Bethel


Oh my gosh - your wok is AMAZING!!!

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