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July 16, 2008


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Happy Birthday Jessica & Benjamin!

As a mother of boy/girl twins myself it is lovely to see such an adorable and loving pair 'all grown up'. I wish them all the best in the years to come and just hope my two have the same loving bond.

You are truely a blessed mummy!


Happy Birthday Jessica and Benjamin! I cannot imagine having two at once (I was worried my last pregnancy was twins since I popped before I even realized I was pregnant- but glad I wasn't ....she is a handful on her own). They are so cute!!! I love summer babies. Becca and Jack are July and August. Of course, you are not having summer right now, are you!?
Love the curls!
Enjoy their day!!!!


happy birthday to your gorgeous 6 year olds, hope they have a truly happy day!


OHMYGOSH! Aren't they adorable!!! Happy Birthday Jessie and Ben! And au contraire -- you ARE a domestic goddess -- there's lot's more to domesticity than being able to make cupcakes from scratch -- those cuppy's are beautiful! We'll settle for a decoration lesson LOL!


Happy Birthday to your twins! Hope you all had a wonderful day. x


Sending birthday wishes to Jessica and Benjamin!!! Love your montage and descriptions of their personalities. They sound like wonderful kids. Hope everything is on track for the parties!


Very, very happy birthday wishes from here.


Happy birthday, beautifuls! You are so lovely. (the bunny outfits at the top KILL me!!)


A beautiful beautiful post.

Happy birthday kiddos. Hope you enjoy your parties.

I am glad to see you get a little help somewhere (thanks Betty) because your productivity on the sewing machine absolutely amazes me.

tracey petersen

I am very nearly another twin to your twins. No wonder they are so lovely. People born at this time of the year invariably are!

What amazing smiles they both have.


Happy Birthday to you both, love the photos - so sweet. I haven't forgotten your pressies they will be posted soon I promise. I hope you both have a really really good day and have great parties.
lisa + Milo x


They're both so sweet, Kellie! Happy birthday to your two lovelies!


Happy Birthday Jessica and Benjamin! Beautiful pictures for a beautiful day!


Happy birthday from another twin........


Happy Birthday to your two adorable twins. They are so alike in the eyes. Such cute photos of them. Love the cakes.....


Happy Birthday Twins! Kellie they really are cute!


Happy Birthday Jessica and Benjamin! Such sweeties and even more gorgeous in real life. I just remembered I have your photos that you left here. Might pop into Amitie tomorrow and drop them off! xx

Bernadette B

Kellie you are so very talented, I love the art smocks, your little ones are very lucky to have such a talented and obviously caring Mum. Happy Birthday to the twins (you can see they are twins)and the cupcakes look very yummy!


How did I miss all this?? Happy Belated Birthday, to your two Treasures! They are both just gorgeous kids. What a lovely tribute you wrote for them.
Hugs, too for the brave MumXX


I seem to leave a comment, & it doesn't happen?
Happy Belated Birthday to your 2 Treasures.
Special hugs to the brave MumXX


Happy Birthday to your 2 gorgeous children. It goes by so quickly doesnt it, and I am sure with 2 it feels as though it is even quicker. Enjoy the parties!

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