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August 26, 2008


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Well Done to Megan..... wow to you.....definitely takes after her mum..... can't wait till I see the magazine that's out in ....well November I think....too long too wait...... I am jumping up and down for you!!
Dawn x


SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm am so excited too!!!! Wow! Megan!!! How great!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Someone taught her well!!!! So exciting!!!!! It will take about forever to see that magazine here! I ordered a couple Homespun from an online shop and they are apparently 'out of stock'. By the time they arrive here...


Hi Megan, your quilt is amazing , you really are so clever . I can't imagine just how happy you must be right now but it is well deserved .Well done from all of us here . Now I'm just hoping that your ever so proud mammy will send me a copy of the magazine ?. So what project have you got lined up as your next one?
lisa x

tracey petersen

OOOOOHHHH! Who can wait until December!

Her work is lovely and I certainly hope that noone sat on those needles in the couch. (I have to sit on my own chair for this very reason!)

Lorraine Bowman

Congratulations Megan, Well done. Who's a proud Nana then?xxxooo


Just having made THAT AMAZING QUILT is reason to be jumping up and down squealing - and there's MORE???! Congratulations on a stunning achievement, Megan!


how great is that. congrats to the girls....they do take after u and how great is that.............yes I have had a very good week as hubby in town also and good to have cool weather. exploring crafty melb has been terrific

Claire - Matching Pegs

Well done Megan.
Told you so Kellie :-)
I'm feeling so excited for your whole household.
I'm remembering what it was like in ours, this time last year.
You better find some room in your house.
I can't wait to get my December issue, and read all about it,
(I have something in the December issue as well).


OMG, her stitches are so fine. Is it all needle turned? Congratulations! It's gorgeous and very well-deserved.


WOOHOOOOOOO!!!! Oh How Very Exciting!!!! The acorn fell right next to the tree!!! Congratulations Miss Megan -- it's absolutely gorgeous! And how adorable she looks holding her quilt. Can you give us just a little hint about the prizes -- for those of us who can't get the magazine??? Pretty please LOL????


OMG - What terribly exciting news!!! Well done Megan - your little quilt looks amazing - love your design and beautiful workmanship! No doubt it will be the first of many. We will be sure to get that issue to read all about it. Hope they are putting a picture of Megan in the magazine.


Congrats! Your quilt is beautiful.


Do convey my congratulations to Megan. That is a lovely quilt! Great idea and very nicely executed. She deserves all the praise she is getting and more!


fantastic news, what an incredibly talented family! if only we could get that magazine here...


Very Cool. Fantastic work.


Congratulations - very well deserved!


WOW Kellie!!! Megan has done an amazing job on her quilt she deserved to win... :)


oh congratulations! it's such a beautiful design....talent obviously runs in the family!


Oh my goodness! Congratulations Megan!! And congratulations mom! What a talented girl! I want that quilt... It is STUNNING!!! Will the magazine offer a pattern for it? Or will Megan have to start her own line of quilt-designs?


I am so happy for you Megan. WELL DONE! I am out to buy the mag tomorrow. You so deserved to be recognised...your applique is better than mine.


I knew it, I knew it!!!!!! Fantastic news - I want to run in and wake Chloe up, but I will be good and wait until tomorrow morning. Megan you are an amazing talent just like your fabulous Mum. Congratulations - there will be much jumping up and down here too!


Hi I found talk of Megan's quilt on upstatelisa's blog.
Congratulations Megan ! What an amazing piece of work ! It makes me wonder what your future holds for you :0)


Well done Megan!!! I think you'll be a great sewer when you grow up - your work is just AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Hope to see you again soon.

From your friend Chloe xxx


omg, omg !! It looks so wonderful, I can't wait for the magazine to come out. Congratulations!! Tell her that her quilt looks wonderful.


Congratulations & hugs to Megan!!
Congratulations to you too Kellie for being such a great Mum.
It is a lovely work of art, with beautifully neat stitching.
I will have to go & get the magazine now.


i feel so happy for you both! megan, you look as though you are going to be as clever as your mum. kellie, all your children are a credit to you, but it looks like we may have a 'little super star' in our midst!!!!!!! a sewing super star!!!!!!! i am sure that the other children will find a 'star' too.

Bev C

Congratulations to Megan. You must be proud of yourself. Can't wait to see the magazine. Homespun is great. Megan is lucky to have a talented Mum to look up to. Her hours of hard work has paid off. Happy stitching.


Congratulations to your gorgeous Megan. Kellie, you must be one proud mummy. I love the design, very simple and chic. Evonne xx


Congratulations megan - How exciting . And how wonderful that all your hard work has paid off.
I bet that phone call said that you were amazing and that they loved what you had done !!!

The Chocolate Cat

That is amazing, but December is such a long time to wait to see it in print! Congratulations Megan.


What a beautiful quilt, that will become a family treasure!


Megan, Congratulations!! You are so talented :o) I look up to your sewing skills. Keep up the great work, and keep growing your wonderful creativity and having fun. You're super!!


Congratulations to your daughter. What a wonderful creative person she is. She must feel so proud and you must too. Talent must run in the family.

Jane Weston

Fantastic! What an achievement!

Bethel of Bethania

Congratulations Megan, what a wonderful effort & what a great designer you are going to be ... keep up the wonderful work ... OOroo ... Bethel
Mum/Kellie I bet your feeling like the proudest Mum too & so you should ... congratulations to you too ...


That's so awesome!!!!!! Go Megan!! :)
I'm so glad that your hard work and dedication paid off in such a great way.


high congrats to a young seamstress with great ideas and skills!!

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