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July 19, 2008


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kellie, u make me laugh. I am sitting home alone on a saturday night so its good to read yr blog......I am going to check in on the sleepover....and congrats on yr pattern feature


WOW, Kellie that is just awesome, I can't put into words just how pleased I am for you, it couldn't have happened to a nicer person and you so deserve it. You do realise though that you will have to get one for me too :-). Love the multi coloured quilting , enjoy your 'sleep over' and have a lovely weekend
lisa x


Congratulation, Kellie! That is a fantastic achievement! I'm joining you on the tea *said in my best Captain Picard voice* "Earl Grey - black". The missus and I are both Star Trek fan, too. I'm on tea during the sleepover...I don't want to lose a finger! lol Not that much sewing is getting done...I'm having fun reading everyones blogs. :)


Looks like you had a great time quilting and so nice of you to stay up with me and make your monkeys and pencil cases.

tracey petersen

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! My quilt will be in the same issue! Does this make us quilting sisters or something?


That machine quilting is fabulous! Well done on getting your quilt in a magazine - mind you, I'm not surprised - it's gorgeous. x


Congratulations on getting your pattern published! That's wonderful :o)! They should make a whole magazine just filled with your patterns!


Well done Kellie!! How exciting - I'll be sure to get a copy! Looks like your machine quilting class was amazing - love the varigated thread on your quilted piece.


Congratulations! the quilt is gorgeous and I will definitely be keeping a look out for that issue!


I am so glad I did the course too - I learnt quite a few things that will help me in all aspects of sewing.

Your quilt looks fab - and well done on the magazine feature.


congrats on making it into the mag......


Congratulationss on the quilt pattern being pulished, well done you! Machine quilting scares the begezzers out of me.Maybe i should take the class!cant wait to hear the rest of your news!

Bernadette B

Congratulations Kellie how exciting to have your lovely quilt featured in a magazine I can't wait for that issue to come out so I can buy one! Congratulations also on your lovely machine quilting, but then I thought it was exceptional before.


kellie! i agree with one of the other comments that you could have a book written about just the amount of 'work' you get through, apart from the skills and style you have! congratulations on the feature in the magazine and thanks for your comments on my blog. i am in awe always of the motivation and production you display on your site, not to mention all the things you do 'day to day' in keeping your prescious family members on track. it is such a credit to you!


Your quilting is gorgeous!!!! I love the thread!!!!!

How exciting that you will be published!!! YOu will have to let us Aussie-less people how to and when to purchase this magazine!!!! I want mine autographed by you too! :-) There is so much that we miss over here!!!!


Congratulations!! So well deserved. That quilt is just gorgeous.
I must look out for the magazine.
You are so busy!


Just discovered your blog, love your style, cute kids too. Will be back for a proper read when I get a few spare minutes. Julie :-)


Wow! I love the multi-coloured stitching. You are so, so talented! Hope the 'sleep over' was fun.


As if you needed to refine your already perfect quilting technique! I sure wish I could have you for a day to teach me a thing or two!!! And BIG HAPPY CONGRATULATIONS on your soon-to-be but now-blogger famous quilt!!! Can't wait to see all the party goodies!!!


Wow Congratulations on the up and coming publication - you must be thrilled - I for one can not wait - I have been wanting to make my little miss a quilt for sometime and I think that this is it!

Hope that you had fun on Saturday night in Fiona's new craft room - what a hoot 0 wish I had a caravan in my backyard!


Love, love, love your quilt! I'll be buying that edition with bells on! Congrats! Its truelly lovely. :)


Congratulations. I will have to purchase a copy when it comes out.

Kathy Wetherell

So very cool. Once again I love this quilt. You must be proud and excited. You go girl.


Hi, I love your Rainbow Lollipops quilt. You are such a talented quilter!


Hi, Kellie.
I cannot believe how beautiful this quilt is. I hope you don't mind that I posted about it on my blog with a link back to you. I also included the adorable pillow you made with your daughter's class. If you want to see it, it's

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